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Shanghai love experience hidden reference links the family know it

Finally I wish happy New Year everyone

is a good thing, but also hanging into it the arrogance of the capital;

used to love Shanghai experience reference links are added "access" warning prompt,


The chain of

and love the experience of Shanghai or in the

more than two pictures are the same experience the love of Shanghai, but at different times

but there is nothing to hide the reference links, can not be said to be removed, the reference links or in the

done outside the chain of children in Shanghai love experience, understand the love experience of Shanghai submitted article should be considered as a good site outside the chain of read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news source can apply for pre station entrance

A5 station network October 27th news: love Shanghai news sources regularly review the news source site at the same time, the news source for the majority of owners have feedback and feedback for the entrance problem is not clear, as a news source management side love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recent news source of front entrance.


in order to promote the love of Shanghai news source can provide more high-quality content for the majority of users, now Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially opened the news source for the channel, the specific location feedback center 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback. Whether to apply to become a news source, or the recovery of news sources can be submitted here, through the audit before the entry into force (see Shanghai news source about love: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/208). read more

WeChat platform popular entrepreneurs flocked alone wooden bridgeThe initial stage of risk assessmen


Hello, my brother is a grassroots, today we bring about the Internet business risk problem in the Internet industry, according to the different conditions of entrepreneurs themselves can be divided into initial stage, Xiaoyouchengjiu stage and meteoric rise stage, but the grassroots brother believe more entrepreneurs are still in the primary stage and Xiaoyouchengjiu stage. The next article in this series will be for at the primary stage and small successful entrepreneurs are analyzed.

for WeChat entrepreneurial platform, A5 admin5 editor here also simple to talk about a few words, now is the rapid development of mobile Internet era, WeChat may be a good platform for entrepreneurship. But here, I also remind the broad masses of entrepreneurs, friends, venture capital needs to be cautious, not blindly follow the development of the times, in the wake of the times, should be combined with their own actual situation. If you don’t know the WeChat platform, then when you spend some time learning or trying to start a business on this platform, other well prepared start-up friends may have succeeded read more

Content entrepreneurship so fire but you will use Chinese characters written by flow to make money

even so, we all know that in the WeChat business is a very reliable choice, but the design and limitations of WeChat itself based on product information, most entrepreneurs to output only in the form, so the term "content of entrepreneurship" was born.

I don’t disagree with this view. I’ve written a story about super App, the Internet fourth scene, and the booming super App is actually a cloud operating system. In China, WeChat has more users than users of the iOS operating system and Android operating system, and on such platforms, if you can start a business, it’s a very pragmatic approach, and the cost of seeing is much lower. read more

Local website welcomes rapid development website capacity is complete


website as a piece of fat meat has been countless stationmaster favor, everyone want to eat meat, but only a piece of meat, how to do? In fact, local websites want to rapid development is not only the site itself is good, more important is the personal webmaster, web team efforts and dedication, here I talk about my place the website is how hard, how is it with my team together, I hope everyone can learn.

The first person to do four big

. Whether they have the ability to.

1. the establishment and management of website technology, now although there are many webmaster do not understand technology, but those who are wealthy, as a grassroots webmaster, do not understand the technical line? Even if you have a core team, team of people cheat you website problems, you do not understand it will be. This is just a simple description, in fact, a place of the website is not to say that you want to understand how much technology, some of the site’s common sense you should understand it. This is the webmaster to do the first step. Look at a picture. You don’t know the technique. Can you tell me how to add it? How can you point to the website link? read more

How to analyze website revision results explain page data analysis methods

wrote an article before, and used to share with you.

Before the

analysis results, it is necessary to review the revision for what.

usually, there are two types of website revisions:

1., because the content of the website itself expands, cause present website framework to bear no more content,

2. leads to web transformation based on changes in website user needs.

of course can not rule out purely for the appearance of the site and make revision decisions. (this is rather thankless.) read more

A confused webmaster Readme

70 after the Webmaster: original behavior do station / 80 Webmaster: original behavior + search parasites (no BS meaning) / after 90 Webmaster: search parasites for more than

this is my understanding of the webmaster! I was born 78 years, 01 years began to do stand! 03 years officially started the personal station! At that time all the contents are original, rarely rely on search to make the flow of the time with GG! Baidu no one with ~~


03,04 I do stand the most happy time, created a web site just to meet the famous! So strong! All Internet cafes are in the download we provide plug-in download software, the feeling is really cool! But also profitable! Was later opened a general computer school, so I stopped do stand read more