Zoupian Jian Feng survey of Shanghai wins love optimization

has just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, heard a thunder of the sentence "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Then follow the general mad content, follow the general crazy hair chain. Suddenly one day, the site was K. Oh, know. I love Shanghai is garbage article, said I was outside the chain of waste. When 08 years of nostalgia, do a forum. Not so many tools. Copy and paste, into an article of the article, finally, to enrich the content, and then exchange friends forum links, finally in a mad chain. Finally, the ranking is rather baffling. if a rational search engines such as Google. You do this with Google’s mature technology, also can analyze it, will punish you. But, at least, is based on the principle is to do so. The face of love Shanghai so irrational search engine, even with the premise too much manual intervention under. You should be wearing a non rational eyes to look at him. You should see how love Shanghai, love Shanghai should face to the optimization of , the original ? here is my share point wise remark of an experienced person. Do so long in Shanghai dragon. The Internet is more and more attention to the content of the original, the elimination of waste. Then, the original really so important? Maybe my idea will make many people tucao. Original, love the sea really don’t care, do not look at the love Shanghai repeatedly requested you webmaster to do original. In fact, love is only in Shanghai in order to prevent spam. What is the original, how to judge the original love? Shanghai is currently in the end is how to define your original? A low weight station released a very classic article, attracted a lot of high weight station reprint, and high weight site without your link. Then love Shanghai will definitely determine the weight high website is this article starting. This is an open secret. Love is never to see Shanghai again see the original domain name. In a word: website weight is higher than all! Come on your site really original in Shanghai love eyes is not worth mentioning, he felt no value judgment! Love Shanghai your article is not original, not contrast text, but put in garbage pool filter, see you not as long as not spam, spam. All the website weight and then compare the similar articles, the user experience. Who, who is the original. So, there is a basic concept! Not because of your article is original and give high weight, but because the article attracted more and more people! So, your site more than the original, in fact you plan a powerful article. However, what kind of original content to attract love Shanghai for good and give high weight? So as to improve the ranking? A word: users vote on article! Only a large number of users love your article, your site. This shows that the content of your website is… Read More Zoupian Jian Feng survey of Shanghai wins love optimization


The website ranking is not good. What’s the matter Website ranking do not cause exposure

small itself engaged in network promotion for nearly 7 years, the middle contact all kinds of enterprises have hundreds, in addition to help others diagnostic sites also have hundreds of enterprises, especially in the promotion of the website, which is the impression audit, site diagnosis, said ranking is not good, the ranking can not go up then, I found the website of Shanghai Longfeng foundation that most people are not ready, that these people did not understand the initial system of Shanghai Dragon technology promotion, so if your site seems to be very hard, the data is also very good, but the ranking is not good, you need to first check the Shanghai Dragon foundation set up, mainly as follows 1.301 or redirect. 2.404 error page. 3. site map sitemap. The 4. domain name with WWW and without WWW is analytic normal. 5. is the 2 space binding domain bound well. These factors are very important. there are some friends may not rank to have a reason, a lot of companies, when the strength is strong, the capital of the company is sufficient, the public. positioning conflict Shanghai dragon set is often seen in some circles a friend said, why my website ranking is not good, I also very hard every day, why is not to go home, he feels very worried look, seems to itself very hard, but are responsible for website promotion, the result is unsatisfactory, what is the reason? Even some friends, then do not let things drift management, there are some people in Shanghai Longfeng website promotion lost confidence, and then switch to a small network Chen today and everyone together to find out: Keywords and some friends may not understand the Shanghai dragon promotion that network promotion, is not good, you do technology, we put XX on our vocabulary, vocabulary XX industry make up, give you a month. We put the words down, and then make a few hundred millions, often have this idea are not understand network promotion boss or person in charge, they feel very simple, then their websites and information up, a lot of business will find the door, then immediately beat all the competitors in the industry. In fact, don’t blame them, if have to understand the network marketing people told them, generally understood, there is a saying called the popular will in business, and the business value of natural high popularity, the degree of competition is high, it can be back after the money ah, back to our topic and if you found that your company’s business group if there are regional requirements, such as moving companies, most of them are the best service to local customers, general vocabulary positioning, regional + moving companies, such as moving house The company competition is lower, and more for the customer. This is the case, will be adjusted to the website vocabulary. From the degree of competition is relatively low, but the words start to do searches. foundation do not vocabulary high competition… Read More The website ranking is not good. What’s the matter Website ranking do not cause exposure


Analysis of Shanghai dragon constant rule of love from the Shanghai incident in 520

1, the content of high quality , 3 station time factorsThere are 3 stations, like most webmaster, I also face the helpless, so I did not eat a meal, I started thinking about this thing, because although the majority of the website ranking dropped, but I stand 3 competitors, some do not have it! This is certainly not accidental, although often original competitor analysis station no, but how in-depth analysis, and today is a good analysis of competitor ranking stable, no matter how love Shanghai algorithm is to improve the user experience in the first place, individual stationmaster also ran this concept to the construction site, so that the same after analysis! Day afternoon, I finally came to the conclusion, to share with you. from the station’s several industries, competitor analysis, most of them have the chain of more than 2W, and quite stable, basically no drastic fall of the chain, is generally in a steady flat state, there are thousands of the chain, but relatively stable, although this update was not large the fluctuation is not difficult to see that the construction of the chain is not only to high quality and stability also occupy a position, thus draw the conclusion: the chain should not change radically algorithm update from today, in the love of Shanghai ranked better station, in addition to love Shanghai’s own products, the inside pages of many sites, but also to occupy the main position, thus, high quality, originality, strong correlation between the content of the website is the foundation of a stable place! This is why Shanghai Longfeng content is king in the first reason. 2, powerful, stable and high quality of the chain today is May 20, 2011, Chinese for most of the grass-roots webmaster, this morning to open the computer, the first thing the webmaster I Needless to say, but see the website ranking, so I can not help but face consternation, I love Shanghai station from the original fourth, fell to 100, the first of my intuition told me. Is it my station was drop right? And then have another look at two stations, two stations also found out the rankings are also very much, and I made a judgment: This is not a coincidence, so in each big forum have altar, where are the same reflect the problem, this love Shanghai crazy! Probably conclusion is: This is the first time this year, the algorithm made a big adjustment love Shanghai, most enterprise stand ranking dropped, Shanghai’s own products there is love The inside pages website, forum held in Shanghai gold treasure love. I have this update, have a great influence ranking, especially the official site, domain name registration time is short, less than 4 months, the last update, ranking is good, love Shanghai in search of the official site in 21, this update directly 100, relative to two stations in addition, the gap is large, the other two stations although ranking fluctuations, but is always the 50 name > !


High quality Links reflected in what place

We generally, a weight high website snapshot love Shanghai time is usually within 24 hours, which is the next snapshot, just like today is 10, then love Shanghai in 9 is a snapshot of the time. Exchange Links when I generally choose the snapshot site to exchange, general love Shanghai frequently updated website snapshot every day must be a love Shanghai love, of course, every 2-3 days do not have much relationship, we generally choose the snapshot within 3 days of the station as fast, too long. Certainly will not be exchanged, because every snapshot too far stations usually have may be punished love Shanghai website, and this exchange station Links would most likely troubler. Of course, specially to see love Shanghai snapshot it definitely cannot tell whether the other site for high quality. love Shanghai the second step: look at the other sites included the number in the past, the PR value generally look at the other site we Adsense exchange Links when considering whether or not with the exchange, but with Google’s exit, love Shanghai more powerful in the domestic market and the situation, moreover, love Shanghai and Google’s algorithm is certainly a difference, so the PR value for the webmaster, has not so important. The exchange of Links when we see is the other site that we love Shanghai snapshot, in exchange Links when, how to see each other website snapshot Links and exchange. in exchange Links when in addition to other websites like Shanghai snapshot, does not know the quality of the other site, then we need to see is the other site included the number, generally speaking, the number of Web sites included that the more the better, the number of included many also on behalf of the site in Shanghai love to love included, have good. note: the PR value to us now, although it is not very important, but in exchange Links when the PR value is one of the objects of our reference, because of a relatively high PR value site in general in Shanghai will not lower the weight of love, because the PR value high old station sites are generally quite popular general site, the old station is affected by the search engine’s favorite, but this is not absolute, but it still has a certain reference value. The first step of in to the site to do the process of Shanghai dragon in the construction of Links is very important, because Links is to improve website weight, ranking the most direct method is the most effective, so the construction of Links is part of the website optimization must of course, is not the Links can make a website their weight and ranking has improved, because the quality of Links is high, ranking weight, high quality Links can enhance their own website, that we do Links when how to distinguish between the party Links is a high quality Links. The following is for everyone to judge how the quality of the… Read More High quality Links reflected in what place


How to modify the website template to ensure the weight is not decreased

After 6 1, one-time modified title in the title to modify the site, please make sure your new title. So think good changes, if you modify the title today, and tomorrow. 2, to the website, good old website of the new interconnection, the new websites before the old site should be retained for a period of time, the old version of the website data retention. 4, the original site if the performance of the search engine is very good, do not arbitrarily change the site structure. If the performance is not good in the search engine, the site structure should be considered comprehensive, directly set a good website structure. has a lot of friends on the site, because there is no prior to the web site, after a period of operation on the site, feel the site has a lot of shortcomings, so wanted to make the title and structure changes. But we all know, modify the site, to cause the search engine, which caused the website included snapshot, ranking, abnormal. How to minimize the abnormal situation? The new century entertainment to introduce several kinds of methods: , to increase the site outside the chain to the site made changes to increase the reverse link in other related sites. This can lead spider to your site, increasing the frequency of spider visits your site, so you can in the shortest possible time to update your website search engine. 1, one-time modified title in the title to modify the site, please make sure your new title. So think good changes, if you modify the title today, tomorrow and that title is not good enough, then modify the title, so that frequent changes in website development is extremely unfavorable, attention, please modify the one-time good title, at least let love Shanghai that you stand not playing it. 7, increase the original content during the update site, to keep updated every few original articles every day, love Shanghai love the original article, which also makes love Shanghai has reason to update your website. This will update your website, it is very important to keep the website weight next. has a lot of friends on the site, because there is no prior to the web site, after a period of operation on the site, feel the site has a lot of shortcomings, so wanted to make the title and structure changes. But we all know, modify the site, to cause the search engine, which caused the website included snapshot, ranking, abnormal. How to minimize the abnormal situation? The 7k7k6 game to introduce several kinds of methods: The revision of the 3, do not arbitrarily change the page in the search engine rankings better, do not change the original URL of the site or have been included in web search engines may all fail results as can be imagined. 5 site to try to use the Shanghai Dragon Technology in the process, for the revision after the search engine information on your new website as… Read More How to modify the website template to ensure the weight is not decreased


Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news source can apply for pre station entrance

A5 station network October 27th news: love Shanghai news sources regularly review the news source site at the same time, the news source for the majority of owners have feedback and feedback for the entrance problem is not clear, as a news source management side love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recent news source of front entrance. After in order to promote the love of Shanghai news source can provide more high-quality content for the majority of users, now Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially opened the news source for the channel, the specific location feedback center 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback. Whether to apply to become a news source, or the recovery of news sources can be submitted here, through the audit before the entry into force (see Shanghai news source about love: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/208).   love Shanghai news search has been to the original, rapid, objective characteristics of the majority of people, providing information content of the website is always to join the love Shanghai news source of pride. the love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Open Search Authority, news source entrance clear, and constantly improve the VIP club in Shanghai that love Webmaster Platform has been provided to the position – quality web site free resources and tools, and help enhance the value of the site, and to build a green ecological circle search webmaster together.


A push exchange Links detail skills

Don’t cheat and do For   1. to find high weight site exchange, preferably PR6 we all know, a web site in the search engine weight is very high, the authority is very high, if you can use a variety of methods in that they link to, will also be search engine identification. Links weight value is 0-10 and PR3, if can exchange the link above, then your weight will make up. Links can enhance the site’s weight, rankings, quality Links can give the website keywords enterprises bring high ranking. Do Links, can be said to be very selfish. I remember a friend had a website and no other words, let others add other keywords for him, second days came to the home page. Can know about, Links role is subtle. and cheating website, do not link with them, because they will involve you. The site is K, then you will be affected. For the query whether a site for cheating by K, can go to love Shanghai site about his website, home page snapshot is not the first, or 1 weeks is not updated, so you want to inquire about the analysis or. There is some love Shanghai, Google shield sites, and they must not do. Exchange Links please the webmaster must be careful, tips: in this paper, a push by members of the Deng Kanhao original, I mainly engaged in network promotion / Shanghai dragon, the author wants to see more. can do high weight related industries (more than RP6) of the Links, for a station of ascension soon. There are a lot of friends to buy PR6, PR7 Links, not a month weight is increased, but continued to buy several links, the result is K. The authenticity of the purchase Links can query each other Links, you can query from the related website, the result is clear, the general query can use tools. Note that Deng Kanhao is now in terms of the exchange Links. If 2. related industries Links is greater than all the look for similar websites for Links are saying. For example, a website is engaged in clothing, food and beverage industry to do Links, search engine will think people to look for news, so as not to get good rankings, of course also included as related industry links to good. But the relevant industry Co., the high weight of the Links, nor a stick knocked out, different industries can also find Links. Another point is that a website don’t add too much Links, about 50 is enough. Other sites if more than 50 Links, then you can choose to give up, because the back of beyond Links, average stand PR is very little. You can imagine, a website is just like a box of apples, many people, points will be less. 3. website Links


Experience brush IP flow on the hazard ranking web site

have seen a lot of brush flow software on the Internet, as each brush is the real IP platform, search engine and Alexa can monitor, long-term use can improve website ranking. Here is one of my website, Taobao perfect gender (贵族宝贝taobao303贵族宝贝) brush flow a week to Alexa ranking. as a grassroots webmaster, began to do when there is a lot of successful owners told me: do step by step, to have patience, to insist, don’t cheat, want to know whether Alexa, Google or love Shanghai, countless people smarter than us. Have read many books about search engine optimization, without exception mentioned Shanghai Longfeng purposes should be user centric, focusing on improving the user experience, improve the site function, can optimize to optimize, but not to search engine cheating. October 14th, the second day brush flow, Alexa ranked 10002385; depressed! found the website ranking drop after read many related articles on the Internet, many mentioned Alexa ranking of the delay that should be true for Ranking Ranking, two to three days before the relief, continue to brush in October 12th, did not brush flow, Alexa ranking is about 9995600 with foreign counterparts, has been Chinese website too much attention to the speed of development, and do not care about the user experience and service value, which leads to many websites are hoping their flow increases, become the industry’s first, so once this very important website search engine traffic and Alexa early calculation method adjustment. The new Alexa ranking in addition to retain the authority of the Alexa flow and browsing data, the most important thing is to join the Internet user loyalty, trust, the number of pages a new index, the web is not necessarily the first, there are many sites. site for a month, always love Shanghai only included the website home page, and Alexa website ranking has been hovering around ten million, searching for a few days, also tried a lot of ways, but there is no obvious effect, so he decided to rush into danger — brush flow. began to tense; Alexa ranking indexThe October 13th, the first day of the brush flow, Alexa ranking is about 9995600 October 16th, Alexa dropped to about 10023000, decisively uninstall flow! October 17th, Alexa ranking to around 10032289; * * king But the October 15th, Alexa dropped to about 10011700, ; ! unchanged;


For some understanding of long tail keywords on Taobao customers

because of long tail keywords competition degree than the main keywords, naturally do long term webmaster is also very little, but now the website is more and more saturated era, through market segmentation can make their own in the slit > is easy to maintain, ranking stable most type is almost not what degree of competition, but also because of the long tail keywords flow is not high, so many owners have not paid enough attention to. In this era of scarcity of high traffic keywords, long tail keywords should belong to the individual owners preference. After all, because a person is doing the station itself, with the popular keyword competition is good, every website to do is special, so I suggest a high flow of popular keywords Taobao don’t pursue guest. Alone to compete popular keywords but very laborious, but also can not grasp the have no effect. For Taobao personal guest, the most ideal of nature is to choose the long tail keywords low degree of competition, after all, long tail keywords little competition and optimization work to do is relatively small. It is easy to get good rankings, but also the corresponding ranking steadily. now Taobao is off can be described as competitive ratio of portal station also fierce ah, but most of the novice to do the first station is Taobao guest type website, the reason is not updated articles like, you can call directly to complete the automatic updates, promotion of all you need is on the line. But when we know some basic knowledge that Taobao customer is not so easy to do, because the competition is too intense. Some popular keywords you want to have no chance, because the first three pages are some short time insurmountable mountain. So, want to mix a name in Taobao, the nature will find another clever way. Today I talk about Taobao customers to be successful, it should pay more attention to the long tail keywords reason: ! has strong pertinence, high conversion rate of ! webmaster all know that search long tail keywords users are potential users particularly accurate, as some want to buy diet pills, diet pills and how much money is natural search, a certain brand of effective weight loss medicine where to buy long tail keywords such as. For the long tail keywords is the main keyword targeted than is especially strong, and search the words the user has this need in a sense. When the natural products on the site in accordance with the needs of users will increase the conversion rate. So, for Taobao customers, pay attention to the long tail keywords, is equivalent to increase the conversion rate of intangible. After all, the long tail keywords like one to one service users, as long as there is demand for the user, there is the natural desire to buy. Taobao, by setting off a high degree of long tail keywords related to the site, not only let the website ranking higher,… Read More For some understanding of long tail keywords on Taobao customers


Don’t rush to clear the line on the website included site optimization is the priority among priorit

3, webmaster website in the hope is that the site is included in the fastest time, so many sites webmaster ignored the station optimization, after the website domain name to site space, hurried to the major search engines included submitted a request, I think this is wrong. Want to be included in the webmaster website immediately thought we can understand, but deviate from the rules of search engine optimization thought we must abandon, after the website domain name resolution, we have carried out a series of optimization of their chosen program, website content, below I talk about how to do the preparatory work before the site included. A lot of things after the 2, do ALT image attributes, the hands of the webmaster website has pictures right, and optimize the proportion in the site in the picture is more and more important, when the search engine in capturing pictures is more want to grab this picture is what to do with the alt attribute, so we must do in the submission of pictures before describing the work included, will write out each picture, what is the content of these should be aware of the search engine. program, many free programs are now more or less defective, dead link is one of the most serious defects, I have used a PHP program, the website for a long time are not included, I finally through the chain. chain analysis website, we can query the function check whether the webmaster tools put a large number of the chain, we choose the program when they encountered a problem, many free programs are entrained played a lot of advertising and friends of the chain, and we as a webmaster affirmation do not want to let others own website for free advertising, also do not want to let the search engines crawl the site found there are a lot of the chain, so we must do this step. Through my experience, many links are hidden chain play a pick, which opened the website first played a page can not be found, but by Shanghai dragon tools and can be found, you have to face this kind of situation webmaster in the folder through the search function to find out the hidden links folder to delete, as far as possible to delete, so as not to influence the optimization of the site and included. 4, check the dead links with 1, optimize the title and keywords, title I think is best to use a separate good, if you can’t optimize, then you can look at the Admin5 website optimization method, is to use the vertical line separated method. But the website keywords I don’t think too much, the optimization of website 5 to 7 words is the most appropriate keywords, too much is not conducive to enhance the website ranking, and keywords less and not conducive to flow into the site, so the site keyword Best in 5 – 7. The key point is the site of… Read More Don’t rush to clear the line on the website included site optimization is the priority among priorit


Construction site Shanghai dragon escort diagnostic excellence

but this is not the most important point, the more important thing is the Shanghai dragon diagnosis team is composed of A5 station network and branch. For the A5 station network, do not listen to the webmaster must have said, over the years to support the growth of the webmaster, even on the achievements of the many business owners. A focus on the Adsense service website, a professional team, believe that A5 is a good choice. As for why the style to A5’s Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, also believe in which more benefit owners more experience. : a professional team of   in the fierce competitive environment, get rid of price promotion, to showcase website is only the number of ten fingers, but the same industry competitive website how many? Hundreds of times, in fact a little too much. High ranking means the business opportunity is bigger, so the website optimization competition to realize the enterprise value. two: let the website optimization more thoroughly through the observation we found, "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" of the word, with the increasing competition in the Internet environment, its influence is also in the rapid rise. The search engine index that reflect what, from a certain point of view that is the keyword search. The search is more accurate for groups of customers, this is not difficult to draw, Shanghai dragon more sure up the diagnosis. So why is Shanghai dragon diagnosis favor, keep accurate daily search? For this, speaking from Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis advantages: in the fierce competition, your site is located the main keywords, long tail keywords pack? Whether there is a high ranking? If it is not up to the above conditions, the website development must end will fall into the end. Why? The flaws in the website ranking optimization, which is search engine optimization rules, optimize the level in the same industry or the performance is not very ideal, so ranking behoove be on the run. For this, companies generally tend to employ Er to do a long Shanghai dragon for the website optimization, however, the monthly salary paid not to say, enterprises can dig into the elite "Shanghai dragon" is less and less. How to the site in the end the fate is still unknown, but the Shanghai dragon diagnostic services during this time to rise: diagnosis of professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, from the love of Shanghai "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" keyword search can be seen in general. As a nearly two years of the rise of the web service, A5 webmaster network’s Shanghai dragon diagnosis team ranked first (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝). With regard to the professional, the ranking is the important right of discourse. It is understood that the optimization of A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis group before this has been committed to a number of enterprise website, the Internet popular praise degree, thus its professionalism is beyond doubt.


Borrow video event marketing tips SKYCC burst of red network marketing industry

The first, is the content of the video. Although the video quality is not particularly clear, video production was not particularly fine, but this video is to win the content. Video content is a IT grass root webmaster history, nature is very easy to cause the IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friends. Especially the hardships and on the road of confusion, entrepreneurs and IT believe that every webmaster friends are more or less there will be to see the video, nature can arouse their emotional resonance, nature will pay attention to this video, and they focus on video at the same time also passively remember mention this product video protagonist port – the SKYCC combination marketing software. second, ad insertion. This video is a grass root IT heart confession video lead naturally mentioned SKYCC combination marketing software in the dictation process, and only mentioned once in passing, even the pictures are not inserted, do not look carefully can not see it. As a good article, do I insert ads. video address: 贵族宝贝v.youku贵族宝贝/v_show/id_XNDMwOTMyNTAw.html is a 5 minute video, time is only 5 seconds between the mentioned products, even the pictures are not displayed, why should have made such a good marketing effect? The following is worth enterprise reference. video content is roughly a IT grass root webmaster, day in and day out struggle, experience a variety of occupation status, efforts to change the life, but he unremittingly efforts can not change poverty. The video tells the story of a road, also expressed his confusion on the road. The video was released, it caused a strong reaction in the website, released just a week, a single Youku platform more than 310 thousand hits. At the same time, the video was also released in the SNS community, and eager to discuss webmaster forum and cause the majority of IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friend’s attention, become a major hot topic of forum. SKYCC combination marketing software it has been in the lead in the video the webmaster friends and IT entrepreneurs remember, an instant burst of red network marketing industry. According to the Shanghai love index shows a week video release, SKYCC attention rose 2118%. I have network marketing, event marketing has many classic cases, or large cost, or need to go through a long time. Like SKYCC combination marketing software by a small video in just one week bursts of industry is still relatively rare case. This video is the recent crazy pass network "confession", a IT grass root in SKYCC the video marketing is very successful, although there are some small flaws, like video quality problems, but the video marketing is classic.


2016 love Shanghai algorithm inventory and analysis of 2017 webmaster how to handle this

open the web site, personal information was leaked, then the mobile phone number received all kinds of marketing information…… In view of this phenomenon, the love of Shanghai launched Skynet algorithm, in the fight against "block malicious theft of personal information to buy the site, reduce the evaluation of such sites in the Shanghai search in love. from Internet users, to enhance the user experience, user experience from advertising, bundled APP download content, soft porn dynamic map and explicit text information blow, love Shanghai algorithm constantly according to the site to more conducive to the user or. Skynet 2016 October, according to the station by 4.5 bucket algorithm dynamic map, text, explicit pornography gambling attracts eyeball induced click site hit, in order to reduce such sites in Shanghai’s position in search of love. 2016 September, and then upgrade the bucket bucket algorithm, algorithm 4 strategy for mobile search advertising too much impact on the user experience page hit. 2016 June, and inform the combat deception download bundled download cheat, July, ice bucket blow mobile page force users to download or transfer from the behavior of APP 3, August, Skynet algorithm against websites to steal user contact privacy behavior in September, mobile advertising page price bucket hinder users access the contents of the behavior of 4 in October, against a mobile page bad porn advertising gambling bucket 4.5, November, the blue sky algorithm to fight the charges behavior of the soft video directory. blue algorithm officially launched in 2016, according to the bad selling directory sites such as soft, combat, mainly against the news source site selling soft, directory and other acts, in order to reduce or delay stage evaluation, permanent grab shielding for punishment. ! , inventory 2016 love Shanghai algorithm. See the various algorithms when the site have appeared the question of what is the "2016 algorithm step in force, and how the webmaster of 2017. The security of Above algorithm ice bucket algorithm launched in 2014, to combat forced pop APP download, a large area of advertising effects of normal user browsing experience page, love Shanghai this wave of ice water poured up one hundred thousand mobile station in June 2016, in order to allow users to get a better search experience, with ice bucket algorithm has been upgraded to version 3 (2014 November 2, the ice bucket algorithm on-line) love Shanghai mobile search, in addition to combat forced pop APP download, a large area of advertising, hit full download, in a small area of the page layout of mobile phone advertising block main content, user login and other compulsory behavior, also began to crack down on more complete interrupt users search path transfer behavior. Ice bucket algorithm


Before the novice recruits Shanghai dragon industry question

? ? is currently in Shanghai Longfeng no precise definition, because the search engine updates the old technology will fail, just like the black hat technology, now how to use black hat than will be punished. When it is not a novice, personal definition: > so we can get traffic through Shanghai Dragon Technology in the search engine, for directional flow, what is the directional flow? Directional flow is the accurate flow, the user through the search engine to your page is on your page there is a demand of the crowd, this flow is the directional flow, and directional flow transaction conversion rate is very high. ?Shanghai dragon Chinese 5. when not a novice a lot of people have asked this question, that is currently engaged in the Shanghai dragon crowd has a lot, so Shanghai dragon also feasible? As for this problem. I will not say more, you can love Shanghai in search of Zhaopin, choose your city, then the search box enter the Shanghai dragon word search. You will find at least hundreds of Companies in the recruitment of personnel in Shanghai dragon. This data to prove what? That Shanghai dragon gap is still very large. 2. why do Shanghai dragon five, when not a novice Shanghai is a dragon take technology in all walks of life, any industry can use the technology to carry out the sales promotion of Shanghai dragon. It is the market outlook is very bright. 4. Shanghai dragon is really feasible? name (search engine optimization) commonly known as the optimization search rankings, and Shanghai dragon is only for ranking? The answer is certainly not, we do Shanghai dragon to do directional flow. Only for directional flow is the real dragon in Shanghai Longfeng. three, Shanghai dragon can bring what we four, Shanghai dragon is really feasible? as a novice, before the entry of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon must understand to understand Shanghai dragon. 3. Shanghai dragon can bring what we ? ? 1. what is Shanghai dragon , what is the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon can give us what? Shanghai dragon can bring us the value far cannot be estimated, as of the third quarter of 2013 statistics, Chinese net is more than 500 million, that is 500 million of the market you have China in Shanghai dragon, but the blue ocean market. why do we have to do Shanghai dragon? This question is very simple, if it must do you want to join the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. According to statistics, over the next 90% small and medium sized enterprises will start the e-commerce industry. You don’t do the Shanghai dragon you will give up the electronic commerce. two, why do Shanghai dragon ? from Shanghai ? ?


How did Like change from hype failure to $100 million acquisitionAli mother K station webmaster, ple

? in 2005, when the face recognition company was bought by shlf1314 four rumors, but its product has just passed the preliminary test phase. "For shlf1314 takeover rumors, insiders are not… But…. obviously, this company is now on hold after the reception Public opinions are divergent.," launch party in Michael Arrington Riya TechCrunch in the backyard, Michael wrote in a blog. induced clicks – ad positions for advertising display, launch page they’re all wrong, 1. shall not be able to produce misleading and misleading language descriptions near advertising places, such as "wonderful recommendation" and "related links" the actual part is advertising position. Riya interface shlf1314 tried to approach the game to solve its own problems of image search: users can use words to describe the picture of the image, so that shlf1314 search engine will then select information on the screen shows the relevant picture from the key. Riya, the founder of Like, believes that there will be many people who want to circle their friends or other things in the picture, so that they can be more easily incorporated into the picture library. The company can thus accumulate a picture database that does not exist in the user’s copyright, and then sell the advertisement to the user through the data. "I’m curious what they’re looking for. Why don’t they use shlf1314 or YAHOO pictures instead of our website?" two questions lead to a new direction. 4. through JS and other means to click the open interface hidden or automatic shielding, resulting in user clicks still can not see the promotion interface. > state laws and family rules, in order to let mother platform more orderly and healthy development; Ali mother integrity behavior criterion — "black law enforcement station code" is now available, please read the following carefully, after Spring is in the air. April, Black Cat Detective will be in strict accordance with the implementation of ! Riya was indeed a rising star. Venture capitalists 4. on the flash, video or audio loading area, Ali mother advertising 2. places arrows, downloads, instructions, graphics, or other directed graphics near the display position of the ad to induce or mislead the user into invalid clicks. Riya promises the process of moving image retrieval by discarding the need for metadata and really realizing the identification of faces and objects in photos. In 2005, the fine search text has computer effortlessly, but if they want to analyze and identify one of the photos are what, they will only numb "machine". with a great reputation, such as Bay Partner and Leapfrog Ventures, invested $19 million 500 thousand to the company, co-founder of Burak Gokturk’s capability in the technical field: he is Dr. Standford, was also a recognition of experts, under the name of a dozen more patents. this system is too complex, a program containing five steps, and there are two branches. The business plan is based on too many assumptions, "is how, then what will happen, then how will……. And then we will… Read More How did Like change from hype failure to $100 million acquisitionAli mother K station webmaster, ple


Five points of Shanghai dragon learning

What is the second, we must have a website why do you say that, in fact, very simple, do anything to have a plan and, if not, the easiest things may extend to the infinite horizon, give yourself a deadline is very important, such as two or 3 months, for me, I had this reading is mechanical and electrical integration, then engaged in security work after graduation, two years after the machinery factory engaged in the professional work, in which more than two years of work experience, eat a lot of pain, then a chance decided to find a can of course is to choose the venture, Shanghai dragon industry, want to make a move in the local society of Shanghai website, then you can give your site Longfeng drainage, the idea was two months to Shanghai Dragon Society, quit work, must learn this skill, to After two months of learning is also limited, about three months to learn entry. Give yourself a deadline to be a reasonable, why it is reasonable, because the ability to understand the basis of a lot of students themselves are not the same, if to say two or three months, but two or three months later did not learn, so it’s easy to have a sense of failure, resulting in learning to give up, some may need half some, can learn a month, of course this is to have a guide, the subjective effect is also not ideal for a year. , the first to set a reasonable deadline to give yourself not to do not do website refers to? Refers to some websites you do very difficult to achieve your goal, because as a hanging wire of the webmaster, not so much money or resources to promote marketing, some websites are not suitable for optimization, or need to have the resources to. third, don’t do not do the website many students want to do Shanghai dragon, but they don’t have a website, no website can not practice, senior CAD like I did, one or two years without basic are forgotten, so if is the theory of learning, not to practice and use, will soon be forgotten, experience is accumulated out and that one ought to do what the website? Now suggest a product can go to station, Ali’s father find sources or through a friend, and is to be a place of Shanghai dragon blog, such as "Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing" Shanghai dragon dragon "". a lot of new Adsense just joined the Internet environment, all want to get a lot of traffic through the search engine to the free flow of the channel, but not everyone know Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, so that when we get the traffic has put a lot of time and energy, sometimes even energy time spent at traffic did not come, in this process, many owners will give up, other Shanghai dragon is a technology, which contains a lot of knowledge points, you can learn and not one… Read More Five points of Shanghai dragon learning


Have the ideal grassroots webmaster can stand the years of disciplineViking Yu Qianghua Internet ban

Viking founder Yu Qianghua met in Jinsha River venture capital, only spent 5 minutes, the two sides will part. Yu Qianghua Drogba have tried and vice president of sh419, we recommend the use of Viking infrastructure services to help sh419 to build Internet banking, at the same time, the establishment of rules, make the various sh419 business department can distinguish between business interests, and promote each other. As a result, a month later, sh419 launched 100 hair products, shouting 8% annualized income. This and Yu Qianghua recommended to sh419 Internet banking business path is very different. The lead: Viking main implementation of basic services of Internet banking services in. Know better than the financial Internet Co, more than understand the Internet financial company, Yu Qianghua said that this is the biggest advantage of this. 3. grassroots webmaster are ideal. Without ideals and without ideas, they will not adhere to the above two points. can see me this article should, 90% are webmaster friends, because I often write some webmaster things, many friends add me and I discuss grassroots webmaster those hard forced days. Here is not in the declaration of some negative energy, but just want to open your heart and say, grassroots webmaster those are not easy. it is important to have ideals, and it is more important to persist in striving for ideals. Hope that those who like me grassroots webmaster, can insist on their career to do, and have harvested. After years of discipline, honed out of the people, is ready to succeed. with the baptism of the years, the passion to do the site may be hit again and again and disappear, of course, there are many friends who stick to it. For the sake of my dream, I really go on and persist in the afternoon. And I, four years have done a lot of sites, mostly because of various reasons and aborted. If I persist, I may have burst into a world of my own. know more than financial Internet Co, more than understand the Internet financial company, Yu Qianghua said that this is the biggest advantage of this. 2. grassroots webmaster are integrated talents. I once in the article < < four years experience, talk about grassroots webmaster of those difficult > > said: "a grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, do the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance.". It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent". Internet banking industry, everywhere is pit Yu Qianghua in the Internet financial philosophy has been everywhere rebuffed, which once made him very painful. But fortunately, Yu Qianghua found like-minded people – IDG capital and sina. IDG believes that Yu Qianghua’s architectural skills and technical capabilities have also witnessed his realization of China’s financial marketization, RMB internationalization and interest rate marketization. In 2013, the Viking team IDG investment, in cooperation with sina, Yu Qianghua provides a solution to establish a trading platform based on micro-blog, Sina to help build… Read More Have the ideal grassroots webmaster can stand the years of disciplineViking Yu Qianghua Internet ban


Taobao Store Manager looking for Taobao customers promotion, it is better to find micro-blogThe esse

in the former mobile Internet era, the information dissemination of intellectuals is more of the news gatekeeper to operate, or "small series" to complete. Looking back on the history of the information market, it is actually a process of narrowing the distance between the platform and the audience. "Small Bian" in the relatively young Internet era, played an active atmosphere, closer and user distance, reflect the affinity and many other functions. After the "mobile messaging client", which boasts "accurate push" and "personalized service", has emerged and became popular rapidly, "Xiao Bian" has been replaced or partially replaced by machine algorithms. recently found that some Taobao store manager to use micro-blog to promote weight loss, breast enhancement and other profiteering products, into the Ali mother union check Commission, only 1.5%. As can be seen, is the manager used to attract Taobao customers to promote high commission general profiteering products are more than 30% to try micro-blog promotion. "Taobao" means someone who helps Taobao sellers to promote goods and earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%. Taobao customers, for the majority of Taobao manager is also a big good thing, because it can effectively control the cost of the advertising of goods only by Taobao sold off promotion after you need to pay a commission, for some profits of products such as weight loss, breast enhancement, freckle, the manager set high commission, Taobao guest the successful promotion of a product is more than 100 yuan Commission, attracted tens of thousands of Taobao customers to promote and achieve the win-win purpose, is Taobao off tens of thousands of monthly income of commission. Micro-blog marketing is currently a very popular low-cost marketing manager for Taobao, is to attract Taobao to promote the guest or micro-blog promotion is more effective and more low cost? Micro-blog promotion stovepipe socks data to compare the following in my last December. simple division, at present, news client market is mainly "give you what you want" and "I give you that good" two camps, at first glance, "you want to have more customers favor, they are like many vertical field microphone Mongolia together. Wuhan University professor Shi Yibin "gatekeeper" was first proposed by American social psychologist and one of the four founders of communication science Kurt Lu Yin. In 1950, White, a communication scholar, made clear the process of news screening in · 2, micro-blog advertising costs > micro-blog promotion, PK Taobao, customer   in the field of pure algorithms, the gatekeeper role is missing. The precision of the information push, the negative effect is most obviously, as the new Institute of Peking University Professor Xu Yi analysis as: easy to use and enlarge the audience inertia, easily trapped in them by their own interest limittation in "information island". Because of the… Read More Taobao Store Manager looking for Taobao customers promotion, it is better to find micro-blogThe esse


Zhou Hongyi analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the Internet era, innovation can not be

  because of accurate positioning, product use, coupled with powerful market cooperation and promotion means, network invincible, and in the form of plug-in installed to fast computer thousands on thousands of users. Two years later, the 3721 successful, Chinese Internet plug-in once more than 90% of China’s Internet users, the daily use of more than 80 million people. In 2001, 3721 took the lead in announcing profits in the Internet industry. By 2002, 3721 of sales went up ! Taobao customer promotion in the end need what kind of promotion ideas? This is our today Taobao tutorial series 3 to communicate the topic! think, now Taobao off site to get traffic mainly in the following ways: the first is of course sh419 and shlf1314, it is easy to say that we do not discuss; second is our direct promotion, such as , RSS, mail, forum, blog and so on; third Links. ! , Chen Han, Internet veterans, this year, according to Robin Li in Silicon Valley as well as the experience of living in the mainland has published the "Silicon Valley business" one book, and Ma Huateng collected 500 thousand founded the Tencent, in 1999, Robin Li took the risk investment returning to the founder of sh419, Ding Lei founded the NetEase in 500 thousand, Chen Tianqiao grand founder, Ma registered Alibaba. October 1998, the 28 year old founder Zhou Hongyi left, establishment of FA Software Co. ltd.. The company’s website, 3721, is taken from the meaning of "no 37, twenty-one". The new company started with 5 people, all his founder colleagues. before 1998, the first generation of Internet users use a complex English site, still excited, Zhou Hongyi is to seize the users need for surfing, trying to convince leaders to develop the corresponding product, but the product design has not been approved by the leadership. second, , forum, blog, E-mail Promotion and SNS and three party platform, this is the key to this test, I why, because I relatively understand myself and now I have a circle. Through the third party platform import traffic even directly through the third party platform for sales, you can save a lot of promotion costs, comparison website, SEO, and I am more important is that it can help me to quickly find the potential crowd me, bring me direct sales. Here I illustrate with SNS. SEO to do with the Tao people know, do the long tail word can be very good to achieve transformation, is relatively easy, but also the degree of competition SEO everyone can see, you can not stand long in ranking, it is important that you can let more people see you. Although I am! SEO knows, but think to go > and the vast majority of SEOer opened the 1970 born "cattle man" resume, how many people can not see, not feel". Born in Hubei, grew up in Henan, because parents are surveying and mapping engineering and technical personnel, Zhou Hongyi early contact with the computer. In… Read More Zhou Hongyi analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the Internet era, innovation can not be


Talking about the course of enterprise development, subversion of innovation is the rise of the road

two: cooperation to do League cheating is actually cheating on you ! three: fund investment allows you to get a quick return, industry monopoly + bundling slow Internet enterprise development in Taobao transaction do brush advertising alliance cheating services, after the success can be divided in half, if it does not receive a failure, but for many webmaster, this is a big risk, if it fails, the cooperation partner is cheating without any loss, if successful then, they will also be able to the half of the profits, it is really very good profit, which is in the use of many owners eager to make money to make psychology, deceived the webmaster, but now most of the webmaster have immunity, and some novice webmaster often has caught, so it is necessary to introduce four: the temptation of joining agency : Wangzhuan seduction network now has a lot of investment funds of the website, many of them on the website that he is currently the largest fund investment platform, there are a lot of risk investment funds in the often advertised as long as 10 days will be able to earn back the cost, behind waiting to count the money at home. However, this investment is often the method to pull off the assembly line, the more people if you pull your back, the speed will be faster, but your line is to earn more, so the fund investment mode of making money is often on the Internet marketing model, in the end, suffer their own and the current mode of temptation! This fund is very strong, there are a lot of people in the hope that they will be able to see this article, from the funds to In fact, a lot of currently has a lot of affiliate programs on the Internet, but it’s a bit like base is now a lot about Wangzhuan training site, and the site construction is also very professional, Wangzhuan also looks very real, and many also have a lot of support Wangzhuan training to help you to join them, but some Wangzhuan training is free, it makes a more easy to believe the authenticity of these Wangzhuan training then, to learn, of course many training Wangzhuan is true, there are many online training deception possible, let you help the team to do some basic things, such as pull a few people come to learn, then do compulsory labor, and learned most are outdated, really do it it is not profitable projects, so the training is free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan special training, looks very beautiful, but very difficult to do it development process from the traditional enterprise companies, large enterprises in order to occupy more market share to obtain high profits, monopoly business gradually to the whole industry, formed a dominant pattern, it seriously hindered the development of new enterprises, can be said that the new enterprise wants to obtain a slim chance of survival is very difficult that must be subversive innovation, development is… Read More Talking about the course of enterprise development, subversion of innovation is the rise of the road