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Towne, threatened to punish candidates who participate in debates not sanctioned by the party, We welcome outside contributions." he said. thats my answer." in European cities during appearances on conservative media, calling the request “inadmissible” The filmmaker has been away from the US since 1978 when he fled while facing a charge of unlawful sex with a minor (a crime he admitted to) the BBC reports A dual citizen of France and Poland he has spent much of his time in the intervening years in France which does not extradite its own citizens A 2009 visit to Switzerland led to his detainment under house arrest there for nine months before authorities turned down an American warrant and released him He has more recently been working on a film in his native Poland where he survived the Holocaust Polanski was not in court on Friday and it’s unclear where he is now Prosecutors may still appeal this ruling [BBC] Contact us at editors@timecomAyatullah Ali Khamenei broke his silence on the outline of a nuclear deal with the West on April 9 in a speech widely understood to be a buzzkill "I have told the officials to not trust the opposing side” he said “to not be fooled by their smiles to not trust their promises because when they have achieved their objectives they will laugh at you” But was it really a nail in the coffin for the negotiations Theres no one answer not least because over the week that followed it has become clear Irans Supreme Leader was trying to do several things at once: 1 Take control of the narrative By the time Khamenei 75 and ailing took the stage in Tehran in April it was clear Irans right-wingers needed to be let out of their cage At that point all the skepticism toward the outline agreement seemed to be coming from the US Congress and in these negotiations skepticism back home serves to improve ones bargaining position Every harsh appraisal from the Hill which appears poised to demand review of any final deal arms Western negotiators with new leverage to push even harder for Iranian concessions as the two sides seek to nail down specifics before the June 30 deadline for a final pact But American politicians outshouting Iranians in opposition to a nuclear deal is a strange and rare dynamic like McDonalds hawking the Whopper with Iran in the role of Burger King The Leader set out to right the universe Three times in his speech Khamenei called on negotiators to heed or answer "critics" conspicuously lifting the ban on smack talk He also directed them to address two specific points that apparently remain outstanding: the timing of lifting all sanctions which Khamenei said should be immediate and access of UN inspectors to Iranian military facilities which he at least appeared to forbid 2 Quiet the crowds Irans theocratic government is not a monolith and the unpleasant political reality was that the factions least identified with Khamenei received all the acclaim for the prospective deal announced on April 2 Cheering reformist Foreign Minister Javad Zarif upon arrival from Switzerland the crowd at the airport chanted "Kayhan Israel our condolences" naming a hard-line newspaper (whose editor Khamenei appoints) as a loser Khamenei used his speech to declare that theres nothing to cheer yet "Nothing has yet been done and no binding topic has been brought up between the two sides" he said in the transcript posted on his personal website wwwleaderir "Therefore extending congratulations is pointless" Abbas Milani who runs the Iranian studies program at Stanford tells TIME that while President Hassan Rouhani was elected on the platform of striking a deal Khamenei "doesnt want Rouhani to get too much credit Hes very clear: If theres a deal its because I wanted it And if theres not its because these guys were too frivolous to understand they were giving away too much" 3 Keep the door open Khamenei may well loathe and distrust America but along with the usual name-calling ("obstinate unreliable dishonest and into backstabbing") his speech made clear his willingness to seal a deal and even work with Washington on future projects should this one end well "Of course the negotiations on the nuclear issue are an experience" he said "If the opposite side gives up its misconduct we can continue this experience in other issues" He even raised the possibility of extending the talks beyond the June 30 deadline one more measure of how badly Iran needs a final pact The regime Khamenei inherited in 1989 from Grand Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini may or may not want a nuclear weapon but without relief from economic sanctions it will be in continuing danger Its not only a matter of the hardship born by ordinary Iranians but by the state itself Iran’s public sector accounts for perhaps three-quarters of the national economy directly employing 80% of the Iranian workforce Small wonder that Khamanei authorized the nuclear negotiations with a call for “heroic flexibility” The Supreme Leader’s speech can be seen as a kind of “Rorschach test” Karim Sadjadpour an analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace who has written extensively on Khamenei tells TIME “He throws a lot of red meat to his hard-line base to reassure them he’s still an anti-American revolutionary But careful readers also notice that underneath all the vitriol he leaves the door of compromise with the US slightly ajar Given how badly the Iranian people want this deal to happen Khamenei doesn’t want to be seen in their eyes as the obstacle” All of which when the dust has cleared looks like a stronger position for the West as the next round Contact us at editors@timecom000 people and shared nearly 800 times. is taking in are strong young men as part of his fear that those seeking asylum could carry out terrorist attacks. "According to the paper. an affidavit said.

a disability advocate with autism from Waconia,Today we are again at crossroads,”Download or subscribe on iTunes: “Skullduggery” by Yahoo NewsBossert made his comments while attending the Aspen Security Forum — an annual gathering of national security professionals and journalists that was dominated this year by discussion about the potential for another Russian cyberattack on the midterm elections.

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