2 years do stand bumpy road mood five miscellaneous Chen

I’ve been in touch with the website for some time. But the real Web site is less than two years old. However, the sweet and sour taste is very complete. Now let me share with you some of my website’s business.

started formal contact with websites after the Spring Festival last year, a familiar and unfamiliar business for me, though I’ve done some websites before. However, that is just holding the mentality of playing, that is, simply add some articles, what, for the operation of the website is ignorant, and do not know what is going on. Until the early 09 formally decided to specialize in the industry known when the original site is such a thing, there are many things you need to learn, it is next to a master took for, do not understand the problem can ask him. Slowly, I have done a small station. It is relatively low for this station began to flow, but read a lot of articles that do a station is not easy, each station traffic increased is the need for a process (except SEO Master), on this side of the business side of knowledge learning website technology do the station itself. In this way, after more than half a year to do new year’s day, the site traffic has a qualitative leap, arrived at the rare more than 5000 IP, a closer look, the original is the collection of these search engines, and finally embarked on the right track. read more

How to understand the meaning of Baidu K station recovery included

Baidu K station, will K to your page left, you have a page left there, prove that you have not blacklisted. In other words, change the content, change a template, change a title, relatively easy to do up. And you can restore the weight,


to his domain name test result, according to my experience and analysis, make an understanding and discussion:

1, basic knowledge: in general, Baidu included a station, will not immediately "release all included, but after a review period of 7-15 days, no violation of the rules of Baidu confirmation page content (specific rules necessary), will be released, is also a month Baidu total 2 big update many owners included, soaring! You can see, put out", included date is a week ago. (some stations, the day can be released, is actually a high weight, somewhat similar to free products, outdated is typical) read more

Heaven and hell space quotient


, let me tell you a story:

is a good man, before, after the completion of the life journey, go to heaven. Meeting god.

God said, "how did you come a day earlier? Since you came early, you might as well go to hell and come back."." The man listens, hell to visit. To find a hell of IMP and Hades are very enthusiastic, every meal is large bowl of meat, drink, and beauty, it is glamorous, lead a gay life enjoyable, awfully.

the next day, the man returned to heaven. God asked him how it feels to hell? Answer: "not here!" God said: "you in the world to do good things, you can choose to heaven or hell." The people did not hesitate to choose the hell. read more

10 stations 8 hours were included

today is 2008.04.15 day. The following is a log book, absolutely true.

       ;     14, I decided to do two stops. Domain name is as follows: [1 in order to express the authenticity, 2 also for more than one AD], because 10 domain names are too many, all listed, that is AD too much. So write it down at the address below. Http://bbs.5pr5.cn/thread-73-1-1.html then, rss.php, you should know, I’m not going to introduce it. Own 3 independent server, set up later, write a few soft Wen, apply for a good blog. Then start publicity. 14 evening 2 points to the article sent to Admin5, Baidu stick bar, Ai Rui net, DoNews, CSDN, 17Tech, and news and other web blog. Get up in the morning, 10 points, found 10 stations were included 9. Still not included in the remaining http://s.xingchenbian77.cn. 15, 10 to verify it through. It was also collected at 2. read more

How can industry websites succeed

after a few years of the station. He also has some sentiment, also a few stations, later with many stationmaster net friends talk about, everyone thinks or engage in industry site better! Because it has industry website very valuable practical and commercial


first do stand in the time to clear the site for you in the end the audience is that some people are students, girl, old man, businessman, or child! The establishment of the target audience is very important! And once set after a certain popular website later replaced it fails. Is read more

Detail is the key to the success of the site

I think the standard of doing a good website is not just traffic, popularity, more important user experience, often a small matter can decide the success or failure of the website.


focus on user experience, attention to detail, pay attention to customer needs, if users feel good, the construction site is a half success, good user experience, the site back rate, the conversion rate of PV is high, the IP also, website also will be more successful. For example, one of the site, if the user needs to place, a place to download are put into advertising, website conversion rate of PV should also not high, if the first time users will not find such as, maybe he will go to other similar sites, so there will be what is coming back? The IP will naturally attract less, also is not enough. read more

Easy to ignore network model online accounting

on Tuesday took a trip to Hangzhou, mainly 3 things, one is with the city government to talk about cooperation, money online is currently in Shanghai, has been in Shanghai for more than 2 years of development, belongs to the grassroots entrepreneurial team, while Shanghai’s environment is not conducive to the survival of grassroots entrepreneurs, so is considering relocation money online to go to Hangzhou or other city. Contact with some science and Technology Park and the government in Shanghai, and then communicate with the Hangzhou city government personnel, think Hangzhou is a very good grassroots entrepreneurs gathered, but also there were several other projects, under the city people listened very carefully to our project, and in many problems, too let us feel very easygoing, very cordial, but also personally drove us to visit the science and technology park. The other thing is that with the investment manager Insigma new Vc firms, because last week Insigma Vc firms with the people we are interested in our project, after they met with chat, learned a lot of things, when I asked how we know money online, the friend told me "that is a friend recommended investment circles, he is Saif company". But after listening to it, my heart a surprised, although money online is not what big website, is a popular industry and the emerging network mode, although I didn’t see many VC actively look for us to talk about investment, but the venture was privately silently watching us money online, why? The reason is very simple and similar foreign networks account for 2 have got tens of millions of dollars in investment, while the domestic is not a get investment, are the roots of the operation, at present only money online formally established the operation of the company, the other is still in the part-time and workshop type operations. The third thing is to go to the Ali software company, communicate with them the money online some of the development plan and development strategy. read more

Jiang Likun the story of how to analyze site diagnosis

often gives you a diagnosis, and the diagnosis is almost thousands. Today, I’ll share with you how to analyze and diagnose the website. It should be said that the so-called enemy to the analysis and diagnosis of the website is very important, baizhanbudai. Only by fully understanding and clearly knowing ourselves and competitors can we survive and develop better. The following and everyone said I was in the analysis of the diagnosis of the site, usually from those aspects, mainly in ten areas: read more

Cao Xun blog marketing it is best to build their own independent site

these two days have friends in front of me to write "blog marketing – internet promotion tool", we will ask me the same question, that is to do blog marketing is to establish their own independent site or go to a large website good blog.

first, let me analyze the pros and cons of the two approaches.

as we all know, now large websites have their own blog system, more well-known Sina blog, Baidu space. Sina because there are a lot of celebrity blog, attract a lot of users. Baidu space relies on its own search engine advantages, but also very language rights. read more

A5 version pay attention to every one of a Zac SEO SEO asked the webmaster

website optimization is an essential step in the process of website operation, some people say that the highest level of SEO is not optimal, not deliberately optimization, how to achieve it? I believe every SEOer knows SEO every one, the teacher ZAC is how to do


July 22nd A5 SEO -ZAC version of the chat activity invited first teacher (http://s.seozac.com/) share the skills and methods of website optimization, pay attention to SEO every one, this part of the focus of welcome to discuss finishing waiting for you. read more

Left ventricle chat website to keep pace with the times

we are in a rapidly developing information age, and everything in the world is changing at any moment. With the current network revolution, more and more people want to be their own webmaster, hastily built up the site, the Internet to pick up a little information. But because of their website development and operation is not very familiar with, not real-time updates, search spiders don’t visit the website, causing the site to drop, the flow is almost zero, no ads for submission fees, many sites and therefore stranded. So it is the most important to build a website and keep pace with the times. Always update your website and often change your site to new blood. Only in this way can you make every corner of your website full of oxygen, and let the search engine know that you are paying for the website constantly. Only in this way, they will always patronize your website, of course, included will also increase accordingly. read more

Baidu knows the latest ten skills

is very happy today to share some of Baidu know skill for everyone, is through personally practice summed up, there may be incorrect, welcome master correct, here is my summary of the ten skills.

1, first of all, we want to do a good job of Baidu know, then account must be clean, and the account level as high as possible, so as to send valid links. Generally speaking, the number just apply, most of them can not bring the link, very few can take.

two, Baidu know a number, you need to apply for a small, select 2-3, as the main, the rest as auxiliary, the trumpet to ask questions, but also need to change the time to interrupt, IP, caching. A number of questions, do not need a lot of problems, generally around 3 can be, a question, and then use the main number to answer, in acceptance, it is deleted all right, experience, wealth value, the main number will exist, and need to do the task, also ask you, can not answer. (it was suggested to Taobao to buy several series of high account, very cheap, a number of trouble, if it is not, you have no.. read more

3 years old webmaster experience second sets about domain name problem

from the last published "3 years of experience after the old webmaster experience you had no" to now after a week, a lot of friends with me, said he met this problem, because ask friends too much, and most of them are repeated problems, so the main problem here I explain we met.

mainly consists of 3 aspects, space, server, domain name, which mainly said domain name space problem, because I started doing stand 3 years ago, less than one month for your own server, so it is not good to you for guidance. The server could recommend a place, but this is not specific It differs from man to man. is introduced, the main third problems, domain name, of course, I only said that the new network, because I use are quite familiar with the new network. read more

Content updates pay attention to how to move the user’s heart so as to improve the user experience

how to give users a good experience, and for this, every webmaster are struggling. From the website, placing pictures, and website content title under the time, site architecture of the individual owners, if the choice is fixed template, it is difficult to make a big adjustment, placing pictures can effectively attract users, however, the picture will seriously affect the speed of the open web site, and pay more attention to the user experience of Baidu so, say the picture does not seem too concerned, on the site of key technologies, the use of space is not too stable, only use words to impress the user’s heart! In fact, a lot of good webmaster is provided a large number of text content to the user, retain customers. Therefore, the content of the web site must work hard on the text, and improve the user experience in turn. read more