How to solve the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems

description language also has a great influence on the customer purchase decision. Because the search engine in search results ranking, sometimes unable to display pictures of products, customers only through the description and title to determine whether to click into the website. Shanghai dragon is the network marketing of low cost and high output. The product page keyword layout, user can cover the buying cycle stages and various user groups. of both common words and core words. We need not only the layout of mining, general words and taking into account the core word, because the former can bring more. Solution: , a product page description tag use the manufacturer’s product description. will meet the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems and solutions two, the product page didn’t do optimization is the most simple and crude, Shanghai dragon er for each product page write unique description tag. on the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, believe it’s friends all shook his head, boss asked why so much time is not optimized? Some Shanghai dragon suffering in the mouth, to the Shanghai dragon school can be recommended to the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝.Ee/ of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon learning related knowledge, we now talk about the Shanghai dragon very challenging, but for large electricity supplier website, Shanghai dragon is the priority among priorities, is also difficult. You need to sort out the large and complex structure of the site, constantly optimize the product page every day in the update, and also need products, design, technology and other departments in communication, repeatedly instilled in them: Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only on the user experience, and can bring more traffic and orders. Shanghai dragon er must be clear: not everyone knows the importance of Shanghai dragon. product page description tag is a key factor in the electricity supplier website ranking. For each kind of product to add unique description. Although it is time-consuming, but want to promote ranking is not afraid of trouble. the same products, but different versions, page description tag repeat. Keywords will meet the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems and solutions for large sites, even some tiny optimization can produce obvious effect. For example, to add pictures ALT tags, Title Optimization Adjustment, may make the website ranking from second promotion to the first, this upgrade may be brought to the site of hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. meet the user search habits. For example, now more and more users of English words used in the search, such as searching for the TV is "TV" or "LED TVs" such words. This means that the search engine optimization, each under the category page needs to consider the user search habits. product page description tag question:


Outside the chain of tools like Shanghai’s new line of what you see.

Please indicate the tool has two information, link to your website’s domain and link ", first look at the link to my website, a total of 40 shows the results, do not know if this is a coincidence or love Shanghai now shows only 2 pages. First let me see quite depressed, I always thought that because the Trojan has been basically in effect I fall in love with the sea can be eliminated, the results of it. all show the results of this kind, but open the corresponding page, these pages are not related to the content of the page now, or already does not exist, but the love of Shanghai is to put these pages as the chain. There are some other chain pages, some are nonexistent page. I want to say, this is really testing the chain in bullshit, but this is not to say that this is the love of Shanghai results on your website, this is the love of Shanghai sophisticated search engine technology. No. 21 Shanghai new love line on the site outside the chain detection tool, I believe that many people are concerned about this matter, we do not know the use of what is the result of. I found that after the test, the website is a problem, where is the problem, I will give you a look. The first said to some test sites, more than 1 years before the site was wounded horse, appeared very serious, after revision. The revision distance now has more than 1 years. Here is a look at the results of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools.   (www.runca.cn) look at another result, links page, home of which accounted for more than 90%, this is normal. But in the 19 shows in 11 is before the revision of the page, which I really Speechless. I should say the detection site itself is the problem in the website, after nearly a year of recovery, love Shanghai has already started the recovery included and ranking, many words have entered the home, thought it had effects of Trojans and revision, but now it seems still in danger, like a time bomb. We do not know the detection is what. Welcome to share. test resultsThere are several love Shanghai tools


The search engine’s revelation accurate mining long tail word

love Shanghai index has been used to analyze the Shanghai dragon Er search volume keywords, in order to determine the main keyword selection. But on the one hand is the selection of high quality long tail keywords favorable channel. To determine the quality of relevant keywords from the search volume, is the most direct response keyword value of the performance, of course including cheating factors, but generally the cheating data will not occupy the mainstream, but the result is not stable. two: love Shanghai index related search terms > Google   four: Google analysis tool in Chinese search share is very small, the occupation of households is far better than love Shanghai, but no matter which provide search services or the webmaster tool is unmatched by other search engines. As Google search analysis, give the webmaster optimization suggestion: related with the love of Shanghai search is the same reason, but in order to more convenient index, so to display relevant information in the user see. But do the keyword to the eyes, the cheating factor is more, such as brush drop phenomenon business circle the game ended July in many examples of. appears in the search engine related search keywords have a characteristic "in the recent period of time the time is searched more". Although unable to determine whether the long-term interest of the keyword, but fully prove its most recent period by the search volume is relatively high, so it can be used for optimization of long tail keywords to do over a period of time. After that, if the key to always maintain a long search results, so congratulations you tap into a quality suitable for the long term, adhere to optimize it. In addition to determine the related search keywords high quality? The author believes that with Google, love Shanghai related search combination screening is the best, as in the legend "website construction" in Google, love Shanghai common performance "Shanghai website construction". : a search search engine three: love Shanghai drop-down box     with the rapid warming of Shanghai dragon industry competition, the main keyword website optimization after no mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore high gold content available for mining. More long tail keywords being seriously, even to do long tail keywords is not inferior to bring a key effect. But how to choose the long tail keywords accurate and efficient? Usually not clear the judgment standard, analysis of the optimization of long tail keywords just according to the logical thinking and natural search habits. But pay attention to search engine webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER may find a problem, the search engine can wear long tail keywords higher quality, today we will make a summary analysis:


How to analyze the website is worth Links exchange

a lot of people, especially for the novice how to exchange Shanghai dragon Links, what kind of website is exchange chain is puzzled. In this regard, the author share how to analyze a site worth Links exchange. through the site: domain name, we can also analyze a site has been down right, page snapshot etc.. In general, the normal site domain name, web page will be the first in line. If this is not the first case, mostly by home or even the station is right down the cause. But there are also some sites because of the weight of the inside pages is too high, resulting in home page ranking is not the first, the reason for this problem is mainly in the station optimization do not not lead back to the home page weight or pages outside the chain too strong. Therefore, the exchange of Links if the other site site love Shanghai results is not in the first place, we should pay more attention. check method is directly site in Shanghai under the search bar: the domain name, such as: SITE:www.szmfyy贵族宝贝/ (note the site domain name does not take 贵族宝贝 or unable to display the results). two, Domain analysis results of , a website analysis results of site 2, DOMAIN results in the first page, but the snapshot time and time does not meet the site snapshot. The vast majority of results than the site snapshot time slow. This website issues there are two possibilities, one is right down a precursor, after a period of time after the drop right now in the recovery, but whether it is more than two in any case, such a chain or not for good. < > 1 DOMAIN, the home is not the first. website analysis of a website is worth exchange, to see Shanghai site first love. See the site results to the following two: analysis of a website is worth watching in site exchange, is an often overlooked one of the results is domain. Domain is one of the most means to check whether the site is down the right problem. The results of domain are mainly in the following three cases: Domain, the home is not the first site basically can be concluded that the 100% is right down the website. Like this kind of website is best not to consider. , 1 by site: the domain name, we can understand a site specific collection. In a clear record of love results of Shanghai site has a "the number". Check collected of each website is worth of exchange and the other person will exchange with you. Generally included differ hundreds of words, is not no problem, but if the collection of thousands or even tens of thousands of words, I don’t have to think. 2,


The novice how to improve the site included the amount of Shanghai Dragon

    should always pay attention to user experience, according to the user’s feedback to regularly update the site, so, always maintain a fresh, is very good for users or love Shanghai. As the material Corporation, since the establishment of a few years, has been updated to version third, you can look at, make people feel very good. 3, regularly updated website: ensure website internal structure perfect, clarity, so that search engine spiders can easily find what they want on the site; in addition, enrich the content of the website, especially home must be filled up, so I can go to the major search engines to submit your site. 2, rich web content, web site optimization: "content is king" is established at any time. Whether it is love or Shanghai search engine Google, 360, love the good quality of the article, especially the original article. Therefore, as long as you can every day to write some high quality soft, even the pseudo original can attract search engine spider’s appetite, and can improve the site, get good rankings. The material www.tooopen贵族宝贝 commune soft as an example, we can see. ! 1, prepared the high quality of the original false original article: alive for all the webmaster, the amount collected and ranking sites are most concerned about the website, but how to improve the data? Xiaobian to tell you high quality 4, the chain increased for example in Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Soso Ask the high weight platform to leave our links, so the search engine spiders will go down your link to your site, when your site has good content and internal optimization and high quality of the chain link, you will find the love of Shanghai included or increasing the flow becomes very easy.


How to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search

1) can let love Shanghai search engine spiders identification , such as > two 301 is a permanent redirection, will jump to the new permanent address, use the 2) 4) the correct HTTP return code I currently do website PC end optimization has been basically completed, but the mobile terminal has not reached my request, has recently been studying how to optimize the mobile terminal and how to obtain good keywords ranking, because I was the site of mobile terminal has been, so the early establishment, the domain name server to what I do not to say, say how to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search. website and suggestions to replace the domain name case mobile terminal and PC terminal, is through the spider, and then build the index, whether Baiduspider can read text information of the mobile terminal or PC, can not be a good deal for flash and Javascript images, etc., it is recommended that you want to search engine spiders crawl content as far as possible the use of text information. told the 404 spider page has been deleted, there is no 3) simple regular url some time ago and we share about how to optimize the PC side of the site to the search engine and users can get good rankings, today and share some of my recent experience on how to optimize the mobile terminal, how to make the site to get good rankings in the love of Shanghai mobile search, in fact, the optimization of PC and mobile terminal are the same. URL must be short, because of the unique characteristics of mobile devices makes the page and the operation area is relatively small, if not fast and simple browsing URL is likely to miss the user. I do in Shanghai Longfeng process people often ask me to site is not flat is the best structure? My answer is as long as reasonable structure can be. The flat lets users better access to content, but in the end the essence is the same, let users convenient and efficient access to information and solve problems, so as long as reasonable structure can be. 200 is to tell the spider visit normal 503 is temporarily unable to access short-term, the search engine spiders will visit us again. , how to make the mobile station to get good coverage of Reasonable structure love Shanghai spiders in capturing and processing "is through the HTTP protocol to set the corresponding logic should know, can be included in search engines is the basis of website construction and optimization of the web site is not included if everything is in vain, you don’t even want to ranking, someone asked, how to solve the problems included PC I know, but how the mobile terminal (station) to solve it, in fact the two are interlinked. In fact, as long as the Shanghai dragon


I analyze your easy to appear in the chain of mind

site was first suspected K chain why I couldn’t come to my friend chain Shanghai dragon Er people always love in others for failure, so many webmaster, often website problems, search engine punishment, that is because your first instinct is a chain involved, because we all know that if there is a chain K site is often linked to their own, so many webmaster the friends of the chain. unrealistic to the heights of chain is a key site in Shanghai dragon. Although we can not bring the effect of myth chain, but we cannot deny it to the site to bring help. Can be said that behind a successful web site there are always many high quality friend chain. Conflict, heart and other unpleasant things will be friends of the chain as a link exchange cooperation is inevitable. Some day then mentality through the analysis in a chain exchange on you I might have ever seen. chain exchange is based on passive mode, chain in the information released online to publish their own information after sitting idly waiting for the initiative to contact the quality Links, I think this state for each stationmaster is definitely not a few. Then I wonder if a few days later, don’t you want a chain, how would you do? Is complaining, or find another platform to release a chain exchange information? Sometimes the webmaster need is a kind of active spirit, high quality friend chain good is not actively looking for you, only rely on their own the initiative. always wary of their victims The Many webmaster in many do friends chain exchange will follow the same patient and the mentality, I thought for a few more and more high quality chain. But a chain exchange like love is the two inverse problems, is not to say that you want to be. If your site is a new sites, weight is 0, if you have included the scanty, unrealistic wanggaochu see, want to find a stage of the site has been in operation for friends of the chain. The final result can only be your fantastic. So if you want to change to a high quality link if you have enough strength, water flows downwards, to the high look right, but the premise is that you must proceed from their own actual situation, to do their own thing is the key, or the site also may be similar by "left female" "left the station. The in the exchange chain we can see some Adsense will use smart to deceive the friends of the chain, such as the use of nofollow, iframe, robots and smart. Many owners see the negative information will have a great awareness of the friends of the chain, can not always trust each other. Think of the heart without. The two sides and this is allowing the exchange of grudges, do not believe that the other party can only let the exchange chain end breaking. The author thinks that the… Read More I analyze your easy to appear in the chain of mind


On the personal website ranking long-term love Shanghai home

look at my station first subject title, sprinkler and garbage trucks, garbage and car prices, and sprinkler price, love Shanghai search garbage truck prices, love Shanghai search shows the title (sanitation) garbage truck prices; in Shanghai love search sprinkler price love Shanghai search shows: sprinkler (car, garbage truck, garbage truck). on the automotive industry enterprise website optimization subject scheme, the automotive industry is very competitive keywords ranking optimization, super high difficulty, even tens of thousands of monthly bid to optimize a keyword, following me to explain my personal website in a year long love home in Shanghai ranking optimization cases. second site outside the chain, the chain every Monday update 10 articles outside the chain, the chain must be mentioned here to release the weight of the high place site health, love Shanghai included the fastest platform release, such as the large forum, A5, a push, push 28. See below:   website optimization ranking method: The here is my station keywords ranking, garbage truck and truck keyword ranking in Shanghai love home, the two subject optimization is very difficult, very competitive, so the method in the optimization of the time I say according to the above optimization update; there is a keyword index, my station garbage truck Shanghai index is love 218, sprinkler love Shanghai index is 273, 141-239 to bring keywords unequal rate garbage truck, so bring traffic satisfaction, visit every day at about four hundred or five hundred IP, here I want to say, the keyword of the website ranking unchanged, there must be traffic depositary, so that your words will not fall. In the picture, some long tail keywords, ranking floating point, also in Shanghai love home cases, but I was the first to optimize the subject in the optimization of long tail keywords, and optimize the standard first we believe in the optimization to optimize the long tail word subject, ha ha, optimization habits are not the same. first website updated website every Monday to update three to five article content, note must be original, no plagiarism, this love Shanghai spider on your stand in a friendly state. Site Title: Position description method of chain site update method:   Keywords a week to update the site once is enough, updating frequent excessive station to your keywords ranking greatly, so Webmaster Tools query station weight I 2 and PR2, has been unchanged for a long time, the latest stable and steady PR weight in Shanghai, recently love updating algorithm often changed by K, the optimization of excessive right down, down the rankings included, these are in love with the sea magic algorithm mysterious rather than the thunder. Now I love me is how to deal with Shanghai included state.


How to use the perfect Shanghai dragon optimization fix customer

website optimization market is very large, now a web site optimization of the customer demand more and more, as business owners began to pay attention to the website conversion orders, also have to do site optimization to go at the boss, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme how to come up with a reliable to fix your clients, let these smart bosses obediently pay is not easy, so we need to have a set of perfect and feasible method, is a website optimization personnel necessary basic quality, the service network in Weihai to talk about how to design a perfect optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon. Keywords domain name choice: in a previous article introduced, please refer to the "founder of vision: enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon" three "about the domain description of the golden laws and precious rules". For example, Weihai service network, the domain name is whfuwu, with key words and names for users to tell the site for which city service. Select the , a website positioning according to the enterprise product sales, win mode, website localization. The first is to determine the target keywords, long tail keywords. How to determine the key words, the first analysis of user groups, which customers are the target customers, which customers can bring the conversion rate. The choice of keywords can also find love through the Shanghai index, here in Weihai | service network we need to understand a concept no index word does not mean there is no flow. The love related search index in Shanghai is also a good choice, as well as Google trends, personally think Google trends as love Shanghai index, because Google in the domestic share of small lot, but most people in Shanghai love or habit, so love Shanghai more accurately according to the number of. two, domain name, program program selection should follow two key points: 1, whether can form on the Internet, making the program is good enough or not, which requires long-term experience, you can also find friends to give the programmer to check, but the procedure of Shanghai Longfeng area on your own. 2, whether the program is stable, to some amount of data compression, CMS program > target selection should pay attention to three points: 1, how much a target keywords, Weihai service network advice is 1-3. If too much weight, not only will also affect the dispersion of words, each keyword ranking, depends on how much of their resources, this article on the Weihai | service network in the previous mentioned, please refer to "let you do well in the station optimization Website on the first page of the" second point. 2, it is best to contain the word "keywords, contains the word is the word can be split out several combinations, this greatly increases the versatility of keywords. For example: Weihai Weihai supply and demand information, information website, Weihai supply and demand of classified information website of these three sets of keywords can be split into different combinations. 3,… Read More How to use the perfect Shanghai dragon optimization fix customer


How to make enterprise stand outside the chain of work to achieve the ultimate

The Before Links this work is the priority among priorities of the chain, sometimes a good friend chain than to the one hundred forum posts much better. Because the chain is the basic link between home and home, the weight is very high, the search engine is also very optimistic about the quality of a website Links. Several high quality of the chain, more than hundreds of thousands of forum posts. And the friends of the chain quality once up also ranked by leaps and bounds. The webmaster every day just to search those related web page ranking of keywords, one by one to call for friends of the chain of cooperation, the advantages and development potential of their own websites one by one said to the webmaster, if you can find two for your station will have a qualitative leap in the next update in ten (the premise is our own station in a small scale, not egg stone more ^_^ oh). This exchange friend chain to do the theme post, reply post, anchor text signature and so on effect is much better than us, because we are looking for the correlation and weight high website, search engine could not take care of us. It is also worth noting that the chain can make a web site development can also destroy a website, because it is a double-edged sword, so regularly to check the chain snapshot not update, back found articles included drop, keywords ranking disappeared immediately removed to the friends of the chain, to avoid being implicated, the station is several times because the chain problem is down right, check out the problem after active treatment was revived in the search engine. website online for more than a year, basically Shanghai Longfeng involves in general have tried, here don’t want to make a fuss of web content, I just want to talk about some of the chain method plays the role in the optimization of the station. Because the station is enterprise station, not like the news portal that every day there are fresh material enough to supplement nutrition". Therefore, the enterprise should be better as a station outside the chain of work done. wrote about web site optimization article, may be a bit too superficial, but will say next is not necessarily the truth, just think the whole practice down in some places still worth trying. chain work only to consider two aspects, one is to improve the weights of the website; another is to increase the probability of a spider crawling website timely snapshot, but reflected the level is actually feedback to the weights of the website. In fact, every webmaster to do is to do some high quality of the chain, it is much more efficient to the forum, especially in the human resources are not very rich under the condition that the webmaster should try to "quality win. How to use the least human to get the highest benefit? then I want to say… Read More How to make enterprise stand outside the chain of work to achieve the ultimate


How do the new on-line 4 days to release the inside page

lineAfter Get ready to do a good job before going to many new station on the line, is to quickly find information fill your own website, is one of the few even hundreds of articles, and then there is the hair chain, you think of a new station there is such a great amount of information, unless you can post the same every day, but a lot of people is to send a few days a lot. Other sites filled in on the matter. In fact, the new station, we shall keep a normal state of mind, less the chain, do a few important chain lead spider crawling the. Because the new station is now a lot of people not optimization, is excessive optimization, as a result, the inside pages included home page not included, this is why many people said his new home why has not been included, is actually included the start of a page, and then be K away. .The , do not rush to release the not a new station on the line, and slowly to the changes, some new sites online for a few days to change keywords, description of what. New sites online it all changed what template, and then set good keywords and description and classification, the oneself to, not free to modify. Because the new station can not afford to toss, they might easily be K. The new sites online friends will change very well, estimation is not the logo design, this does not affect the overall situation. , a new station on the line , three case analysis grassroots webmaster information out how 4 days inside now the chain is more and more difficult, just registered account many still can’t post, post can also need to reach a certain level, managed to level up to the post, a post with the chain, the account was closed, it is not for the chain, who went to the post, unless it is your own website. I would like to find a stable chain, is really difficult, so I want to keep a few stations, it weights training together, no matter what, I can have a good place to send the chain, and there are new words, is also relatively easy to take, but has been in the planning, Xu Guoxiang here to share a new friend recently do experience: station is No. 3.3 on the line, that day is included the home page, then friends reproduced a few articles Chinaz and A5 above, nor how to change, just a bit of it under the title change, then is it me to write an original article: "Baidu" Liu Dong event of network marketing the power of this article submissions to each platform, take the URL links. Because I own some column, many released right away, also become the love of Shanghai news source, so love Shanghai spider crawling more frequently, but also updated daily snapshot. I was a few days ago, every day a… Read More How do the new on-line 4 days to release the inside page


Shanghai Longfeng optimization and better do why do

for website optimization, this is basically 7 steps, of course, more details. However, Shanghai Longfeng workers are not only through the systematic study and practice. May fifth, sixth more friends pay attention to the two step, other steps do not do. Guardian of Yuan Kun has a friend, for the site was analyzed after simple, not for the adoption of recommendations. His view is that these are all right, before the hair outside the chain, a Links ranking is very good. I also know that before this is the case, but the present and the past compared to Shanghai dragon some people say that now is not the website, some people say that Shanghai dragon will perish, some people say that PC did not have to play, too many people say. However, guard Yuan Kun has always insisted on the idea that someone would have to search, search is currently Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon is better to do. But why you do Shanghai dragon is not good, the effect is getting worse? Let us work together to explore the core of the secret. ?Shanghai dragon you think the Internet low entry barriers, especially a few years ago to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the hair content (or even many sites are not updated), send the chain, ranking as the rise and flow have come, had the money. Love Shanghai search engine more humane, constantly adjust the algorithm improvement, more and more attention to the user experience of the website ranking no overnight today. Many in the industry even the famous ZAC also said he was K. for the site of the Shanghai dragon slowly work toignore, we love to play social tools, love playing mobile internet. The ability of the Shanghai dragon.   optimization personnel without learning, do not lead to the details of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems. It’s like we feel sick, minor aches and pains and nothing, when accumulated to a certain extent, a serious illness came. since 2012 628 love Shanghai adjustment, more and more webmaster friends, Shanghai dragon workers slowly turned slowly on a variety of bad mouthing words out. In fact, the reason is very simple: he didn’t do well, even a lot of friends have not done. guardian Yuan Kun and everyone do the review of Shanghai Longfeng steps: first, the most basic elements of the three site domain name space and procedures; and selected two, analysis of the web site keywords analysis; three, the website structure and code; four, site columns and page optimization; five, content distribution and link layout; six. With the search engine dialogue; seven, analysis of traffic statistics tool. said that although the Shanghai dragon or a lot of people through the system to learn fewer and fewer friends, real friends understand Shanghai dragon is less and less, plus many friends understand Shanghai dragon have moved to Taobao, the mobile Internet, for the website optimization more and talent that a less, Shanghai dragon has the demise of the speech appeared… Read More Shanghai Longfeng optimization and better do why do


Ambition to move into full play and you are Shanghai Dragon Master

          the chain I just say here that I own two methods: 1. write soft Wen; group chain 2. Soft paper is not to say, write articles of contributions to the A5 in order to do outside the chain, not the effect is certainly not someone to write; the group chain has been a very controversial, many people think that this method does not work, will be punished 100% love Shanghai. But I ask you a question, do you use mass software do the chain? If you have just made a few days for fear of being K, it can only say that you didn’t play this trick. If not, then you have no right to say the group is the chain of cheating! Even if the website content quality, but by the strong. Shanghai dragon moves one: content is king           Shanghai dragon in the spread of such a humorous words: "content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the princess, the code for the general keywords, as prime minister, structure for city, updated for the prince." This sentence basically covers all the process of Shanghai dragon. But, I love every sentence which is called "Shanghai dragon". Sometimes, do Shanghai dragon by moves only can still do a good job ranking, if you want to put any of recruit into full play. Today, ambition and to share their most love using the Shanghai dragon three. Shanghai dragon moves two: the chain           it can be said that the essence of all the Shanghai dragon. The site of the original how important is not much to say here, but his crowded broken head every day to write original articles that few can do. So how can we quickly write websites need original articles? This is a misunderstanding that many of my friends in Shanghai Longfeng easily, many Shanghai dragon friends think the original article must be myself writing is original, in fact, this idea is wrong. What is the original? I personally think that the Internet does not appear in the article is the original article. I believe many people agree with me! So how do we find so much with their own original articles on site? Ambition to teach you a trick, it seems very silly damage is great: go to the bookstore to buy the book. Love Shanghai, love the original, this is actually a loophole love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai original spider love since love, so we went to a pile of original articles to feed it. Go to the bookstore to buy books relevant to our website subject back to these articles copy to the website, because in many articles on the network are not search, we copy up to our original! I remember one of my station simply rely on the original articles in less than one month of the main keywords related to love Shanghai row home page, so… Read More Ambition to move into full play and you are Shanghai Dragon Master


Shanghai Longfeng recovery weight.

weight:   domain jump (301), the article link replacement, Links cleaning (wheel adjustment), site weight adjustment (nofollow tag) as had been done before the first domain 301 jump adjustment, as with the included part. Keep the chain attract spider crawling, release, update and stability. list: four years of site PR4, primary key as "studio", collected data of 1000 & the reverse link 5000 (two month period for stop, keyword ranking disappeared, included was completely removed without any Site search records) is currently Shanghai Longfeng articles nothing in the update, the chain, adhere to the three point, we believe that for this type of content, and discuss, describe, explain and be pestered beyond endurance. But stop may wish to use the most simple case, analysis and reference, the so-called "Shanghai dragon" is just this. with the current domestic regulations increasingly standardized, I believe that many webmaster, in the face of the record during a headache. However, after a long wait, often also face website PR, included the weight recovery work. In this paper, the author’s own experience as an example, Dongguan Shanghai Longfeng recovery weight operation case reference for everyone. re launched two days after the resumption of PR & included (as well as part of the ranking), after four days of recovery, the main keyword snapshot update weights, noble baby Sitelink (currently love Shanghai keyword snapshot abnormal effect, the original weights of the old station in the recovery period for a week or so)   recovery workThe preferred The original station data list: of the 贵族宝贝 ide贵族宝贝/ -not-completely-recovery-raiders.html (Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon please indicate the source) Postscript: recovery record


From the perspective of website optimization Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

3. on the label common label B and Strong stressed. For the emphasis on the use of the label, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to, or what time of such labels what label is still very fuzzy. From Wikipedia, we can find that although B and Strong are used as emphasis, but the B label generally used for simple bold, suitable for keywords or long tail keywords. The Strong tag emphasizes more strongly, for a summary of the article, the article emphasizes the number more, often as a sentence or a paragraph.   The body of the 1. remove the   by the above observation, Wikipedia entry page description and Keywords tag code has been removed, we retrieved results page still can see the corresponding description, therefore, whether it is a website or only one page, the most important thing is for the title, description and Keywords tag is only a coaching role, of course, also wrote attention to search engine recognition, but did not write the search engine still can be described as crawls through the content area preceding part of the text, and this situation also believe that many webmaster have feeling, just like Hot Blog Lou song song the label is not all blog. The use of In the chain of description and Keywords tag code   when we search through search engine, can always find love Shanghai encyclopedia figure, but its ranking is in front. Of course, love is love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of electronic products, and a product is more emphasis on the weight of love given by Shanghai will be high, but the rankings so nice is because of this? In fact, as long as careful observation, will love the Shanghai encyclopedia contains many web site optimization skills. Take a look at the details of the optimization of down what Ye Jianhui sees: or other reasons, we will from the ALT property placed at the end, through the comparison of the Encyclopedia of image attributes, we can find that the logo region is placed in the ALT tag, IMG tag, src. Through this comparison, we can think that this style encyclopedia contains some intention, such as early to tell search engines this link is what. But here on Wikipedia content description written as "to the Wikipedia page", it is not know whether intentionally to. 4. Wikipedia entries entry in the Wikipedia content we can find, with many entries in the chain, click on the corresponding anchor text will enter into another Wikipedia entry. So, not only can improve the user experience, increase the spider crawling deep. For the convenience of 2.Alt tag using  


Seek a unified contradiction search engine optimization recognized how

, based on a content based on search engine is composed of a plurality of line programs, website quality itself is not subjective judgment. But the user can sense, this is also a lot of search engine user experience, listed the main reason for the site weight assignment is an important reference. After all, in any case assignment how to rank, and ultimately to the user search content information. For example, the website open speed has been the major search engines. optimization and search, a facade of seemingly contradictory, but the two are highly unified. So sure, first is because the search engine’s business model determines the care for advertising, natural ranking also can’t ignore the website. The proportion of advertising on the search results page layout can be improved, but not that a search engine will be to the first page all is for advertising, or are their own products. Because that will greatly reduce the user experience, justice will be greatly reduced. Secondly, the search engine is highly dependent on its website, the high quality site arrangement to the front of the way, convenient for users to search, but also to encourage and guide the construction site, and constantly improve the quality of website webmaster. Although it is also optimized, but to improve the quality of site as the starting point and to practice, search engine is not objectionable. to enhance the user experience content is king, only is the fundamental content of website production, website optimization so that the ideal way is to enrich the content of the website. The content can be reproduced, can be copied, but if the dreams of a good optimization effect, adhere to the original content is the only choice. A content rich web site search engine, not only love, users will also be favored. So, the website needs not only original, but also need the high quality of the original. The author had previously issued a document "how to please the original more users and search engines?", a point of view in this paper that search engines can now identify the content quality. Because we can easily find that when the snapshot sequence rehearsal, search engine is not in accordance with the time sequence, the possibility of only one, and is arranged by the quality of the content. And the search engine will high quality website, to go in front of the principle is the same. Optimization of in many users view, on whether the recognition of website optimization problems on the search engine to Poxian helpless. On the one hand must encourage original content, certainly high quality links, even encourage the webmaster based on the site itself quality continuous improvement. The reality is, the original content rich and high quality website links, improving weight. On the other hand, the search engine seems to be avoided in what, although given this or that guidance documents, but when the core problem about weight calculation, search engine is so sensitive, is not willing… Read More Seek a unified contradiction search engine optimization recognized how


The electricity supplier website basic module page title description method

column page page title is generally written, brand + product word, then the advantages of the advertised products, such as the "new" and "hot" and "panic buying" this has guide consumption in some words, the page title will require in the final with the name of the web site. , what is the page title 1, the page title should be consistent with the reading habits of users According to the The types and wording of Methods 3, writing to the search engine friendly as the Shanghai dragon edition, keyword research is an essential content in Chris, the "long tail keywords optimization considerations" in an article mentioned how to optimize the long tail keywords, how to layout, here I do not speak. I usually put the business on the site page title is divided into the following types. when browsing a web page, display the information through the web page title is "at the top of the browser blue". , the 1 column page channel page as shown below. The topic is the web page title, summarizes its contents and summary. The page title as "information users first saw the transfer of, should let users can find the information you want to find here, so we’ll look at the classification of the title of the page and the wording of it. three, the web page title Keywords content, column page can include a product column page and general column page, which is usually the information column page. Column page page title must have a high degree of generality, the length of the title and the number of words in the title "Jim writing tips push up" ranking "in an article has been mentioned, a careful analysis will not do. picture page for certain channel pictures, when writing the page title, the brand + product pictures, then the "HD" and "hundreds" and "clear big picture" that can reflect the characteristics of the product picture > productsShanghai dragon Keywords The two, the page title should be 2, the page title should be in accordance with the actual situation of as editor, with the real situation and the page title should be the product, should already exist in the content of the page; should write the page title according to the actual information products. as far as possible to the long tail keywords in the page title, as before, if the number of keywords, to use a limited number of words repeat keywords, don’t accumulation. Keywords 2, channel page page title should be in line with the user’s reading habit, including the phrase order, sentence fluency, and meaning can not be reversed, and. The statement should be simple and easy to understand. principle  


Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel learning website construction technology where to start

as everyone knows, website maintenance workers is a more complicated especially for small and medium-sized enterprise site operation and maintenance personnel, may for their comprehensive quality is higher, in this case, as a professional website optimization website construction skills if you want to learn we should start by what is good, I think, any the door is a technology based on the accumulation of knowledge, step by step until they can be independent with their own ideological implementation process required function, the author mainly through the following points and all the detailed analysis. to learn ASP program for example, many enterprises are used in this program, we can go to the official website or some ASP enthusiasts to download some community official API document, because the document is the basic of every language, of which the case is relatively simple, it is best not to choose what case early for example, ASP to establish customer management system, the construction of ASP B2C business website case, these cases of books will only make you confused, if he did not look at the basis of books is a kind of torture, I think learning the official. first, understand the basic knowledge of good website construction. We know that Shanghai dragon Er many times to do some relatively high degree of repeat work, such as daily mining released outside the chain of high quality platform, updated every day for the site, for the website user experience to adjust the details and so on, relatively mechanical work is more than doing some superficial views, Shanghai Dragon in the optimization process, however, to work, we know that technical work is a creative work, is the real deal, you have experience in the construction site and foundation may be within 3 hours will complete a simple enterprise station construction work, and a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is not a computer professional background, but any one basic knowledge of subject learning is the first hurdle every beginner necessary for the procedure, he is doing that when the ASP Web Design However, you should be familiar with basic HTML code, the dreameweaver software should master it, for ASP with the cumulative ASP variable definition, basic knowledge of the function, the five object, and then to the back of the ASP ACCESS database or SQLSERVER database, actually you will find it a system, only the master HTML code can help you as soon as possible learning variables and functions with variable function will let you in the operation of the database using the crud function package method reasonable, is a gradual process. As a beginner we should first learn is to develop your interest in learning the language, you will have interest in trying to find the answer, for example, ask colleagues to find some books, in some physical training and so on, start to learn to lay a good foundation for a step by step every a basic knowledge module to get fine, this will get through… Read More Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel learning website construction technology where to start


Site title, description snapshot shows abnormal causes and Solutions

According to In the three, love Shanghai for data capture ability of in general, this situation is when Robots.txt set a specific URL as "nofollow, Noindex", although the instructions tell the search engines don’t track, and included a link to it. But if there is a certain number of the chain to the link, search engines may be included in the URL. While the title is probably URL, is empty. Of course, for this noble baby search engine. Love Shanghai included "nofollow, Noindex" link is rare, but does not rule out the possible. I give customers a station optimization in the previous month, also had this problem, because the robots.txt file is modified, causing the site title, description of the snapshot is not complete, has been looking for reasons of treatment for several days not to see the effect, also did not expect to be robots.txt problems, then inadvertently only between found, then immediately modified. So, the website for second days to return to normal, so that this problem occurs with friends, be sure to check the good robots.txt file. this is more serious, such as your site title, description, or URL path to do all or most of the adjusting. This will cause a lot of dead pages, will lose the trust of the search engine, when the page disappeared from the search engine, due to the previous page to do external links, search engines began to include the page description, this time is likely to be empty. recently a lot of friends website there are the same problems, is the site title in Shanghai love search results and describe the display is not normal, not complete, no description of Web site snapshot, snapshot cannot preview, but the website snapshot is updated every day, on this issue, why? What is the reason caused.? this is the reason why I like to talk about the cause of this problem and solving method of , a robots.txt file to blame observation, this situation is mainly to love Shanghai data capture ability is not strong enough. Especially the use of the CDN website, to love Shanghai reptile cache server IP domain name corresponding to time is more than 1 days, spider crawling website, not to cache the DNS record in accordance with the DNS protocol, but the cache DNS records for more than 1 days, so when CDN changed IP> website or large-scale changes, making the best recommendations set robots ban grab error page and 404 error page, this can reduce the loss of users, on the other hand can tell the spider this is a wrong address, no spiders crawl does not exist in the web page, update the original content for the web site and the high quality of the chain during this period. two, website content and Title Changes


Shanghai love experience hidden reference links, the family know it

Finally I wish happy New Year everyone is a good thing, but also hanging into it the arrogance of the capital; used to love Shanghai experience reference links are added "access" warning prompt, ! The chain of and love the experience of Shanghai or in the more than two pictures are the same experience the love of Shanghai, but at different times but there is nothing to hide the reference links, can not be said to be removed, the reference links or in the       done outside the chain of children in Shanghai love experience, understand the love experience of Shanghai submitted article should be considered as a good site outside the chain of earnings per thousand views ranging from =3~5 yuan. you know we do the chain is not only to the chain in Shanghai love experience, or for the drainage of article from: love soldiers blog ! ! this picture is just from my love in Shanghai experience a snapshot of the share experience can also earn a little money: twelve at noon back to enjoy the "join" plan (a daily quota of 100) Of course the if you edit the article, you will see some reference or indeed. is love Shanghai home both products are included, the spider crawling time interval and the search engine to all the weight is very impressive: .   although the link is hidden, but the chain from experience or, if necessary, may be appropriate to do outside the chain of love experience in Shanghai.   article history screenshots. ! ! snapshot only once, now look at the bar: ! – now become aggravated links directly to the hidden finally add some dessert: in order to make reference to the need of the chain link, corresponding to the contents of the thesis and the content of experience is similar to that of "link" should not fill in the home page of the site may not be generally negative! can clearly see the bottom of a "reference link to my blog; !