What Makes an EMBA Worth It Students Alumni Share Their Thoughts

first_imgWhat Makes an EMBA Worth It? Students, Alumni Share Their Thoughts In an interview with the Financial Times, five EMBA students and alumni spoke about the most important lessons they learned during their time in school. They covered a variety of topics including how the alumni network has helped them, the advice they would give to a new EMBA student, and what they learned from their classmates. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of a few of the most valuable tips.Cultivate Your Global NetworkFor Idara Umoh Nickelson, an ’17 EMBA graduate at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, the main opportunity she seized was to cultivate the global network that she was exposed to. This network, which spanned five campuses and four countries (United States, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong), provided her with a range of valuable advice including “don’t feel guilty about the time you will spend on yourself.” This advice helped her learn to take advantage of every opportunity during her schooling, which helped her land a job in healthcare—her passion.Use Your EMBA to Your AdvantageCasey Worthington, an ’19 EMBA student at Cornell Johnson, had a busy role in IT as a consulting-based project and program manager. It was a challenging position, but he wanted more; in particular, he wanted to move into a business leadership role. The EMBA allowed him to head in that direction while still balancing his family life and work. Post-enrollment, he accepted a dream job, and to Worthington, it was the EMBA that gave him the advantage. Tailor Your JourneyThere’s a lot of different advice that Blair Wood, an ’18 EMBA student at the London Business School, would give to aspiring students, but his main advice is to tailor your EMBA to your journey. “Be guided but not overly influenced by others  . . .  there is a relatively narrow window to maximize a valuable and rare chance for personal growth,” he told the Financial Times. “You need to explore the vast array of opportunities, find the blend that suits you and do things at your pace.”Learn About Other PerspectivesFor Krystal Bojan, an ’18 EMBA student at Columbia Business School, London Business School, and the University of Hong Kong, her experience has been about learning from a variety of different cultures and nationalities. Having an immersive educational experience around the world, Bojan has had to learn how different locations have different styles of communicating, problem-solving, and influencing. For example, she told the Financial Times: “Working for western multinationals where the culture was non-hierarchical, I was accustomed to approaching people directly to get things done. In Asia, it is strongly driven by carefully cultivated relationships and networks of influence, or ‘guanxi’.” To read additional advice from each EMBA student or alumni and to see what an EMBA alumni from Melbourne Business School had to say, read the full article in the Financial Times. About the AuthorKelly Vo    Kelly Vo is a writer who specializes in covering MBA programs, digital marketing, and personal development.View more posts by Kelly Vo RelatedSmith Alum Talks EMBA, International Work ExperienceFor Robert H. Smith School of Business EMBAs, gaining global working experience is nothing out of the question. One EMBA, Alain Desvignes, served as director of operations at Zürich water-treatment company Ozonia, French development organization SUEZ Group and was also responsible for the operations across Asia while earning an EMBA at the…November 1, 2016In “Career”Kellogg-Schulich EMBA Program Celebrates 15 YearsTo celebrate 15 years of success, the Kellog-Schulich Executive MBA program hosted its annual alumni gala at the historic University Club of Toronto. The event was an incredible opportunity to bring together over a decade’s worth of global alumni—over 80 in total—and to commemorate the EMBA program’s years of achievement.…November 28, 2016In “Featured Region”In Search Of The Best Boston Executive MBA ProgramsAre you a working professional in the Boston metro who wants to really start climbing the corporate ladder? Do you have significant managerial experience, and think you’re ready to take the next step and assume a leading role in your organizations. Then a Boston Executive MBA (EMBA) may be what you’re…June 26, 2017In “Featured Home” Last Updated Nov 3, 2017 by Kelly VoFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail last_img

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