How to solve the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems

description language also has a great influence on the customer purchase decision. Because the search engine in search results ranking, sometimes unable to display pictures of products, customers only through the description and title to determine whether to click into the website.

Shanghai dragon is the network marketing of low cost and high output. The product page keyword layout, user can cover the buying cycle stages and various user groups.

of both common words and core words. We need not only the layout of mining, general words and taking into account the core word, because the former can bring more. read more

Outside the chain of tools like Shanghai’s new line of what you see

Please indicate the

tool has two information, link to your website’s domain and link ", first look at the link to my website, a total of 40 shows the results, do not know if this is a coincidence or love Shanghai now shows only 2 pages. First let me see quite depressed, I always thought that because the Trojan has been basically in effect I fall in love with the sea can be eliminated, the results of it.

all show the results of this kind, but open the corresponding page, these pages are not related to the content of the page now, or already does not exist, but the love of Shanghai is to put these pages as the chain. There are some other chain pages, some are nonexistent page. I want to say, this is really testing the chain in bullshit, but this is not to say that this is the love of Shanghai results on your website, this is the love of Shanghai sophisticated search engine technology. read more

The search engine’s revelation accurate mining long tail word

love Shanghai index has been used to analyze the Shanghai dragon Er search volume keywords, in order to determine the main keyword selection. But on the one hand is the selection of high quality long tail keywords favorable channel. To determine the quality of relevant keywords from the search volume, is the most direct response keyword value of the performance, of course including cheating factors, but generally the cheating data will not occupy the mainstream, but the result is not stable.

two: love Shanghai index related search terms read more

How to analyze the website is worth Links exchange

a lot of people, especially for the novice how to exchange Shanghai dragon Links, what kind of website is exchange chain is puzzled. In this regard, the author share how to analyze a site worth Links exchange.

through the site: domain name, we can also analyze a site has been down right, page snapshot etc.. In general, the normal site domain name, web page will be the first in line. If this is not the first case, mostly by home or even the station is right down the cause. But there are also some sites because of the weight of the inside pages is too high, resulting in home page ranking is not the first, the reason for this problem is mainly in the station optimization do not not lead back to the home page weight or pages outside the chain too strong. Therefore, the exchange of Links if the other site site love Shanghai results is not in the first place, we should pay more attention. read more

The novice how to improve the site included the amount of Shanghai Dragon

should always pay attention to user experience, according to the user’s feedback to regularly update the site, so, always maintain a fresh, is very good for users or love Shanghai. As the material Corporation, since the establishment of a few years, has been updated to version third, you can look at, make people feel very good.

3, regularly updated website:

ensure website internal structure perfect, clarity, so that search engine spiders can easily find what they want on the site; in addition, enrich the content of the website, especially home must be filled up, so I can go to the major search engines to submit your site. read more

How to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search

1) can let love Shanghai search engine spiders identification

, such as > two

301 is a permanent redirection, will jump to the new permanent address, use the


4) the correct HTTP return code

I currently do website PC end optimization has been basically completed, but the mobile terminal has not reached my request, has recently been studying how to optimize the mobile terminal and how to obtain good keywords ranking, because I was the site of mobile terminal has been, so the early establishment, the domain name server to what I do not to say, say how to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search. read more

analyze your easy to appear in the chain of mind

site was first suspected K chain

why I couldn’t come to my friend chain

Shanghai dragon Er

people always love in others for failure, so many webmaster, often website problems, search engine punishment, that is because your first instinct is a chain involved, because we all know that if there is a chain K site is often linked to their own, so many webmaster the friends of the chain.

unrealistic to the heights of

chain is a key site in Shanghai dragon. Although we can not bring the effect of myth chain, but we cannot deny it to the site to bring help. Can be said that behind a successful web site there are always many high quality friend chain. Conflict, heart and other unpleasant things will be friends of the chain as a link exchange cooperation is inevitable. Some day then mentality through the analysis in a chain exchange on you I might have ever seen. read more

On the personal website ranking long term love Shanghai home

look at my station first subject title, sprinkler and garbage trucks, garbage and car prices, and sprinkler price, love Shanghai search garbage truck prices, love Shanghai search shows the title (sanitation) garbage truck prices; in Shanghai love search sprinkler price love Shanghai search shows: sprinkler (car, garbage truck, garbage truck).

on the automotive industry enterprise website optimization subject scheme, the automotive industry is very competitive keywords ranking optimization, super high difficulty, even tens of thousands of monthly bid to optimize a keyword, following me to explain my personal website in a year long love home in Shanghai ranking optimization cases. read more

How to use the perfect Shanghai dragon optimization fix customer

website optimization market is very large, now a web site optimization of the customer demand more and more, as business owners began to pay attention to the website conversion orders, also have to do site optimization to go at the boss, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme how to come up with a reliable to fix your clients, let these smart bosses obediently pay is not easy, so we need to have a set of perfect and feasible method, is a website optimization personnel necessary basic quality, the service network in Weihai to talk about how to design a perfect optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon. read more

How to make enterprise stand outside the chain of work to achieve the ultimate

The Before

Links this work is the priority among priorities of the chain, sometimes a good friend chain than to the one hundred forum posts much better. Because the chain is the basic link between home and home, the weight is very high, the search engine is also very optimistic about the quality of a website Links. Several high quality of the chain, more than hundreds of thousands of forum posts. And the friends of the chain quality once up also ranked by leaps and bounds. The webmaster every day just to search those related web page ranking of keywords, one by one to call for friends of the chain of cooperation, the advantages and development potential of their own websites one by one said to the webmaster, if you can find two for your station will have a qualitative leap in the next update in ten (the premise is our own station in a small scale, not egg stone more ^_^ oh). This exchange friend chain to do the theme post, reply post, anchor text signature and so on effect is much better than us, because we are looking for the correlation and weight high website, search engine could not take care of us. It is also worth noting that the chain can make a web site development can also destroy a website, because it is a double-edged sword, so regularly to check the chain snapshot not update, back found articles included drop, keywords ranking disappeared immediately removed to the friends of the chain, to avoid being implicated, the station is several times because the chain problem is down right, check out the problem after active treatment was revived in the search engine. read more

How do the new on line 4 days to release the inside page

lineAfter Get ready to do a good job before going to

many new station on the line, is to quickly find information fill your own website, is one of the few even hundreds of articles, and then there is the hair chain, you think of a new station there is such a great amount of information, unless you can post the same every day, but a lot of people is to send a few days a lot. Other sites filled in on the matter. In fact, the new station, we shall keep a normal state of mind, less the chain, do a few important chain lead spider crawling the. Because the new station is now a lot of people not optimization, is excessive optimization, as a result, the inside pages included home page not included, this is why many people said his new home why has not been included, is actually included the start of a page, and then be K away. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization and better do why do

for website optimization, this is basically 7 steps, of course, more details. However, Shanghai Longfeng workers are not only through the systematic study and practice. May fifth, sixth more friends pay attention to the two step, other steps do not do. Guardian of Yuan Kun has a friend, for the site was analyzed after simple, not for the adoption of recommendations. His view is that these are all right, before the hair outside the chain, a Links ranking is very good. I also know that before this is the case, but the present and the past compared to read more

Ambition to move into full play and you are Shanghai Dragon Master

          the chain I just say here that I own two methods: 1. write soft Wen; group chain 2. Soft paper is not to say, write articles of contributions to the A5 in order to do outside the chain, not the effect is certainly not someone to write; the group chain has been a very controversial, many people think that this method does not work, will be punished 100% love Shanghai. But I ask you a question, do you use mass software do the chain? If you have just made a few days for fear of being K, it can only say that you didn’t play this trick. If not, then you have no right to say the group is the chain of cheating! Even if the website content quality, but by the strong. read more

Shanghai Longfeng recovery weight


domain jump (301), the article link replacement, Links cleaning (wheel adjustment), site weight adjustment (nofollow tag) as had been done before the first domain 301 jump adjustment, as with the included part. Keep the chain attract spider crawling, release, update and stability.


four years of site PR4, primary key as "studio", collected data of 1000 & the reverse link 5000 (two month period for stop, keyword ranking disappeared, included was completely removed without any Site search records) read more

From the perspective of website optimization Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

3. on the label

common label B and Strong stressed. For the emphasis on the use of the label, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to, or what time of such labels what label is still very fuzzy. From Wikipedia, we can find that although B and Strong are used as emphasis, but the B label generally used for simple bold, suitable for keywords or long tail keywords. The Strong tag emphasizes more strongly, for a summary of the article, the article emphasizes the number more, often as a sentence or a paragraph. read more

Seek a unified contradiction search engine optimization recognized how

, based on a content based on

search engine is composed of a plurality of line programs, website quality itself is not subjective judgment. But the user can sense, this is also a lot of search engine user experience, listed the main reason for the site weight assignment is an important reference. After all, in any case assignment how to rank, and ultimately to the user search content information. For example, the website open speed has been the major search engines.

optimization and search, a facade of seemingly contradictory, but the two are highly unified. So sure, first is because the search engine’s business model determines the care for advertising, natural ranking also can’t ignore the website. The proportion of advertising on the search results page layout can be improved, but not that a search engine will be to the first page all is for advertising, or are their own products. Because that will greatly reduce the user experience, justice will be greatly reduced. Secondly, the search engine is highly dependent on its website, the high quality site arrangement to the front of the way, convenient for users to search, but also to encourage and guide the construction site, and constantly improve the quality of website webmaster. Although it is also optimized, but to improve the quality of site as the starting point and to practice, search engine is not objectionable. read more

The electricity supplier website basic module page title description method

column page page title is generally written, brand + product word, then the advantages of the advertised products, such as the "new" and "hot" and "panic buying" this has guide consumption in some words, the page title will require in the final with the name of the web site.

, what is the page title

1, the page title should be consistent with the reading habits of users

According to the The types and wording of Methods

3, writing to the search engine friendly

as the Shanghai dragon edition, keyword research is an essential content in Chris, the "long tail keywords optimization considerations" in an article mentioned how to optimize the long tail keywords, how to layout, here I do not speak. I usually put the business on the site page title is divided into the following types. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel learning website construction technology where to start

as everyone knows, website maintenance workers is a more complicated especially for small and medium-sized enterprise site operation and maintenance personnel, may for their comprehensive quality is higher, in this case, as a professional website optimization website construction skills if you want to learn we should start by what is good, I think, any the door is a technology based on the accumulation of knowledge, step by step until they can be independent with their own ideological implementation process required function, the author mainly through the following points and all the detailed analysis. read more

Site title description snapshot shows abnormal causes and Solutions

According to In the

three, love Shanghai for data capture ability of

in general, this situation is when Robots.txt set a specific URL as "nofollow, Noindex", although the instructions tell the search engines don’t track, and included a link to it. But if there is a certain number of the chain to the link, search engines may be included in the URL. While the title is probably URL, is empty. Of course, for this noble baby search engine. Love Shanghai included "nofollow, Noindex" link is rare, but does not rule out the possible. read more

Shanghai love experience hidden reference links the family know it

Finally I wish happy New Year everyone

is a good thing, but also hanging into it the arrogance of the capital;

used to love Shanghai experience reference links are added "access" warning prompt,


The chain of

and love the experience of Shanghai or in the

more than two pictures are the same experience the love of Shanghai, but at different times

but there is nothing to hide the reference links, can not be said to be removed, the reference links or in the

done outside the chain of children in Shanghai love experience, understand the love experience of Shanghai submitted article should be considered as a good site outside the chain of read more