Red page color matching recommendation and text color match

  red is a popular choice in web design, while red is divided into very many red ones, such as vermilion and crimson…… And how do these different "red" match? Which colors can be set off to make them more harmonious and attractive, ? one. Vermilion Zhu red is the traditional color Chinese name, Zhu Hong is cinnabar color than red (R:255 G:0 B:0) more lively, enthusiastic, color purity is higher, there are other color ink, Dan said. red, because of its obvious characteristics, is very easy to make people feel excited, often used in food, promotions, festivals, fashion, leisure and other types of web pages. the best collocation color: black, red, orange recommended, yellowish brown, light green, dark green. web design collocation scheme recommended: the main color is dark brown (R:200 G:0 B:0), the auxiliary color is black (R:0 G: ) 0 B:0), color dotting is white, red background color collocation (R:240 G:65 B:85). analysis: Red + Black + white red in red saturation and value are very high, used in web pages will be particularly prominent, auxiliary color black contrasts with red, on the eye-catching red, can also be prominent in the scarlet pattern (picture), and the color white dotting is mainly used in navigation or logo. And the whole page to make it more vivid. two. Crimson deep red brightness compared to the big red brightness is low, but this kind of color with brightness dimming, can make deep or sad atmosphere. Give a sedate and noble, mature and passive visual experience. deep red, if used as a background color, can be compared with the previous picture, as well as light text, there is a clear distinction between, you can highlight the main text center. the best collocation color: black, orange, brown recommended, brown web design collocation scheme recommended: the main color is dark brown (R:60 G:0 B:8) auxiliary color is black, the color is pure white eye, the background color is dark red (R:145 G:0 B:17). analysis: deep red + Black + white deep red is on the big red foundation to reduce brightness, income, deep red, because the brightness of the reduction, giving a deep, noble, calm psychological feelings. The auxiliary color black often plays a coordinating role, making the picture more harmonious. White as the color is more dotting, let the main highlight, such as advertisement, product name. three. Rose red >


What kind of article is suitable for network promotion

network promotion, it is means there are tricks one after another, either way, has its admirable, in many promotion means, I only have a special liking to the promotion of soft, the most favored! Of course, this does not mean I don’t care about the other way, just the first dragon the wolf, the king, personally think that in many promotion means, the promotion of soft role should be ranked first. may have friends to see this view when, or greatly dissatisfied, denounced as heresies, but today only a paper of their own views, not to discuss the promotion of soft paper ranked in the network promotion problems, only talk about what kind of articles for network promotion. what kind of article is suitable for network promotion, ? , I think, at least let people have the urge to look down, see the title to click in view of what impulse, for this, we have to admire learning a great party, the party capable of title to, let a person see the title, is unable to stop, the burning burning curiosity of the soul. although after the event, must shout: title party, see title party again, can see, a suitable for network promotion article, must have a good title, even if for the "party"! ! good title is half of success, but if the content is empty, not the cause of the interest of others, will soon sink the desert in the vast network of the sea, all the content must be full and verve, as if the soul of man. of course, the human soul is different, the article is also true, individuals on the article content is divided into three major categories: : the first cause disputes triggered, hobbies, people are born good ride habits, this point since Mr. Lu Xun’s remarkable, "beheaded" the bloody, but can also provoked Street roadway, the vice versa. second: the content of dreams, ambiguous, pornography is intolerable, ambiguous is evocative of ! third: professional bright, admittance, say others can not say something ! meets the above, and naturally it will be a suitable article for promotion. this article comes from China blog: http://tuijian.info/archives/tui-guang.html


Talent online promotion method

to write this article, just talk about personal views, words not too strict, hope to provide some useful experience to do talent station friends, also hope that the veterans who don’t mind. believe that ninety-nine percent of the webmaster, are counted as grassroots, and grassroots, ninety-nine percent are struggling. from Shenzhen to Hunan back home in Yiyang, to assist the family manages a small computer training school (in AD: Xiaoyu Yiyang computer school of art www.yydnys.com), in the arrangement of students’ employment, most of them are delivered to Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places, sometimes in order to arrange a civilian, will bring the students East West, so he wanted to be a talent website at home to local students to digest. Yiyang talent network was born, single handedly fighting, waiting for Baidu’s favor. in August 2007, my first talent online line, before the mainland has two talent nets, in the first place of development is very strong, how can surmount them, has become my daily thinking question. Each of the following small details, perhaps, is why I am in front of them today. 1, do landscaping: each frame, small pictures, try to do with the overall match, as far as possible using small pixel images, do not do animation (prevent IE open when the page stuck), to ensure that visitors speed. 2, and all kinds of city and city talent friendship link, of course, the weight should be biased to the province, the field link to do more, not necessarily good. While doing the link, I also know that I have made part of like-minded friends. 3, good customer service work, meet the related calls, QQ consultation, e-mail consultation, all carefully reply, this is a very important point, by the way can also through the customer, inquired about their recruitment habits, as well as to the local talent website contrast views, to improve their own websites and services. 4, and other local industry website. By this way, the use of common development, and the local site, put idle in other advertising on the website, if possible, can use the mom into small price such as advertising. 5, through the production of enterprise sites for customers, attached to the links in our links, let the chain more. At the same time, I wish also a mode where live webmaster, I hope you live a happy life (now the individual stationmaster basically is for customers to do station life, use the money to operate their own websites, there is little hope). 6, the use of network relations, the development of local Adsense League QQ group, Adsense annual meeting. Expand the station’s influence and popularity. 7, take the time to call the hiring company, or call back, establish good relationships and retain customers. 8, meet appropriate recruitment information, call the people concerned about the requirements, in time


Ten P’s successful marketing blog

From the into the network marketing college that day, my study, life and blog firmly bolt together, learning basic technology of network marketing, I learned to set up a blog, have their own network marketing platform. After that, I have been writing articles as the main marketing tool. As far as success is concerned, I don’t know whether I am successful or not. Have you had any success before? I think of myself as a blogger, and blogs now rely on blogs of their own. Each finished article, went to the Sohu, Sina, network owners and other major portals, community forums, blog post submission, usually adding relevant keywords in each article with a link to your blog, internodes for my blog to do publicity, is a free marketing means ! , an independent domain name blog, is itself a tool platform, a small site. I understand blog marketing as a marketing tool and promotion tool built on the blog platform. I know it’s going to be tough when it starts, because no one knows you and your blog, nobody knows you and your articles, and doesn’t pay attention to your blog or your articles. Do not spend money advertising, do not search engine PPC, blog flow come from? ? do not spend money, naturally there is no way to spend money, of course, there are ways to spend money. No money will naturally make you tired. It’s boring. Blog marketing is a very important means of marketing in the marketing of the network, and if successful, the effect will be very obvious, very good! Many foreign enterprises in the early paid attention to the influence of blog, the blog is not only a personal network as tools, is a network marketing tool. read – write Jeremy Wright "blog marketing", I gradually understand the foreign understanding of blog marketing, apparently at home, many owners, many entrepreneurs have not paid much attention to the network marketing, not to mention the blog marketing. Blog marketing is really a valuable book. I can not only get a general understanding of blog marketing, but also help me solve most of the problems in the actual work of blog marketing. The first thing builds on a blog platform is, of course, the location of your blog, such as what you want to write, what readers you want to provide, and so on. Naturally, it is necessary to prepare a marketing plan for your blog. These can be based on Russia’s own interests and target audience, which does not go into details. The following is a summary of my ten P’s blog marketing success (Note: the words in this paper is how to succeed by writing articles for my blog attracted traffic, spend less time, less money, success to attract more people to pay attention to your blog, to bring more traffic to your blog ! familiar with blog ‘s blog here is an independent domain name blog, not Sina, Sohu and other blogs. >


Promote the website to use three hearts carefulness, patience and common sense

after the website home page snapshot has been stuck in the two weeks ago, then according to the previous experience of the chain, just do a lot of effect is not good, until a few days ago and found a lot of BBS signature was not included into the chain, do not know because the cause of the Forum account number or Baidu included anyway, feel to do so outside the chain of my website little effect. A simple analysis of the chain composition, can roughly draw the growth of the chain is mainly composed of soft Wen, there is almost no forum signature, is through the chain query, get the conclusion, which continue to do the chain in accordance with those recognized outside the chain, today finally let the page snapshot occurs within a week. have to say, carefully observe the search engine’s temper is very important, the chain of each site which have their own characteristics, and may be web site time, within the chain how much of a relationship, so do not according to the experience of others to do the chain, the chain to check their website authorized to do so, to improve the speed of the chain will be faster. after this little incident, I thought about promoting the website with three hearts: carefulness, patience and common sense. first is careful, and now Baidu’s algorithm is easy to change, if only in accordance with the previously compiled by others to promote the site, then it is likely to be difficult to achieve results. Like some people often through a lot before posting to the rapid increase of the chain, now Baidu inquires the chain will appear similar results, I probably looked under the chain with a forum included only once, the other seems to have similar results, each site is different, but the weight in general similar results may be reduced, thus forcing us to increase the chain widely degree, not just the forum signature. If you do not carefully find the changes in these details, then continue to do the effect of the chain may not be very good. apart from carefulness, patience is also necessary. Promotion website is not two days a day to complete, and this often takes a long time to have effect, in general, one or two months in order to allow the site to obtain relatively stable rankings and natural flow. If your website is not prepared to make a profit from short-term profits, then slow fire is necessary. Website promotion that simple is not simple, should consider the construction site within the chain, the chain, a little attention may annoy search engine; that is also not difficult, almost all day to repeat the same thing, post, look for Links, leaving a message, write soft paper, writing teaching process, which is roughly such things. Therefore, to achieve sustained development of the site, patience is essential, and if you do not have patience, adhere to the promotion, and fall by… Read More Promote the website to use three hearts carefulness, patience and common sense


Small talk about the second step of SNS reasons for subdividing SNS success

Red Eagle campus network is built by UCHOME, and UCHMOE to build a website on the function is basically the same, so how to use these same functional areas attract our users to polymerization our user, to the user as the purpose of the spirit of the park, in the "small talk SNS first step: SNS website the vitality of", has been outlined. Compared to the website and boomy QQ space, on the whole is not competitive, but the rise, from renren.com SNS site in Changxin, we can analyze the reason of unbeaten subdivision of the success of SNS. Friendship, a strong link, the students are a period of time, but friendship is a lifetime. I’m also a registered member of Renren, and a fan of QQ space. But I visit Renren almost every day, and even visit Renren 3 or 4 times every day. I visit Renren because my friends are in the mood, photos and logs, and I focus on their dynamics. I know them through Renren, and I don’t see their information in QQ space. secondly, subdividing SNS can recognize more friends in the same trade and city. I can get to know my classmates from university through renren. And personally, my attention in QQ space is generally the mood of most college, high school and junior high school students. That is to say, I can only contact my classmates through QQ space. But most of the time, we need more connections to help us grow. Your junior high school students, high school students may now have engaged in all walks of life work, distributed in the motherland north and south. But a friend who helps you in the short term may be in your profession and can be your teacher. May be in the same city, can help you open up in the local network. So subdivision SNS is to gather such people, 5G gathered IT industry talents, want to know IT talents go there. They are all college students. They want to know more college students and go to school generally. Of course I want to know the student of Ningbo Dahongying University, can go to the school network there are www.dhyxiaonei.com Red Eagle, is our college students, everyone is better than the fabric set, also fit more school activities. is so SNS website is to seize market segments, to fill the QQ space and other SNS sites can not meet the regional agglomeration, several more have the same characteristics of the user, let users make more hope to make friends, have a strong friendship link, so the site will be life and growth in nature.


Know play the game network is how to develop

1, a group of Editors (this is not hard to elaborate). 1.1, pay attention to the construction of the forum. 2, a crisis broken axe. 3, after the slowdown, seize the opportunities for client tools and web products. (05~06) Warcraft did the Warcraft zone first and accumulated a certain popularity base. but a year later, development has encountered a bottleneck. Traffic is not up, the first investment of money to spend. (06~08) after a broken axe barbaric growth this is the "crisis moment" mentioned above, when Li Xueling decided to change the strategy of "single zone" and transform it into "multi zone" mode. If you can’t do it, take the parcel and leave. At that time, each editor himself claimed a game, built a zone, free development. Since then, play the game network also entered a period of barbaric growth stage. At that time, the most successful is the "swordsman" area, which is now more network editor Zhang Qi fan did. , there is an episode in the middle, because of the success of the martial arts world, attracted the attention of the perfect world, has proposed a ten million dollar acquisition, but failed. , which indirectly led to another episode, one of the founders, Zhang Yunfan and part of the backbone of the Exodus, created the 178 game network (perfect world investment). This is the internal network play in a very long period of time is very hostile to 178 reasons. (08~10) CEO Li Xueling slowed down after heart and heart input YY during this period, play along the prior model, do. After savage growth, growth slowed. tried to other social platforms (Home Forum play) development failed, this time for 10 years to 11 years and even appeared downturn. (11~12) once again seize the opportunity to enter the two explosive growth, accurately grasped the client tools and opportunities for web products, ushered in the second outbreak of growth. From the beginning of the 11 year invested a great technical force developed a series of boxes (play game AIDS) and a number of products have achieved great success, especially in the "box" and "hero alliance Gallery". These products bring exponentially to more net flow. although the rapid growth, but still along the train of thought in the past, the focus is still inseparable from the zone, the tool is also successful as an area. has to be provided separately, the construction of the network to play more games cannot do without the success of community forum. Her greatly improves the user stickiness is also greatly increased the original content website. PS: some of the so-called growth and regression are


Golden wrong knife micro innovation killer’s three key features

"micro killers" everywhere, whether Internet Co (such as aging VANCL), or individuals (Bruce Lee), or products (Sina, micro-blog), and very traditional companies (Nordic Airlines). if innovation is compared to rowing, "micro innovation" is like a single boat, fast and sharp; and "micro killer" is a multi kayak, faster and more sustainable, that is, "very fierce, very durable."". micro innovation is so tough, so not every tiny surge high and sweep forward, but can become a "micro killer"". It is only when a "slight" innovation creates the potential value to the greatest extent that it can be called "success", which we call a "micro – killer". is not easy to become a micro killer, it has the following key features: , the key "small" must lead to big changes in the market. is not every "tiny" can become "micro killer", in fact, there are many small innovation and did not make big reaction, quickly by the market annihilation. Only the "little" which has great consequences and impacts is a killer. There are N key "small" behind any successful organization and individual". some small innovations can even bring "nonlinear" storms. "Nonlinear" change is a concept of Intel founder Andy grove most frequently mentioned. As quoted a concept in physics to describe the difference between "linear" and "nonlinear" strategy. If the effect of a company’s strategic actions only changes its competitive position rather than the whole environment, the action is linear. On the contrary, non-linear strategic action will change the environment, and the company and its competitors must cope with this change. to see the difference, you can imagine the difference between mixing a bowl of water and mixing a bowl of cream. If you stir a bowl of water, the water will spin, and the harder you use it, the faster it turns – but it’s still water. Instead, if you stir it with a bowl of cream, it gets thicker and turns to butter, and it gets harder and harder to stir, makes you feel more tired, and finally has to slow down. Actions change the environment; the changing environment affects the next move. VANCL – from 0 to 1 billion 500 million, it took only 3 years. Bruce Lee – his 4 films have created box office myths and created Kung Fu movies. , Sina, and micro-blog – more than half a year – have created a killer product that has created nonlinear changes. Nordic Airlines – in just one year, Nordic Airlines made $20 million from a loss of $80 million. The godfather of the micro killer is application innovation, adept at detonating energy from users. from >


Humanistic care of webmaster management

website, maintenance, update, promotion is a very complicated project, the middle of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only we owners own experience, if only by a person’s ability to manage the website construction is a very difficult thing, the webmaster will pre organized your team early in the site are as for the team, because the scale of station varies, how to manage their own team for webmasters and web site is crucial, the webmaster team is not only the vitality of the site, is the source of power to promote the site to move forward, and then the webmaster if still blindly to ignore the spirit of teamwork, brute courage, oversight team the management, it is easy to cause the website "insufficient" phenomenon, the webmaster and share a little management experience, hope that we can together is exciting. humanistic care humanism originated from the Western tradition of humanism, the core concept of humanistic care is certainly human nature and value, both in human and human mental activities including the meaning of radical is closely related, it is a kind of physical deeper spiritual life care activities. case stories this is what I see in a magazine story, the story is generally content like this, there is a young people to start their own companies, early start because many factors such as environment, money, he could not open the ideal salary to attract talent, not for employees ", but his feed on illusions." handsome appearance and meticulous staff of humanistic care, attracting employees "heart", gathered a group of fans for their hell-bent employees, to employees dress to employees with the scent, the young people are clear in mind, and timely show his humanistic care in the staff, this is for these two years no overtime, no salary, workload has been increased…… The employees still regrets follow the young people, as he traveled. the use of humanistic care from the above story we can see that the young people to humanistic care using this management method with ease, make any promise for employees in no way, but also firmly seize the hearts of the staff, this is the power of humanistic care. From the management, humanistic care is a derivative of state enterprise culture, it can not only give employees spiritual comfort, it can also help managers to better cohesion, leadership and management team, and the webmaster and how to apply humanistic care? In fact, starting point of each station are not the same, the webmaster the size of the team is no different, small to three people, to three thousand or four thousand people head of the team is there, the webmaster should be based on their team size, according to local conditions, the formulation of humanistic care It differs from man to man. strategy, team members in large scale, can proceed from the company incentives, the team scale is small, the webmaster they can personally do some humanistic care for employees. And I also for grassroots webmaster friends, my… Read More Humanistic care of webmaster management


Ask stationmaster what is the website doing

every day to see this site webmaster discussion, recently also has a little bit of sentiment, always feel want to say something, today on essay writing. with the advent of the Internet era, more and more friends on the Internet, where many people where there are opportunities, a classic the same philosophy, made a website how much money the excitement in the XX who, so most of my friends have hundreds of tickets! Dream to join the industry to do stand long. In fact, when to each other are very confused, there are a lot of problems do not know, just a dream one day to make a hao123 or Hua Jun software Niubi stand out, but it was too little, less and less, and the previous path are not, how study on technology and advertising? Cheating cheating, brush flow, improve Alexa ranking, a Trojan virus, on the acquisition, desperately SEO website optimization, the result is trash or garbage station, because you did not find their own way, others users of your station has no demand. I have two friends, they also made two of their own website, called a "Doug house" free movie network (a hundred advertising revenue monthly fee, also called a "first gold net" the website is specialized in the field of gold investment. There is no advertising fee, but the investment income from customers is several times as much as that of the bean House website, and the business is still developing. The former is his own hard work, a little bit of standing, but visitors are also in a hurry, to go in a hurry, was some temptation to link in, found that the goods are wrong, immediately cross the fork to go. The latter is a professional targeted site, the first is to do their own station to do a beginning, but most of the latter is to spend money to let others design to optimize, and the harvest is real. why are the differences between pay and the difference so great? Let’s go in and have a look. Then ask yourself in the heart, what kind of website do I belong to, ?In fact, we do for what? Is it bigger in order to attract venture capital? Or for personal preferences? Or the pursuit of a piece of code written or changed to display correctly after website to bring their own pleasure? I think the webmaster will understand that this is a first person effort of the industry, how many times the test page after midnight 2, second days have rubbed his eyes and go to work at 7 o’clock. In the forum, Baidu desperately search source program, in the mass of garbage inside search for one or two pieces, can also use the junk, in fact, are used by others, do not. Wake up and finally understand, in fact, do this site, the establishment of the site is not the purpose, but through the website platform to realize the reality of business… Read More Ask stationmaster what is the website doing


A practitioner analysis Restaurant takeaway O2O website can be listed

  the two O2O model are discussed on the noise and dust, especially food and beverage industry, from 2010 to the outbreak of now, the major Internet Co are actively seeking, the author is engaged in the takeaway industry for several years of history, witnessed a well-known food takeaway platform from creation to grow as a leader in this field, there are some feeling and we hope to share. we take food and beverage delivery platform classified into the field of O2O, which is light electricity providers, and then emboldened the electricity supplier, and unlike the traditional electricity supplier, it has obvious regional restrictions. In fact, there have been a lot of peers, are robbed of this market, indicating that the market is very popular. I believe we grab at the same time also reflects on the following issues: takeaway platform can do? Do the people take out with a website? What may be listed? I think this is certainly all issues of concern to investors. fast food takeaway industry analysis fast food takeaway has the following features: 1, transforming existing users rather than developing new ones. A regional range, there are no people take food (such as Zhongguancun), not with a web site after the order to take out of this demand, even if there is no website, the phone reservation is still flourishing. People in this area don’t eat takeout, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a takeaway website or not. A takeaway website is going to have to go to one of the most successful takeaway restaurants in the country to open up a new market. Otherwise, the value of takeaway sites can’t be achieved. In fact, the emergence of takeaway ordering website is just the people’s telephone ordering habits into online ordering, and can not solve the number of orders brought to the merchant, it can not solve the new needs for businesses. Only when all the takeaway users in a region do not want to order by phone, the implication is that everyone is familiar with and accepted online ordering, it is possible to bring new tourists to these restaurants around. If a website goes to an area, people in this area don’t have the habit of taking out. The significance of the site in the local is not big. 2, takeout users are demanding. Take out the first people do not have the cooking conditions, such as the office of the white-collar workers and college students, so take out in these two places have more market (with the logistics team website is specially prepared for the later analysis, residential users). To hungry the website, for example, starting from the University as a starting point, has now covered 7 cities in key colleges and universities. Secondly, people who take out food have a certain economic base, and these people dare to try new things. People with these conditions tend to be concentrated in first tier cities. 3, user stickiness is obvious. Once the user’s… Read More A practitioner analysis Restaurant takeaway O2O website can be listed


2015 media circles, those who rely on advertising to make money in the Internet is king

Google advantage can not shake, Baidu and CCTV for second consecutive years selected 30 strong. according to the recent dissemination of the strength of the "2015 global thirty media owners" report: Google’s advertising revenue than the second ranked 136% higher than Disney, last year this figure was 115%. Its advertising revenue even exceeds the total advertising revenue of second and third (cable operator Kang Custer). The strength of the report from the French advertising giant Publicis Groupe’s media group, the agency since 2007 released "global thirty media", ranked according to the main media advertising revenue, showing the main global media in size and the bargaining power of the situation, reflects the status of the media in the field of marketing the. is listed as follows: mobile consumer electronics of the growth of Google in the core area of search, consumers in the mobile terminal to search and view the content whenever and wherever possible, especially the line consumers use Google to search for parity, the push Google display advertising to reach target audiences and create more opportunities.   for the same reason, Baidu’s advertising revenue last year also grew by 43%, the top 30 growth rate of second fastest media (first Facebook). As of October 2014, Baidu accounted for 80% of the China Mobile search market, and 90% of Baidu users from the mobile terminal. 2013 is considered to be mobile Internet advertising inflection point, the strength of the dissemination is expected in 2016, mobile advertising revenue will reach $45 billion, accounting for about 28% of online advertising, accounting for 7.6% of all advertising. This means that the mobile network will be more than radio, magazines and outdoor advertising, becoming the fourth major media. , another big trend is emerging digital media and advertising market is developing rapidly, the traditional media and new media share has been eroded in the global scope, and digital advertising share more and more concentrated on a few platforms. list of the five pure Internet media: Google, Facebook, Baidu, YAHOO and Microsoft, the total advertising revenue of $71 billion, accounting for 68% of the global digital advertising revenue last year, it was 67%. nonetheless, they are also faced with the challenges and challenges of innovators. "Although some emerging market media owners are facing short-term challenges in expanding their business, we expect more from emerging markets in the coming years," said Jonathan Barnard, director of the division of power transmission forecasting


How to make 2700 monthly website full range of doubts

many grassroots webmaster make money early is very difficult, I also come from the grassroots! Now there has been income, and the daily surge! Here, take time to write an article for everyone, ! 1, domain name a theme, a website, a keyword, a website. The domain name must be selected, and the theme and content, website traffic is 2, the first is the Baidu GOOGLE search engine traffic, second points, is to remember your name, the next time to visit, if the domain name is not good to remember, you will certainly lose a part of the flow of ! 2, space now I have know that space determines the fate of the site, in June 2nd, Chinese name buy space server is attacked, resulting in the afternoon can not access the site, from morning to noon has 1053 IP, a short afternoon did not. Caused by the problem: 1., customers can not access, advertising can not be promoted, this is not very important. 2. search engines cannot be updated, causing the site weight is reduced,… Many keywords are from the first row to… Now I have changed all the space ! 3, station group software said we all know the topic, in order to enhance the website weight, Baidu ranking, must be frequently updated, but the owners are fighting alone, that day tens of thousands of published articles? On the other hand, want to let search engines tens of thousands of pages, the premise is to have tens of thousands of web pages. Therefore, the webmaster must buy the station group software, according to a keyword extends a web site. I bought a knight stand group. 4, Baidu GOOGLE ad After all the is ready, apply for Baidu and GOOGLE advertising. key: Baidu advertising does not have the domain name, to me several times for the experience of artificial audit, they will comprehensive look at the quality of your web site, such as the plumpness, whether there is illegal information flow, the chain and so on… The application, if not through will prompt! According to the quality prompt follow up website. Apply for a few times to be able to apply for down. Baidu advertising is bound to the domain name, and if you put your Baidu ads on other people’s Web site, click on it is not RMB. GOOGLE advertising demand better feeling, 6 months after the domain name registration, and no illegal information, the last time I submitted a, what is the website encoding is not allowed, do not understand!! but there is also a shortcut, you can directly buy a GOOGLE account on Taobao, 10-30 yuan can buy one. In addition GOOGLE can be put on any website advertising. ranking explains: knives, many people do GOOGLE advertising (GOOGLE ADSENCE) all say how many knives they earned, because the dollar dollar similar to Chinese knife. how to take money: Baidu >


How do birds do a plant net monthly income of million

open QQ this morning, the trumpet of a flashing one by one, after that, roughly calculated more than 30 friends with me, it is really the stationmaster net influence is large enough, an article can let me know so many people, I have ! OK, the book reformed, many of my friends asked plant network can become bigger, such as full-time to do, can break through 2000 yuan per month this number? Here, I can only say that I have no more than that now, because I was in his spare time to do a lot of things, can not be timely to carry out, but the future will definitely exceed this number and I have confidence! I will specifically how to build its own plant network, how to get more profit through factory net? Incorrect please friends point out correct, this is what I do the whole process plant network. 1. registered a domain name and a fast rent space. Do not need to plant network domain name is too short, as long as remember it; such as the Tianjin plant network can use tjcfw.cn, njcfw.cn can be used to the Nanjing plant network and so on, whether it is CN or com, you can choose, I have used two stations now is CN, did not find friends about the Baidu CN exclusion phenomenon there. 2. prepares a program. This set of procedures is true to sex better, take CMS change to how much will be a little can not meet, suggest to rewrite or buy ready-made procedures, buy the most convenient, spend two hundred or three hundred dollars, save time and effort, can be used. 3. ready, start operation. The website has just started, the information is not too many, this is not difficult, looks for the local classification information network and so on, has copied some, has filled the homepage, will give the human’s feeling, is your website has the content, some people look. Half a month or a month to do some web sites and local Links, if you have other stations, and PR is relatively high, you can take this link to change plant network, after all the new exchange links generally do not give others. 4., do a good job site SEO, in this respect I will not say, and many articles are written quite well, I was in the webmaster online to see their own assessment of the incompletely. 5. after a period of development, the website should be released information, well, don’t make money, free of charge to help the information recommendation to the obvious position, so that they can maximize the transaction, to make them feel your site is good, have the effect. So establish a reputation, so that they free of charge in the industry to help you spread it. 6, you can consider charging after three months of operation. This charge is the same as the way I wrote it the day before yesterday. I’ll charge you 100 yuan… Read More How do birds do a plant net monthly income of million


A brief discussion of several reasons for website to obtain high PR value

recently updated the PR value, some friends found that some pages of less web sites or blogs have a good PR value. One of my new sites, one of which has no real content, has also risen to http://www.mm915.com/bbs (PR2). Of course, this PR value is not high, but taking into account the content of the site only a few articles, seems to be in line with the above phenomenon, that is, fewer pages, updates are less, but won a higher PR value. What’s the reason for this, ?   I’ve summed up a few reasons. first, the PR value, according to the site to determine the chain, the chain can lead to more PR value rise. My forum basically does not have the friendship link. Because it is a sub directory of the main station. I think it is because there are relationship between master station and each column to the PR value of the PR value, so the relative forum PR value is also improved. two is a search engine that considers relatively few pages with higher authority. This also seems to be understandable, things to dilute the expensive ah. three is the usual period of no updates page, the search engine that web pages need to modify the place is relatively small, more accurate information. of course, go to the website of less research, why have a good PR value, it is better to study a web page more how to raise the PR value. Although many people now say that PR is useless, but in fact, the PR value or played some reference role. The PR value is high, naturally there is a high reason, for Google, this does not because of special reasons to give you high PR value, always through the algorithm to determine your PR value. It is better to learn our experience than to guess. PR value of the increase, should be related to the following content: is original content, two is the construction of the chain three is content to meet the needs of users (also meet the needs of search engines)


Circle of people Internet circle product flow test

introduction: This article can help you to provide new ideas, but to the site to do the traffic put fine timber to petty use. the Internet to be combined with the reality of traditional product sales, the foundation will be more stable; people concern their motivation; problems can begin, to continue to improve; seize the key network nodes multiplier.   example: I was in 2012, opened a QQ group, the first batch of traffic, I was in Ali’s mother’s orange collar school, message box, wrote a sentence of advertising. Thank you for sharing, the tutorial is good, and I hope to share with you. And then send QQ group number. slowly came one or two people, and the group asked me: "no one," I said. "Wait, I’ll come soon."." the purpose of my quick response to the group is to enliven the existing crowd and leave the atmosphere alone, or else he will be leaving. sure enough, one day after another about four or five people, is to find yourself in the group can use "knowledge resources". These children’s shoes, some diving cock wire, there is observation of your group, playing many new people will be very polite, start talking, you have to do is talk to these active people, affecting divers. Even if the diver continues diving, he has begun to pay attention to you. Most of the members are new to Taobao, and I’ve read a few lines of code at Taobao forums, and my level is probably a little better than they are. But that’s enough to share with them. I used BBflash to record the basics of the site, including basic knowledge and how to upload it. How to build video like that?. I was exhausted, sleeping, and wondering what to share with them. It also let me know, before doing promotion, must first simple infrastructure structure of resources. A group member is the one who helps you improve the rules. Here are two examples. this group of dozens of people, in the process of communication, they slowly trust me. Because at that time in a Internet Co to work, sell space what?. The purpose of Taobao guest group, I know from their conversation, want to do your own website, this is demand. But I didn’t recommend my space. I recommend some famous ones and then say "yes", but it’s expensive. I also have cheap Hongkong space… I also changed the Pinphp Taobao custom template, template relative to other people, the feeling is more beautiful, called sevi2.2, Wei astringent version 3 also changed a forum, they should have. is a fake Taobao web shop style, because of her female taste shop design suitable, so the subject is nice, the network is now run to QQKTV, when loaded into the show and she and her friend photos, pretty is the capital, history.


8848 domain name pointing to Taobao is registered agents forgot to renew

                  perhaps the early Internet veteran of 8848 casting legend is visible before the eyes but has recently found that, the domain name is accidentally turned to Taobao, what is the matter? The event has become a hot topic of discussion today, is that the domain name changed again, there is also speculation that the expiration of the domain name has been registered, but what is the real reason? We can’t check it out.             I have been through the search to find out a little spider, finally through the old banyan blog to find the answer.               following the original blog: "on the 8848 old banyan to Taobao’s personal statement" recently, I’ve been asked why 8848 turned to Taobao. My answer has always been, I don’t know. 8848, at the height of my time, I left, and since then things are not clear, this is also true. just now, on QQ, another netizen in Singapore asked me this question. Suddenly felt that this is really a problem: should not just say, do not know, perhaps a few words. And this thing, I do not seem to explain, and no one came out to explain. a few months ago, I got a call. He said, "Wang Zong, who I am, who, that is when you register 8848 domain name agents.". I said, "Gee, of course I remember, are you ok?". He said that I am very good, I just want to remind you that the 8848 domain name expires tomorrow, we send N email alerts a domain manager, no echo beat N, many managers left the phone, no answer. So I remember you coming. I said, "Gee, that’s the kind of thing. Thank you very much," I said immediately to the steward. at that time late at night, I hesitated for a long time, I felt that I should not hesitate to disturb others by telephone, so I sent a short message: "please call me back whenever it is convenient.". A few minutes later, a telephone call from the United States came and said, "Lao Wang, what’s the matter?". I said, you hurry up, 8848, the domain name to expire! To renew! He said, "ah, I hasten to tell whom, who, who, thank you, thank you.". put down the phone. I went on with my work and soon forgot about it. I just checked on the Internet, and found that now 8848 of the domain name, WHOIS information is no longer 8848 companies (this company should still exist), but ename.com. I understand a little. According to my calculation, then this 8848 domain names or to time no renewals. Domain name registration agents in order not to let this somewhat memorable domain name from the charlatan, take the initiative to give the.


Analysis and comparison of network channel operation

According to incomplete data report was informed that according to the situation of most of the "OEM" of domestic manufacturing industry, are still within the traditional business model pattern, this reflects basically decided to expand the industry. By word of mouth to evolution of telephone marketing and customer visit routine, obvious is the traditional sales mode is in the current market the absolute disadvantage. for the segmentation industry, the network market and the traditional line of comparison, mostly belong to channel operation and resource cost is good or bad. By the author of the big Dongguan region seems, along with the emergence of the Internet, SEO, B2C army, the birth of the O2O model and industry development, etc., for many traditional manufacturing market expansion seems to be close to zero. this disadvantage is mostly reflected in the cost and efficiency of transformation within a few key customers, the following is emphasized in operation and channels, starting in accordance with the traditional manufacturing industry point of view, can be roughly as follows: one, operational level by the docking of online channels, it seems that most of the marketing staff can basically achieve one to many services. By the extensive characteristics of the Internet, the source of customers in a relatively accurate crowd attributes. Through a series of current database marketing, at least has met the semi automated business operation system, and then completed the corresponding personnel cost management and control. two, channel maintenance in accordance with past business sources, competition between industry and industry, business and business, this kind of customer channel maintenance also follows the transformation of business model into the stage of information. As a result of changes in the business model, the establishment of online channels often means a great deal of opportunities and customer markets. Unlike the high cost of traditional media, today’s network channels are far less than 1/10 of the media effect. three, industry analysis combined with operational channel, resource management and comparison, we find that the development mode of this, even in the development of the so-called "big" event. However, the overall situation of the industry is limited by the "28 principles" of the economy, but even so, the existing industry market intervention threshold and operating costs have dropped significantly. in recent years, the rise of network marketing brought up a batch, "selling opportunities" and "people buy two-way development", according to the definition of boundaries between service providers and customers, it appears from the surrounding touch industry, there are certain inherent mode of traditional enterprise, whether it is the development of good planning, good internal management most of all, don’t jump outside the framework of the industry. Moreover, regardless of the customer’s orientation and view on the risk input and output assessment, what is the development? the original text comes from: http://www.seoide.com/analysis-and-compar>


For the owners who haven’t made money, what type of website is the easiest to make money

many friends are concerned about this problem, I think I can not completely answer, and today by the way, I hope to attract a lot of. 1., you love to do the station. For example, I am a sports idiot, has not like sports, let me do a sports website, need a lot of energy, I know what to do,. My friend (he was familiar with computer maintenance management), he made a computer network knowledge, can write some articles on their own, a collection of articles also have certain recognition ability. I have a friend, and he was not engaged in site related occupation, but he love cars, do all prices network, although the site is small, but not a month or thousands of advertising revenue. so, first of all, you have to be a favorite station to be able to have enough passion to do it,. 2. do you know the industry. If you do not understand the industry, you may need a long time to become familiar with this industry. In the beginning, you do website is blind, such as don’t know those columns should be set to. I’ve done a lot of English learning, but always because their English is poor (not CET4), so you can’t anything original, can not be identified and changes to the collection of things, can only copy others wholly intact content. Finally, the English learning station all fell. 3. novice should avoid competition overheating of the project. A few days ago to see Baidu Search Ranking, a day down search " qq" the words up to 500 thousand times, it should be said that the site has a high flow rate, but too many people do, competition has intensified, so go to the novice do a lot of pressure. , I suggest that novices choose the most competitive, very small, and even no special sites to do the site. Although not necessarily make money, but at least get some traffic. 4. to concentrate on a station, many people have more than one site, but for the novice, especially when the site is not profitable, established many sites means that requires more investment, not only economic aspects, as well as a more important time and energy. If you to concentrate on to do a website, generally about half of the results (gaining income or completely collapsed). originally there are many points, such as understanding the various alliances, learning web design, accumulation of traffic and so on, but now people are very impetuous, say more, not necessarily see, say that, for the sake of. Author: cool shadow small Ho blog.wps8.com ?


How to analyze website revision results, explain page data analysis methods

    wrote an article before, and used to share with you. Before the analysis results, it is necessary to review the revision for what. usually, there are two types of website revisions: 1., because the content of the website itself expands, cause present website framework to bear no more content, 2. leads to web transformation based on changes in website user needs. of course can not rule out purely for the appearance of the site and make revision decisions. (this is rather thankless.) read the full text What’s the revision expectation? of course, this is also an important question that needs to be faced before the website is revised: what value can the website be expected after the completion of the revision? How does get results ? can mainly come from three aspects, collects active feedback from users by arranging online surveys of new pages. receives user feedback directly from the service department. data analysis of the new page to get the results of revision — — — — — — the parting line of gorgeous — — — — the following focuses on page data analysis methods because the revised website will surely lead to a variety of user reaction sites even rebound? And this reaction is a concrete manifestation of data fluctuation, a clear analysis of these data can help us understand the user’s response, and how as smooth as possible to reduce their volatility, the revision towards better results. 1, take data the first revision of the line on the page for weeks before and after PV, Session, and page Jump revision (single path down step) or multi step path, personal feel taken before and after two weeks a month of appropriate data. two, contrast revision page before and after the PV, Session can macro understanding, revision before and after, page access, viscosity changes. on a hop data (PV, session) as the data perspective, when data taken advice Url categories and subcategories are taken out, at least a small class to take this perspective when you can analyze small classes, get each block to block access fluctuations, fluctuations in the analysis with Url. This analysis is a key, a multiplier. The on-line analysis before and after PV and Session [(proportion of each small class PV/ PV session) in]<>