Kittell, Branagan & Sargent Presidents’ Award Winner

first_imgArea CPA Firm awarded Presidents Award and Managing Partner to be Installed as Chairman of National CPA OrganizationKittell, Branagan & Sargent, the St. Albans, Vermont based accounting and consulting firm has been named to receive the 2005 Presidents Award presented by The firm was selected from among the 44,000 accounting and business consulting firms across the nation. Dana Kittell, CPA, managing partner and one of the founding partners of KB&S will formally receive the award at the annual meeting of the organization in San Antonio later this year. In addition, he will be installed as the Chairman of the organization for a three-year term.Cornell Rudov, Executive Director of indicated, Kittell, Branagan & Sargents selection was determined by a panel of leading business professionals and establishes them as a true leader within the accounting profession. The award is presented annually to the firm whose leadership demonstrates dedication to intellectual thinking and greater insight and understanding to American commerce. Without question the selection committee chose Danas firm based in part on his novel and innovative leadership which has created a number of New Englands most recognized tax and accounting experts.Kittell, Branagan & Sargent is a progressive business advisory and accounting firm based in St. Albans Vermont. They handle a wide range of tax, accounting, and business needs, including tax and estate planning, preparation of financial statements and cash flow projections, certified audits and reviews and accounting software consulting. They also specialize in business and investment partnership valuations, litigation support, the development of business plans and budgets and assistance with purchasing, selling, merging, and/or founding a business.Their firm’s objective is to provide prompt, efficient tax, accounting, and consulting services of the very highest quality. They are characterized by a positive, client-oriented attitude. The manageable size of their practice allows a degree of responsiveness and access to KB& Ss principals that are often not available from a large, bureaucratic firm.Kittell, Branagan & Sargent clients cover the broad spectrum of small to medium sized businesses, with a focus on service oriented businesses, nursing homes, hospitals and allied healthcare professionals, light-manufacturing companies and professional practices. KBS also specializes in tax and financial consulting for high-income individuals.In addition to the award, Dana will become Chairman of for a three-year term commencing in June 2005. At the recent Executive Committee meeting, Dana was selected unanimously to lead the organization. is a national consortium of accounting and business consulting firms who have pooled their resources to provide a national overview for their clients while maintaining their local autonomy. Were the firms who comprise to practice as a single unit, they would constitute the 20th largest accounting firm in the nation. Their strategic alliance with PKF International gives members a worldwide network of practices in 300 countries around the globe.Dana has been practicing accounting for more than thirty years and is a graduate of Champlain College with a degree in accounting. Kittell, Branagan & Sargent, Certified Public Accountants, was founded on May 1, 1986 by Dana Kittell, Christopher Branagan and Gregory Sargent.last_img read more

Wellington has week off after doubling it up last week against Winfield and Valley Center

first_imgMacy Gonzalez at Winfield swim Bliss Baird, Sumner Newscow correspondent — As the swimming season wraps up, Wellington swimmers’ times are going down. This week provided double the opportunities to improve – and double the difficulties. Two meets were scheduled for the week prior to the Fourth of July, both at home and both against accomplished opponents: Winfield, which placed third at League last year, on Tuesday night and Valley Center, the reigning League Champions, on Thursday. In addition to fast competition, Wellington swimmers faced the challenges that come with competing twice in a week. Tuesday night left them aching and sleep-deprived, and having a meet on Thursday forced everyone out of their weekly routine. Nevertheless, both meets were stellar. The highlight? New postseason cuts – a prized possession at this point in the season.Tuesday night saw six new Districts cuts! In the last meet of her lengthy career with the Sailfish, Kailey Klein achieved the standard in her 50 free. Farewell to one of our most faithful Sailfish! An event later, Derick Kotchavar’s penchant for speed earned him his first qualification in, not surprisingly, the 50 free. Another first-time qualifier was Aurora Young, whose six-and-a-half-second drop in the 50 back catapulted her past the time standard. Macy Gonzalez cut five seconds and achieved her first Districts cut of the season in the same race. Jordan Thompson soared past the standard with a great 100 free, and Chance Hamel clinched his qualification in one of his signature races, the 100 breast. And, as if all the new Districts cuts were not exciting enough, Nash Oswald propelled his 50 free from District-qualified to Championship-worthy by cutting over a second in swimming’s fastest race.With all that success on Tuesday night, it would have been understandable if Sailfish had little to give when they convened to do it all again just two days later. However, the swimmers had the heart to be resilient. Five swimmers made new qualifications on Thursday night, but one in particular had an unforgettable meet. After achieving her first cut of the season just two days before, Macy Gonzalez qualified for Districts in all three of her individual events – the 50 free, 50 breast, and 200 IM – cutting twenty seconds in all! Dakota Lynnes earned his gold cap (the reward for qualifying for a postseason meet) in the 50 free while his sister, Jensen, added the 100 free to her busy Districts schedule. Nine-year-old Ralphie Cornejo became Wellington’s youngest Districts qualifier so far this season when he cut over three seconds in the 50 free. Michael Davis showed that such a Districts berth may be just the beginning. After qualifying in the 50 free several weeks ago, he proved this Thursday that he can swim double that distance in the same fashion.This week, swimmers will receive a break from meets because of the Fourth of July holiday. They have definitely earned it! The week following will conclude the regular season with the infamous drive to McPherson on Tuesday and League Finals in El Dorado on Friday and Saturday. Good luck, Sailfish!Note: Apparently we have had more swimmers qualify than I can keep track of! My apologies to Tanner Dillon, who qualified in the 50 free at the meet against Twin Rivers and was not mentioned in that article.(W) indicates Tuesday’s meet against Winfield; (VC) Thursday’s meet against Valley Center.  This week’s top finishers were:Marisa Black (First (W & VC) – 15-18 Girls 50 Free; First (VC) – 400 Free; Second (W) – 400 Free; Second (VC) – 100 Back; Third (W) – 100 Back)Travis Cody (Third (W & VC) – 9-10 Boys 100 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Fly)Maizy Cornejo (Third (W) – 11-12 Girls 50 Back)Megan Davis (Third (VC) – 5-8 Girls 100 Free)Michael Davis (First – 9-10 Boys 100 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Third (W & VC) –50 Back)Rose Dickinson (First (VC) – 15-18 Girls 100 Breast; Third (VC) – 200 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Free)Emma Dillon (First (VC) – 13-14 Girls 200 IM; Second (W) –50 Free; Second (W) – 200 IM; Third (W & VC) – 100 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Free)Laney Dillon (First (VC) – 9-10 Girls 50 Back; Second (W & VC) – 100 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Free)Tanner Dillon (First (W) – 15-18 Boys 200 Free; Second (VC) – 200 Free; Third (W & VC) – 100 Free)Jewels Farley (Second (W) – 13-14 Girls 200 Free)Kage Farley (Second (W & VC) – 11-12 Boys 50 Back; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Second (VC) – 100 Free)Alec Gonzalez (Second (W) – 9-10 Boys 50 Back)Emberly Gonzalez (First (W) – 13-14 Girls 50 Free; First (W) – 200 IM; First (VC) – 100 Free; First (VC) – 100 Breast; Second (W) – 100 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Free)Macy Gonzalez (First (W) – 11-12 Girls 50 Fly; First (W) – 200 IM; First (VC) – 50 Breast; Second (W) – 50 Back; Second (VC) – 200 IM; Third (VC) – 50 Free)Cat Green (Second (VC) – 15-18 Girls 200 Free; Second (VC) – 100 Free; Second (VC) – 400 Free)Colin Green (Second (W & VC) – 13-14 Boys 100 Breast; Third (W & VC) –100 Back; Third (VC) – 50 Free)Chance Hamel (Third (VC) – 15-18 Boys 50 Free; Third (VC) – 100 Breast; Third (VC) – 200 IM)Jaxson Irey-Hurt (Third (VC) – 11-12 Boys 50 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Back; Third (VC) – 100 Free)Kailey Klein (Third (W) – 15-18 Girls 400 Free)Derick Kotchavar (First (W) – 13-14 Boys 200 Free; First (VC) – 50 Free; Second (W) – 50 Free; Second (W & VC) – 100 Free; Second (VC) – 200 Free)Dakota Lynnes (First (W) – 13-14 Boys 100 Free; First (W) – 200 IM; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Third (W) – 50 Free; Third (VC) – 100 Breast; Third (VC) – 400 Free)Jensen Lynnes (First (W) – 11-12 Girls 50 Free; First (W) – 50 Back; First (W) – 50 Breast; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Back; Third – 100 Free)Eliesse McComb (Second (W) – 5-8 Girls 100 Free; Third (W) – 50 Free)Quinn McCue (First (W) – 13-14 Boys 400 Free; Second (VC) – 100 Fly; Second (VC) – 400 Free; Third (W) – 100 Free)Nash Oswald (First (W & VC) – 9-10 Boys 50 Free; First (W & VC) – 50 Back; First (W) – 50 Fly; First (VC) – 200 IM)Matt Pryce (Third (W) – 13-14 Boys 200 Free; Third (VC) – 200 IM)Ashlyn Sowersby (Third (W) – 11-12 Girls 100 Free)Alysa Stewart (Third – 13-14 Girls 100 Breast)Hayden Stow (Second (VC) – 5-8 Boys 50 Back; Second (VC) – 100 Free; Third (W) – 100 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Free)Jordan Thompson (First (VC) – 15-18 Girls 100 Free; Second (W) – 100 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Third (VC) – 100 Back)Alexis Tracy (Second (VC) – 15-18 Girls 100 Breast)Mackinze Tracy (Third (W & VC) – 15-18 Girls 100 Free)Alara Wilson (First (VC) – 5-8 Girls 100 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Free; Second (VC) – 50 Back; Third (W) –100 Free)Maddox Wylie (Second (VC) – 9-10 Boys 50 Breast; Third (W) – 50 Breast)Makenna Wylie (Second (VC) – 9-10 Girls 50 Breast; Third (VC) – 50 Free; Third (VC) – 50 Back)Megan Wylie (Third (W & VC) – 13-14 Girls 100 Back)Aidan Young (First (VC) – 13-14 Boys 100 Back; Second (W) –100 Back; Second (W & VC) – 200 IM)Aurora Young (First (VC) – 9-10 Girls 50 Free; First (VC) – 200 IM; Second (VC) – 50 Back; Third (W) –200 IM)Terrell Zani (Third (VC) – 15-18 Boys 100 Back)First-place relay finishes:Michael Davis, Alec Gonzalez, Ralphie Cornejo, Nash Oswald (9-10 Boys 200 Free (W))Macy Gonzalez, Ashlyn Sowersby, Maizy Cornejo, Jensen Lynnes (11-12 Girls 200 Free)Dakota Lynnes, Aidan Young, Quinn McCue, Derick Kotchavar (13-14 Boys 200 Free (W & VC))Alec Gonzalez, Maddox Wylie, Nash Oswald, Michael Davis (9-10 Boys 200 Medley (W))Jensen Lynnes, Maizy Cornejo, Macy Gonzalez, Ashlyn Sowersby (11-12 Girls 200 Medley (W))Aidan Young, Dakota Lynnes, Quinn McCue, Derick Kotchavar (13-14 Boys 200 Medley (W))Michael Davis, Maddox Wylie, Ralphie Cornejo, Nash Oswald (9-10 Boys 200 Free (VC))Emma Dillon, Alysa Stewart, Megan Wylie, Emberly Gonzalez (13-14 Girls 200 Free (VC))Jordan Thompson, Rose Dickinson, Mackinze Tracy, Marisa Black (15-18 Girls 200 Free (VC))Laney Dillon, Makenna Wylie, Aurora Young, Alara Wilson (9-10 Girls 200 Medley (VC))Travis Cody, Maddox Wylie, Nash Oswald, Michael Davis (9-10 Boys 200 Medley (VC))Emma Dillon, Alysa Stewart, Emberly Gonzalez, Megan Wylie (13-14 Girls 200 Medley (VC))Jordan Thompson, Alexis Tracy, Marisa Black, Mackinze Tracy (15-18 Girls 200 Medley (VC)Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter. 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first_imgIn the long heave that trails the silenceWith those tensions mounting so higherBewildered eyes so keen on the dramasAs the sharp ears heed all voices unknownSans those melodies to make misery feltHe who preserves his mouth prevailsFor a single moment of despair strikesAll things pleasant now at a standstillDeserting the prize that was once cherishedIn the long course a new stance to craftFor the everlasting plans we dream ofVision we have of greater times impendingThe glories that will savor like winesThe skies will feel like there’s no more limitsFor success forever will spring headlongSoundless slumbers as the hard work pays offReaching for the paramount of prosperityFor the glories that was forever presentShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more