Shanghai of Shanghai dragon love snapshot of what it means to disappear

actually love Shanghai this practice is still in the snapshot cancel follow Google, do not know why here let I suddenly thought of a unified instant noodles advertising idiotic sauerkraut? Some people imitate my face, someone to imitate my face… This, even under the snapshot are imitated together (this is a slot point for Tucao). Since the love of Shanghai to do so, there must be a reason for it. With the adjustment of love Shanghai, for those of us webmaster means what? I have been summarized: read more

The content of the website page optimization details as we must pay attention to the webmaster

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the content page optimization is a very important, as a webmaster can we are very clear that content is king, and the moment of the content page optimization, factors and details we may be estimated very much, such as content quality, optimize the user experience, improve the efficiency of crawling, these the details are all we have to consider the issue in advance in website page optimization process, the author will optimize the content page basis points we need to grasp and share with everyone. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to the high quality of the chain also need to do what

website for age, host space, website link layout and structure layout, the user experience of the website, the chain quantity and quality, and whether the optimization is cheating, and excessive PR and other factors, but the chain is one of the important proportion in the sea ranking rules,

past Shanghai dragon Er even now part of Shanghai dragon Er also are primary Shanghai dragon Er, only know the optimization of the blind, blind chain, blind information, but has been out. Why do you say, please listen carefully to. read more

Pomegranate algorithm conjecture love Shanghai how to judge the quality of web pages


today, we try to search starting from the user interaction perspective, how to judge the quality of that love Shanghai.

if the page has pop

love Shanghai how to judge the quality of search behavior? I think, according to the following 2 points:

if a page two click rate is very low, love Shanghai search engine have reason to believe that this page keywords matching degree is very high, but the quality is guaranteed. Because many users have cast a key vote for ".

, however, most of the love is not installed Shanghai statistical search users, love Shanghai is not possible to track these key indicators, falling from the side of the sea through the circuitous tactics matching keywords, show that the matching degree is high, the higher the degree of quality. read more

How do the key words on the front page the inside pages of the seconds in 15 days

list page code



said the record, is actually a problem, but also pay more attention to the site later I think, a website if you want to survive in the search engine, so the record is necessary, and must be filed in the site before, such as our late optimization will reduce a lot of trouble, I have experienced many such cases, on the site a little bit flow, ranking, and then take it if the record, then the site must first shut down, and shut down a web site is more than a month, the site on what is gone. read more

Are you still in the chain and set in the website optimization

keyword ranking:



, a collection is really better?

this is actually a long time is not the site, although the domain name is 7 years, but doing this station is about 4 months, and the home is the imitation of intoxicants mall, the chain 57, in fact, minus the internal links only 23, it seems that the site did not spend too much time to achieve good ranking optimization. Here’s what included two views and the chain according to their own views:

included and the chain: read more

Analysis of a large overseas portal of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

Hello, I am virtual son rain. There are many large sites of the Shanghai dragon is not doing well, but the domestic situation is Shanghai dragon talent is very scarce, one reason is that the development of Shanghai dragon is not a long time, the second reason is that the domestic development of Shanghai dragon is not healthy, many workers in Shanghai Longfeng or stay in the level of execution, really do the portal requirements are rare, because the portal site is very high for Shanghai dragon talent requirements, technical expertise, here not only need the Shanghai dragon talent executive ability, but also for the team management and data analysis ability is relatively strong, so long as you lay a good foundation and Shanghai dragon, transverse the longitudinal in-depth to improve themselves, will be a very good chance. I have a friend who is doing a abroad portal, because the business needs, this one to Shanghai dragon play its due role, want me to give them the website of Shanghai Longfeng present advice, it is a little diagnosis, some problems existing under site specific share below. These problems you may encounter a lot of friends, hoping to bring some reference value for everyone. read more

A new article more than 100 a day to P webmaster friends inspiration

two is the quality of

updated daily article is the webmaster friends for one thing must adhere to the website optimization, I choose the time every night, during the day because of the need to go to work, can only use the night time to update the article and the chain construction under this website, because of the limited time, so the net station is generally to update the station in the main outside this chain can be said to be ignored. But let me feel happy, often can be found from the website traffic statistics, the article often can bring more than 100 IP a day, for the new station is a very rare thing, because the weight is low, compete with others is simply the egg stone, from the analysis of these articles can be summed up several key points: read more

A5 marketing what are some important factors in the real estate website down right


so far, there are a variety of real estate websites on the Internet, these sites are the major real estate business promotion, promotion, sales of real estate, the real estate website very much, cause some keywords are serious competition, some owners in order to key area real estate do the home page, can be said to be tried for example, a large number of buy high quality chain, chain, or black competitors site, a variety of methods all use, many owners also do these, but still can not escape the site is down right phenomenon. A lot of real estate due to improper reduction of rights, K webmaster, this also let the real estate owners very sad, after some site is down right in there is no signs of recovery, so many owners do not understand their own website in the end is what causes the drop right and K station. The following A5 marketing and communicate with us, some important factors in the real estate website right down. read more

The new direction of enterprise SEM selection from the The Legend of Zhen Huan search

now many enterprises pay more attention to the SEM, in addition to the station to Shanghai dragon optimization, one of the effective way to the station is sem. Do SEM more important is the choice of keywords, in addition to the high index, the commercial value and the conversion rate is also very important selection criteria. As everyone knows is, movies, TV series huge flow from the Internet so much personal movie station you can know that this flow is fat. For large enterprises, key words reasonable use of film and television do SEM is a good choice, to attract Everfount flow into the user can be substantial. But only some companies are doing this, other enterprises can refer to. read more

The holiday soon believe that search engine will have a big shock

action does not have too much what to say, love Shanghai upgrade algorithm which we insist on doing no ground for blame, as long as the station on the line, no need to go every day it search engine what algorithm changes. Many people love Shanghai several times after a big upgrade algorithm to become confused, do not know how to do keywords ranking. Heard this I was depressed, we must first understand the search engine algorithm upgrade rise is what level, station level to combat spam. To understand this truth I tell you what is the search engine update. We often hear the first generation search engine, the second generation search engine, the third generation search engine, the fourth generation of search engine. read more

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming six steps to determine the core keywords

fully understand your competitors, you determine the core keywords but also be of great advantage. Through the webmaster tools website tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 we can query the competition website information: meta (title), key words, description (keywords) (Description). Contains keywords are general site description, title, and URL, the website also contains text keywords, anchor text also contains key words. The tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 website also gives reference data and the reverse link, you can learn from the use of anti chain website keywords. Through the analysis of the web site keywords usage, you can make sure the core keywords are more favorable with their own website. read more

Truth and love thinking of Shanghai foreign chain counter attack event

chains are as follows problem cheating

station in May are the most talked topic should still love Shanghai on the web site of the chain of the counter attack event, behind this event reflects the love of Shanghai foreign chain the Gates locked, on a love of Shanghai to develop the chain shackles. Let us look at the love of Shanghai called the chain chains model:

users and other websites really recommend, but each do a website optimization webmaster all know, really the chain 100% this is not possible, if there is a need for network marketing, also need what Shanghai Longfeng, as long as a qualified website designer is enough. read more

The six elements of web page optimization

six: at the bottom of the


three: Web site keywords layout

site structure should be in the form of distribution of the tree, because the tree structure can let users better, I optimize website structure, is deliberately into the left navigation area, then the right content area, but later I found that this is not beautiful, but also occupy a lot of places, so I put the navigation area on the top, and then left into the update region, while the right side or the original content area, thus saving a lot of places, and let more articles displayed on the home page, the maximum increase of the exposure. read more

Selling websites Link months to collect thousands of dreamsGold Rush some advanced online money maki

sites are all on VPS>

online money, this does not matter advanced, not advanced, very rough, without any technical content of the project can also make a lot of money. We are here with the simple Wangzhuan is to distinguish, labor or labor, the labor price per unit time difference, of course, boundaries are not very clear, here we have a preliminary understanding.


, let me take a specific step:

buy links, sell links, earn intermediate prices, many of these platforms abroad, such as backlinks, but there is no such professional platform in china. Most link brokers still stay in the stage of labor, of course, want to build the next backlinks in a short time, in addition to burn money, or burn money. Site acquisition, do this line of people is quite much, I also often do this thing. In fact, a lot of friends do the site is very good, but don’t know how to profit. I bought it, that is, it will be processed and transformed into a profitable site. read more

ntroduce several major domestic search engine survival status

is above several basic situation at home is the four largest search engine known, it is noteworthy that the search and the emergence of new 360 comprehensive search, then simply said the two search engines, more detailed and you can check.

when Google The climate does not suit one..Google search

love Shanghai in domestic leader position

for the current domestic mainstream search engine is so few: love Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, Youdao, will be asked, users should rarely this blog do not explained. Also worth mentioning is the search and the emergence of 360 comprehensive search, but the current situation is not the search engine and love Shanghai as to the market share of seventy or eighty per cent of the way ahead, so also appeared mainly for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization situation, now a female network www.tingnv贵族宝贝 a brief introduction: read more

n the micro Medicine released the first nternet Zhong An insurance outpatient hospitalsh419 the Fe

general manager of Zhong An Insurance Health Insurance Department Liu Haijiao told the 36 krypton, solve the payment problems fundamentally, is to a large extent, promote the establishment of family doctor policy and grading treatment system. "Medicine, medicine and insurance industry chain was opened up, in the future, we will provide health insurance for new medical platform users, business insurance, direct compensation and health management services."."

League address: http://s.union.sh419/ read more

Yiqifa Sohu lottery Lotto 1 million 500 thousand deliveryHow does the stationmaster discover the pro


1, what is asymmetric

if you have such a website, that is to solve consumer information asymmetry, that is what you make money, focus on solving the problem of asymmetric information between consumption. For example, the Taobao website, the global commodity information all over the country released in the mainland, let people know Korea commodity prices, and the price of a contrast, know which is the cheapest, reducing the information asymmetry. This is probably the reason Taobao is so popular, but also Taobao shopping mall popular reasons, so that the vast number of online shopping friends at a glance can distinguish what is truly credible businesses. read more

Summarize and share novice how to write high quality original articles

is now the face of love emerge in an endless stream Shanghai algorithm, more friends from the original pursuit of the high quality chain, gradually turned to the quality of readable content, how to create more original article, and many readers can produce more resonance, is now many webmaster friends in the cudgel thinking. Especially for this industry have just entered Shanghai Dragon Gate novice friends, what is the original, the original, how to grasp what skills has become whether we can really master the art of the Shanghai dragon three important aspects. read more

Sharing site keywords ranking unstable case

site ranked at top all in one hundred cases occurred in the morning, a few days ago there is a warning: a few days ago at his station in the fall once. With a snapshot of the day of the phenomenon, on that day the day began to snapshot ranked at top sites all morning. Every morning at domain site in the rankings, first, but in the afternoon a snapshot of the day is, domain site is not the first or even the first few pages, keyword off speed with the tool can see, within a few minutes of words all fall over! Show love Shanghai snapshot, enter the website will appear sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the site! But his news is still every day included, this is gratifying, the total amount collected is worse than the previous decline. read more