Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming six steps to determine the core keywords

fully understand your competitors, you determine the core keywords but also be of great advantage. Through the webmaster tools website tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 we can query the competition website information: meta (title), key words, description (keywords) (Description). Contains keywords are general site description, title, and URL, the website also contains text keywords, anchor text also contains key words. The tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 website also gives reference data and the reverse link, you can learn from the use of anti chain website keywords. Through the analysis of the web site keywords usage, you can make sure the core keywords are more favorable with their own website. read more

Site optimization should be what time from the beginning of the most appropriate

1, website planning. Site planning as a big project, the appearance of the website after the user experience, the purchase way plays a significant impact. Here, we do not discuss. But the web page need to consider the planning several aspects: the structure of the website; website navigation column; website layout; website design; site planning; dynamic update Forum; user consultation forum; purchase method and procedure etc.. According to the different types of websites are different.

third, the construction site. In this part, the optimization of the site will encounter the most, one of the most densely populated part of Shanghai Longfeng site. For the website suggestions can be divided into several points to understand. read more

High quality Links reflected in what place


generally, a weight high website snapshot love Shanghai time is usually within 24 hours, which is the next snapshot, just like today is 10, then love Shanghai in 9 is a snapshot of the time. Exchange Links when I generally choose the snapshot site to exchange, general love Shanghai frequently updated website snapshot every day must be a love Shanghai love, of course, every 2-3 days do not have much relationship, we generally choose the snapshot within 3 days of the station as fast, too long. Certainly will not be exchanged, because every snapshot too far stations usually have may be punished love Shanghai website, and this exchange station Links would most likely troubler. Of course, specially to see love Shanghai snapshot it definitely cannot tell whether the other site for high quality. read more

How to modify the website template to ensure the weight is not decreased

After 6

1, one-time modified title in the title to modify the site, please make sure your new title. So think good changes, if you modify the title today, and tomorrow.

2, to the website, good old website of the new interconnection, the new websites before the old site should be retained for a period of time, the old version of the website data retention.

4, the original site if the performance of the search engine is very good, do not arbitrarily change the site structure. If the performance is not good in the search engine, the site structure should be considered comprehensive, directly set a good website structure. read more

2016 love Shanghai algorithm inventory and analysis of 2017 webmaster how to handle this

open the web site, personal information was leaked, then the mobile phone number received all kinds of marketing information…… In view of this phenomenon, the love of Shanghai launched Skynet algorithm, in the fight against "block malicious theft of personal information to buy the site, reduce the evaluation of such sites in the Shanghai search in love.

from Internet users, to enhance the user experience, user experience from advertising, bundled APP download content, soft porn dynamic map and explicit text information blow, love Shanghai algorithm constantly according to the site to more conducive to the user or. read more

n depth analysis of Ali’s mother Taobao customersClick Wangzhuan novice to join the new traps need

fourth points, here stresses the problem of Ali mother. When you find time to buy things through the Taobao customer will earn money, you will not be engaged in Taobao customers, because I believe that only want to earn money more easily through the network of talent will come to do Taobao off! A friend to know Taobao, but he also registered the Ali Mama account, but he did not to do, he just to buy things cheaper to buy in this way! When this happens, the mom how to deal with? I believe that Ali mother has considered this point, but in order to grow their own team, and the development of Taobao in Taobao to recommend new customers guest!!! Imagine that Ali mother gains from, and Treasurer? When they know the truth, how many people will put their goods into Taobao customers to promote read more

How to make 2700 monthly website full range of doubts

many grassroots webmaster make money early is very difficult, I also come from the grassroots! Now there has been income, and the daily surge! Here, take time to write an article for everyone,


1, domain name

a theme, a website, a keyword, a website. The domain name must be selected, and the theme and content, website traffic is 2, the first is the Baidu GOOGLE search engine traffic, second points, is to remember your name, the next time to visit, if the domain name is not good to remember, you will certainly lose a part of the flow of read more

Broad bean music ideal overflows the music and the long tail opportunity music person lives with mu

‘s idea is that music people can really live by music and no longer need other part-time jobs to fill their living expenses.

is a guitar roaming, carries countless music ideal for young people dream, but the reality is hungry. While traditional music is close to digital and intensely sought after by users, the musician has to worry about his own livelihood. Convergence of the 90% independent music of the people’s watercress music finally sit still, watercress music man this long hidden ideal product is about to force. To help more musicians live on music, this is the ideal of music. read more

Baidu optimization has nearly bottleneck talk about the deep meaning of user experience degree


December 1st update: bidding mode update for the phoenix nest, a superficial reform, practice shows that the left position is still retained, but strict audit and the requirements for the left natural sites, traffic should all be improved, can be seen as less for auction, used by Baidu PPC promotion website, now a little depressed, many webmaster is to buy a home position a lot of keywords higher prices than in the past, and the effect is only on the right, the left is to don’t want to feel normal, a lot, a lot of interest restrictions, it left PPC revenue on the other hand, will significantly reduce the advertising price on the right side of the sharp rise in business principle, these are normal, but for the owners, will later Baidu promotion This road many bidding units will be reduced or waived, instead of the user experience is the increase of generating natural ranking, enterprises pursue stable effect, Baidu is such a figure, a little common sense boss will see after the search engine left PPC is updated after suffering, is very good the future of the SEO, is also good for Baidu to promote the prospect of the industry leading enterprises, the competitiveness of enterprises is relatively poor, the update is like a bolt from the blue like blows (Baidu updated by the K website is crying), it seems to do after the station as the person this sentence will be more popular. read more