Talk about websites from the perspective of ordinary users what kind of user experience do they purs

as a senior average Internet user, I would like to talk about what websites I like from an ordinary perspective, which is the user experience problem. The content of the website is not what I control, I just talk about other things.

1, domain name

I’m going. What’s the domain name to talk about?. Maybe I’m obsessive, but the domain name sometimes really is an important reason why I don’t like this site.

first, suffix is CN and net website I don’t love, a feeling of direct neither fish nor fowl came to my mind, com is my first choice., I don’t know what Sina thinks. read more

My movie station’s seven promotional tips

is the first to introduce my movie station program, popular on the market of Marx is the main film program and search a movie program, most of them use the two film program, but I chose Marx because of his program program is simple and easy to understand, more functions and practical, but also most do choose the movie station, okay I turn now to the point.

now take my 500 movie, for example, to tell me how I promoted my 500 movie:

1. first page on your website structure optimization, site classification clear, such as the South Korean drama Japanese drama the two most people love classification into day drama, so that users find movies up some inconvenient, movie clutter, recommendations Japanese TV drama Korean TV drama category to keep users quickly and easily find what they want the movie. read more