Construction site Shanghai dragon escort diagnostic excellence

but this is not the most important point, the more important thing is the Shanghai dragon diagnosis team is composed of A5 station network and branch. For the A5 station network, do not listen to the webmaster must have said, over the years to support the growth of the webmaster, even on the achievements of the many business owners. A focus on the Adsense service website, a professional team, believe that A5 is a good choice. As for why the style to A5’s Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, also believe in which more benefit owners more experience. read more

Borrow video event marketing tips SKYCC burst of red network marketing industry


first, is the content of the video. Although the video quality is not particularly clear, video production was not particularly fine, but this video is to win the content. Video content is a IT grass root webmaster history, nature is very easy to cause the IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friends. Especially the hardships and on the road of confusion, entrepreneurs and IT believe that every webmaster friends are more or less there will be to see the video, nature can arouse their emotional resonance, nature will pay attention to this video, and they focus on video at the same time also passively remember mention this product video protagonist port – the SKYCC combination marketing software. read more

2016 love Shanghai algorithm inventory and analysis of 2017 webmaster how to handle this

open the web site, personal information was leaked, then the mobile phone number received all kinds of marketing information…… In view of this phenomenon, the love of Shanghai launched Skynet algorithm, in the fight against "block malicious theft of personal information to buy the site, reduce the evaluation of such sites in the Shanghai search in love.

from Internet users, to enhance the user experience, user experience from advertising, bundled APP download content, soft porn dynamic map and explicit text information blow, love Shanghai algorithm constantly according to the site to more conducive to the user or. read more

Before the novice recruits Shanghai dragon industry question

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is currently in Shanghai Longfeng no precise definition, because the search engine updates the old technology will fail, just like the black hat technology, now how to use black hat than will be punished. When it is not a novice, personal definition: >

so we can get traffic through Shanghai Dragon Technology in the search engine, for directional flow, what is the directional flow? Directional flow is the accurate flow, the user through the search engine to your page is on your page there is a demand of the crowd, this flow is the directional flow, and directional flow transaction conversion rate is very high. read more

How did Like change from hype failure to 100 million acquisitionAli mother K station webmaster ple


in 2005, when the face recognition company was bought by shlf1314 four rumors, but its product has just passed the preliminary test phase. "For shlf1314 takeover rumors, insiders are not… But…. obviously, this company is now on hold after the reception Public opinions are divergent.," launch party in Michael Arrington Riya TechCrunch in the backyard, Michael wrote in a blog.

induced clicks – ad positions for

advertising display, launch page

they’re all wrong, read more

Five points of Shanghai dragon learning

What is the

second, we must have a website

why do you say that, in fact, very simple, do anything to have a plan and, if not, the easiest things may extend to the infinite horizon, give yourself a deadline is very important, such as two or 3 months, for me, I had this reading is mechanical and electrical integration, then engaged in security work after graduation, two years after the machinery factory engaged in the professional work, in which more than two years of work experience, eat a lot of pain, then a chance decided to find a can of course is to choose the venture, Shanghai dragon industry, want to make a move in the local society of Shanghai website, then you can give your site Longfeng drainage, the idea was two months to Shanghai Dragon Society, quit work, must learn this skill, to After two months of learning is also limited, about three months to learn entry. Give yourself a deadline to be a reasonable, why it is reasonable, because the ability to understand the basis of a lot of students themselves are not the same, if to say two or three months, but two or three months later did not learn, so it’s easy to have a sense of failure, resulting in learning to give up, some may need half some, can learn a month, of course this is to have a guide, the subjective effect is also not ideal for a year. read more

Have the ideal grassroots webmaster can stand the years of disciplineViking Yu Qianghua nternet ban

Viking founder Yu Qianghua met in Jinsha River venture capital, only spent 5 minutes, the two sides will part. Yu Qianghua Drogba have tried and vice president of sh419, we recommend the use of Viking infrastructure services to help sh419 to build Internet banking, at the same time, the establishment of rules, make the various sh419 business department can distinguish between business interests, and promote each other. As a result, a month later, sh419 launched 100 hair products, shouting 8% annualized income. This and Yu Qianghua recommended to sh419 Internet banking business path is very different. read more

Taobao Store Manager looking for Taobao customers promotion it is better to find micro blogThe esse

in the former mobile Internet era, the information dissemination of intellectuals is more of the news gatekeeper to operate, or "small series" to complete. Looking back on the history of the information market, it is actually a process of narrowing the distance between the platform and the audience. "Small Bian" in the relatively young Internet era, played an active atmosphere, closer and user distance, reflect the affinity and many other functions. After the "mobile messaging client", which boasts "accurate push" and "personalized service", has emerged and became popular rapidly, "Xiao Bian" has been replaced or partially replaced by machine algorithms. read more

Zhou Hongyi analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the nternet era innovation can not be

because of accurate positioning, product use, coupled with powerful market cooperation and promotion means, network invincible, and in the form of plug-in installed to fast computer thousands on thousands of users. Two years later, the 3721 successful, Chinese Internet plug-in once more than 90% of China’s Internet users, the daily use of more than 80 million people. In 2001, 3721 took the lead in announcing profits in the Internet industry. By 2002, 3721 of sales went up


Taobao customer promotion in the end need what kind of promotion ideas? This is our today Taobao tutorial series 3 to communicate the topic! read more

Talking about the course of enterprise development subversion of innovation is the rise of the road

two: cooperation to do League cheating is actually cheating on you


three: fund investment allows you to get a quick return,

industry monopoly + bundling slow Internet enterprise development

in Taobao transaction do brush advertising alliance cheating services, after the success can be divided in half, if it does not receive a failure, but for many webmaster, this is a big risk, if it fails, the cooperation partner is cheating without any loss, if successful then, they will also be able to the half of the profits, it is really very good profit, which is in the use of many owners eager to make money to make psychology, deceived the webmaster, but now most of the webmaster have immunity, and some novice webmaster often has caught, so it is necessary to introduce read more

Secret ways to make money using the nternetSitting on 480 billion rivers he suddenly naked speech

in 1992, after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, the state issued a series of policies to encourage the development of private economy in the reform of the economic system, a number of government agencies, research institutes, intellectuals have taken the initiative to venture into the sea. This year, with 4000 dollars in the U. S. consulate outside for a long time, Guo Guangchang, after a fierce ideological struggle, and eventually gave up the dream of studying abroad for many years. He immediately found Liang Xinjun, told him: "no going abroad, ready to resign, run the company.". read more

Old domain name to do new sites in April made three thousand and seven hundred yuan personal expe

to the last day at half past two in the morning, he said to me: "Liu Laomu, you will not look like a dog lying on the floor with my work, Lao Tzu already quit. "But now I must go, because my wife has gone into the delivery room,"

today, share with you about a labor intensive start-up company five "engage" a little humble opinion.

a small reward:

as a self-employed 5 years of continuous self-employed, originally wanted to go to the Internet, did not expect to be given to the internet. To sum up the large and small pits I’ve stepped on, I think CEO must know five " read more

Flowing employees an open gold mine to be developed2017 new board three innovative layer list identi

two, according to the listed company objection to verify the situation, Beijing vauthier culture media Limited by Share Ltd and other 69 listed company to meet the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", in innovation.

according to the "National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach Trial" hereinafter referred to as the "hierarchical management approach", combined with the preliminary screening objection handling situation after the publication of the list, the shares of the company has completed the screening work innovation listed company. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: read more

WeChat platform popular entrepreneurs flocked alone wooden bridgeThe initial stage of risk assessmen


Hello, my brother is a grassroots, today we bring about the Internet business risk problem in the Internet industry, according to the different conditions of entrepreneurs themselves can be divided into initial stage, Xiaoyouchengjiu stage and meteoric rise stage, but the grassroots brother believe more entrepreneurs are still in the primary stage and Xiaoyouchengjiu stage. The next article in this series will be for at the primary stage and small successful entrepreneurs are analyzed.

for WeChat entrepreneurial platform, A5 admin5 editor here also simple to talk about a few words, now is the rapid development of mobile Internet era, WeChat may be a good platform for entrepreneurship. But here, I also remind the broad masses of entrepreneurs, friends, venture capital needs to be cautious, not blindly follow the development of the times, in the wake of the times, should be combined with their own actual situation. If you don’t know the WeChat platform, then when you spend some time learning or trying to start a business on this platform, other well prepared start-up friends may have succeeded read more

n 2009 Adsense’s most trusted money making AllianceFor the beginner


2, League reputation is good, reputation is good, you can understand from three aspects: online search, access to the union site, check the quality of advertising, see the issue of notice.

can also check the advertising union announcement, study the alliance’s capital status and capital flow, and ensure the reliability of income.

first search alliance information you need to know to make money on the Internet, see the online negative information about the alliance is not much, of course, there are also some malicious attacks and the fall stick, but can be used as a reference standard. read more

How is a seasoned entrepreneur CEO made Yao Jinbo’s experiencePrecision marketing into the era of al

1, a good name: about financing, a 58 round of financing in history, the first round is very Saif found, then the front desk received a telephone, said Saif is looking for me, so I went to see the very fear, finally Saif threw 5 million. Yangdong is an article by Sina Technology found in the city of 58, then do it "

advertising, but the effect is not good, a large part of the reason is because of poor interaction. Advertisers hope that advertising can have more tricks to leave user feedback. read more

Content entrepreneurship so fire but you will use Chinese characters written by flow to make money

even so, we all know that in the WeChat business is a very reliable choice, but the design and limitations of WeChat itself based on product information, most entrepreneurs to output only in the form, so the term "content of entrepreneurship" was born.

I don’t disagree with this view. I’ve written a story about super App, the Internet fourth scene, and the booming super App is actually a cloud operating system. In China, WeChat has more users than users of the iOS operating system and Android operating system, and on such platforms, if you can start a business, it’s a very pragmatic approach, and the cost of seeing is much lower. read more

China Tower intends to port PO financing of not more than 10 billion U S dollarsAnalysis of websit

1, through the flow to obtain advertising revenue, such as webmasters, who are the first to provide users with many valuable resources. And the ways in which these resources are provided are gratis. Do not provide in the process of too many restrictions, for example, want to see any article for registration will have access to, or to have integral can browse. In fact, this is very bad to do well. Many friends will often be lost. Because the same message, if others do not limit. Net friend will not register in your station, recharge browsing. In addition, take some time to get some valuable original resources for free. These resources are unique to the web. As long as we have what others don’t have. We will come to the fore. Will be loved by users. To get a steady flow of traffic, always bring profits for your station. read more

The new board is no offer system of mergers and acquisitions tideMa Yun send red envelopes Set 2 bil

Ali set up 2 billion fund in Taiwan

listed companies has made the market participants more eager to build the new three board system. One investor said that investment in the private equity market have preferential subscription rights, investors will advance with the major shareholders agreed exit path, with provisions to protect the tender offer in the A stock market, the new board corresponding system needs further improvement.

"dreams and ideals are different. What is the ideal?" the ideal is a group of people firmly committed to one thing, and a plan, practice, action, a little bit of it into reality." Yesterday March 3rd, the Alibaba founder Ma came to Taiwan, had a "dream" conversation with two thousand young people in Taiwan. read more

You don’t know HTC Wang Xuehong had bodyguards recover 700 thousandPrecision advertising adds valu

because of their credulity and lack of experience, the company encountered a Spanish orders, no payment after the commercial fraud. Wang Xuehong undaunted, bodyguard had lived in Barcelona for half a year, which is to recover the $700 thousand payment is deceived.

in 1981, received a master’s degree in economics from the University of California in California, Wang Xuehong did not enter the Formosa, but into the sister Wang Xueling public computer company. Mainly responsible for sales.

When read more