Li Dongmin love the sea will launch mobile search support program

at present, the rapid rise of mobile Internet, more and more Internet giants migrate to the mobile terminal, the intelligent mobile phone interface, interactive experience, in the application form there is a huge difference, in part of the long tail of small owners and developers, mobile Internet is still a new field, in the face of more complex industry the environment, owners, developers how to successfully end from web

strong distribution capabilities of

Li Dongmin will upgrade to the mobile terminal station is divided into three categories: one is designed specifically for the mobile terminal, including only suitable products and function on the mobile terminal, screening and download applications such as APP, PC in the end there is no need to optimize, this. read more

nspired from love Shanghai update unstable to my station was obtained by K

The 3. part Links


2. site title I modified a

I know this truth, a website to good titles do not frequent to modify, but because I saw a Shanghai dragon ER says: occasionally a modified title can make the website main keywords ranking results quickly before, I don’t know, but I have to try, with the previous title post contrast, unmodified before: Whampoa  logistics company _ Guangzhou logistics company | Jinlong logistics | logistics company – Guangzhou Jinlong Logistics Co. Ltd., Revised: Guangzhou logistics company _ logistics company in Whampoa  _ logistics company – Guangzhou City Jinlong flow limited. There is no right or wrong, maybe I really do not suitable for read more

The four chart tells you what kind of O2O enterprise can surviveLi Zhen your new growth must go thro

       ;       I see an easy day to make 100 ads; many netizens say it is deceptive. I did, did know that it really is a lie, hang up a day to earn a piece of money, enough to make electricity computer is so laggy.

laundry O2O:e bag, wash

Another type of

              Wangzhuan newcomers must grow up in practice

is more special, more rare, they are generally not to earn money to achieve gross profit in the O2O industry is positive, this opens up its springhead to washing in the field of O2O, and E as the representative of wash bags. read more

Talking about love Shanghai 360 soso Sogou search promotion

obviously, at this stage, as the Dragon phoenix. As for the 300 before much raise a Babel of criticism of war, will not repeat them here.

Come to talk about

1. Sogou is rubbish, and the rubbish is very obvious. I click on is accurate core keywords, but is low in a complete mess consultation. Often there will be a humble key is point to the explosion of wonders, we can adjust the words off pause. But the dog is very strong, not a few days, and there will be another batch is point to the explosion. read more

Shanghai of Shanghai dragon love snapshot of what it means to disappear

actually love Shanghai this practice is still in the snapshot cancel follow Google, do not know why here let I suddenly thought of a unified instant noodles advertising idiotic sauerkraut? Some people imitate my face, someone to imitate my face… This, even under the snapshot are imitated together (this is a slot point for Tucao). Since the love of Shanghai to do so, there must be a reason for it. With the adjustment of love Shanghai, for those of us webmaster means what? I have been summarized: read more

The content of the website page optimization details as we must pay attention to the webmaster

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the content page optimization is a very important, as a webmaster can we are very clear that content is king, and the moment of the content page optimization, factors and details we may be estimated very much, such as content quality, optimize the user experience, improve the efficiency of crawling, these the details are all we have to consider the issue in advance in website page optimization process, the author will optimize the content page basis points we need to grasp and share with everyone. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to the high quality of the chain also need to do what

website for age, host space, website link layout and structure layout, the user experience of the website, the chain quantity and quality, and whether the optimization is cheating, and excessive PR and other factors, but the chain is one of the important proportion in the sea ranking rules,

past Shanghai dragon Er even now part of Shanghai dragon Er also are primary Shanghai dragon Er, only know the optimization of the blind, blind chain, blind information, but has been out. Why do you say, please listen carefully to. read more

Pomegranate algorithm conjecture love Shanghai how to judge the quality of web pages


today, we try to search starting from the user interaction perspective, how to judge the quality of that love Shanghai.

if the page has pop

love Shanghai how to judge the quality of search behavior? I think, according to the following 2 points:

if a page two click rate is very low, love Shanghai search engine have reason to believe that this page keywords matching degree is very high, but the quality is guaranteed. Because many users have cast a key vote for ".

, however, most of the love is not installed Shanghai statistical search users, love Shanghai is not possible to track these key indicators, falling from the side of the sea through the circuitous tactics matching keywords, show that the matching degree is high, the higher the degree of quality. read more

How do the key words on the front page the inside pages of the seconds in 15 days

list page code



said the record, is actually a problem, but also pay more attention to the site later I think, a website if you want to survive in the search engine, so the record is necessary, and must be filed in the site before, such as our late optimization will reduce a lot of trouble, I have experienced many such cases, on the site a little bit flow, ranking, and then take it if the record, then the site must first shut down, and shut down a web site is more than a month, the site on what is gone. read more

Are you still in the chain and set in the website optimization

keyword ranking:



, a collection is really better?

this is actually a long time is not the site, although the domain name is 7 years, but doing this station is about 4 months, and the home is the imitation of intoxicants mall, the chain 57, in fact, minus the internal links only 23, it seems that the site did not spend too much time to achieve good ranking optimization. Here’s what included two views and the chain according to their own views:

included and the chain: read more