n depth analysis of Ali’s mother Taobao customersClick Wangzhuan novice to join the new traps need

fourth points, here stresses the problem of Ali mother. When you find time to buy things through the Taobao customer will earn money, you will not be engaged in Taobao customers, because I believe that only want to earn money more easily through the network of talent will come to do Taobao off! A friend to know Taobao, but he also registered the Ali Mama account, but he did not to do, he just to buy things cheaper to buy in this way! When this happens, the mom how to deal with? I believe that Ali mother has considered this point, but in order to grow their own team, and the development of Taobao in Taobao to recommend new customers guest!!! Imagine that Ali mother gains from, and Treasurer? When they know the truth, how many people will put their goods into Taobao customers to promote read more

Business Facebook loneliness asceticism absurdity self redemption and 7 ways of making mone

mineral water on the table

– are you XXX, please? I’m on XXX, WeChat.

evening stroll in the park, see uncle aunt in Taijiquan, swarthy angler with legs crossed leisurely smoke. Many days of hot and suffocating, it cool and cloudy, pent up days of instant mood also stretch, buy a new novel with a Benmeng gray, I sit on a bench in the park to enjoy this rare old Beijing style comfortable.

– Oh, yes, come in, please.

has seven or eight employees, but they’re all off work, and A says he doesn’t usually encourage employees to work overtime, and he’s very late at night. A is 80, the hair is very high, the shirt is a little old, a little yellow, slightly belly fat. Recently, they just launched a wedding backstage trading system, and I said I wanted to see it, and he turned it down. read more

All chips difficult transformation those who are going to the public to raise the entrepreneurial s

from to B speaking, the roll call time to intelligent hardware manufacturers recommend the first model, named time has accumulated more than 1000 channels at home and abroad, as well as roll call time

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. Contact SEO for so long, I have more or less for SEO and certain experience, plus one of the two successful cases, which makes me for himself in the prospects of the development of SEO has a very good fantasy. Recently is very happily for a long time, because an article "himself some time ago to write the first 100 days of stable ranking sh419 experience" brought a customer to their customers, although small, but relatively straightforward, we two people may also talk very speculative, so high the next Xing Xing his website. This is an experience and I want to share a secret today, SEO Wangzhuan: SEO do for others. read more

Adsense site should be quality and quantity

quality and quantity of this keyword, seems to give the impression that it is used for enterprises to produce products above. The development of enterprises should be grabbed from the product, there is no quality, no quantity, and at the same time there is no quantity, quality is even worse. Of course, I talked about today is not what enterprise products, and talk about how our webmaster should do a site to sit quality and quantity.

actually, we have a lot of webmaster blindly pursuing quantity. You can say that, the general webmaster has several websites, more than dozens, as for hundreds of. But talk about quality websites (good websites, well known websites), none of them. Why? The reason is simple. There is no one flagship site. The webmaster dispersed with the increase of the website. In the end, the website closes one by one. Speed net webmaster is not against webmasters do more site, but want to make every site, the site as their children training, education, finally become talent. read more

Temperament is the biggest competitive power of a website

a successful website, he eventually has temperament. Attractive website is because of his unique temperament to his user. First of all, from the nature of the web site, the web site for users to provide what they need. The core of the web is the provision of services. It’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to do well. A successful website can be copied and copied out of N sites, but this is only a functional replication. The website is the same as the person, should have makings. Have personality. The initial formation of the site must be closely related to the webmaster itself. After the website is built, it is related to the mode of operation, promotion, and other acquired factors. Overall, the first is the webmaster’s influence on the quality of the site. Next is the net friend, especially initially visited the website the net friend community, their interest and the custom also affected the website makings. read more

Talking about the way out for webmaster of QQ type website

as we all know, Tencent is now a giant in the Internet industry, the total equivalent of two Alibaba and three Baidu. Its main product is QQ, which now accounts for 95% of China’s chat industry.

with the booming of QQ, many products come into being. QQ games, QQ spaces, QQ games, QQ pets, and so forth. It can be said, QQ is a big cake, everyone wants to bite a piece, QQ station came into being. But now, a few years, more and more people do QQ station, in addition to several earlier start, there is a good reputation outside the station, such as the beginning of 2003 QQJIA. The rest can be said is not good, most of the Webmaster Station half-dead. So, where are our webmaster, read more

Travel agents should pay attention to the importance of network acceptance

although more travel agencies recognize the importance of the network, but for this new Internet world, most of the travel agencies still remain in the application stage, basically can only do some simple copy and paste, and simple text processing and the most common data reports, did not play the application the advantage of. Now many travel agencies carry out tourism e-commerce, the measures adopted are as follows:

one, opening an online shop

is now better: the same way network, Baidu has ah, Taobao mall, Xinxin shop shop four, the majority of the travel agency and love. read more

Local website welcomes rapid development website capacity is complete


website as a piece of fat meat has been countless stationmaster favor, everyone want to eat meat, but only a piece of meat, how to do? In fact, local websites want to rapid development is not only the site itself is good, more important is the personal webmaster, web team efforts and dedication, here I talk about my place the website is how hard, how is it with my team together, I hope everyone can learn.

The first person to do four big

. Whether they have the ability to.

1. the establishment and management of website technology, now although there are many webmaster do not understand technology, but those who are wealthy, as a grassroots webmaster, do not understand the technical line? Even if you have a core team, team of people cheat you website problems, you do not understand it will be. This is just a simple description, in fact, a place of the website is not to say that you want to understand how much technology, some of the site’s common sense you should understand it. This is the webmaster to do the first step. Look at a picture. You don’t know the technique. Can you tell me how to add it? How can you point to the website link? read more

Local talent net operation

talent networks are divided into three categories according to their size: small talent networks, medium-sized talent networks, and large talent networks. The following combination of my experience as a talent network to talk about.

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, died, but websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to capture more information and job information, enterprise recruitment. Traffic has come, advertising revenue has come. Simple description, that is, in exchange for revenue, advertising by the union to make money. read more

Talking about how to collect the movie station how to be included in K original

How did the

movie station develop?

simple talk about personal experience. Do stand to see a friend to do a website is amazing, so how to get asked. That is the source, server, domain name on the line! I thought originally so simple ah, I will get what he said, when it is made a music station, spent 300 yuan buy the whole station program, then buy after I silly, said 500 G. The space station is certainly not, must be professional server. I asked my friend to say no, a small space can do read more

My website and walked all the way

always wanted to write down their own experiences, but there has been no write, think of yourself first website is the time in early 2004. At that time, except for QQ, playing CS, what are not, one day when accidentally know the site can make money, apply for a domain name, buy a space of 100M, started his site Road, then please others do a web page navigation, I first stood on a page, but also simple is better than 123, when we find Wangzhuan news from that time know Wangzhuan alliance, registered to apply for the several advertising that time is good, price is high, every day a few, that money, at that time through the QQ to help students, and finally do not know who said that listening to, telecom dial-up tool As long as the broken dial IP changed, now that sounds simple, very funny, maybe someone will laugh in my ignorance, but in 2004 I want to know who should not be like this, from that time is up to 2, will find a home for the money to buy a computer, then one pull cable, just do a good job in the excited, the shock seems to put up the ad code, put a good few, every day on their own, at once broken, dial again, again, again off… Now it sounds boring, not much money, but at that time, the excitement is not good, every day to do the joy, every day good late sleep, for this by the counselor a lot of criticism. read more

How to increase the weight of website


and bird teacher exchanges about how to increase the weights of the website, through this communication I learned a lot of things, I sort out my own understanding, I hope everyone criticism.

is now the era of content is king, the new station has just launched a course or every day with lots of good quality articles, each article with a headline, it will not only attract GG, and will attract the Baidu search engine machine. If they are attracted by your station, then your station will have a play. read more

How successful is the nternet’s small start up team

    saw yesterday to $1 billion to sell Instagram Facebook, we have discussed a wheel, which many people feel is not in fact, founder of writing program, he was still in the NextStop is to do marketing personnel, the use of night learning to write the program; the success of Instagram, proved the overall success of the web’s most original small team, small front again!

turned out an old article six years ago and mentioned what I have always believed: "the Internet is small." see below: read more

An alternative edition of the movie website 1

how to quickly improve the movie website traffic? Earlier in the Admin5 see the website promotion after promotion, think of loopholes, this method tried 1 days to bring me 3000IP! Now I put this method to share with you!!!!

, the method is simple. Wow, can’t you share file uploads? We’ll take advantage of this, ~

1 first sign up for wow account and login wow ~

2, find a movie and add your website

in front of the movie name

3 share the folder

with WOW

4 wow honk has been hanging, hang the longer the promotion effect is better,. read more

The best practices for running multiple websites the same content and no contributions from websit

Running an attractive quality site in

can take a lot of time and resources, let alone the creativity needed to make the site stand out. Sometimes, especially in the stock exchange or relates to like this very commercial topic, we see that some webmaster to improve this website in Google search results in the same rate, trying to compete with many topic website. If you want your website to appear in our search results, there are several points to keep in mind when thinking about its strategy.

some creative webmasters, or no time, but webmasters with plenty of resources, may create a large number of similar websites, rather than adding unique information. From a user’s point of view, this kind of repetitive web site can be a bad user experience when it comes to search results. Fortunately, as time goes by, our algorithms have become increasingly adept at identifying similar content in order to provide users with a wide variety of information. We don’t recommend creating such a similar site because it doesn’t make good use of your time and resources. read more

Share do a little bit of standing experience

with the popularity of the Internet, personal webmaster team increasingly large, how their living conditions? I think any industry is the same, with the meat, also have porridge, even more porridge is not on. Let’s talk about myself today.

just last month from the original factory resign, belongs to the vagrant one now, compared to the hao123 before the webmaster Li Xingping, Chinaz A Fei, Admin5 graph king, im286 fish, they are miles away, is my study example, the income is to give people a lift shoes no, but I also have the experience of doing their own stand and income, although rarely, but also far more work than before. read more

Talking about the survival and promotion skills of local websites

with Chinese users increasing, and rapid development of the Internet, China’s Internet has attracted a lot of time in the spring, the local sites have emerged, resulting in local web marketing and promotion is greatly increased. Many webmaster attended the Discuz webmaster annual meeting and some webmaster seminar, everyone competition is more intense. We can network marketing and promotion can be roughly divided into two categories, one is on-line, and the other is offline. The advantage of local websites is the promotion of referrals, which is beyond the reach of other industries. However, the on-line promotion effect directly affects the results of offline promotion, so Xiao Bian today summed up the on-line and offline combination. read more

Webmaster readme how to save a gas forum

The concept of a

forum, in the multimedia appeared, it has long fade out of our field of vision, electricity traders already did not love to discuss how to build the forum, how to do marketing, and that some of the limelight, are turning to micro-blog, WeChat, media marketing and so on more ing words.

as Huaqiang electronic network forum small "webmaster" with you today to ask the electronic forum about a traditional industry, how to operation and maintenance. Let me first talk about some of the experience in the Management Forum: read more

Talk about websites from the perspective of ordinary users what kind of user experience do they purs

as a senior average Internet user, I would like to talk about what websites I like from an ordinary perspective, which is the user experience problem. The content of the website is not what I control, I just talk about other things.

1, domain name

I’m going. What’s the domain name to talk about?. Maybe I’m obsessive, but the domain name sometimes really is an important reason why I don’t like this site.

first, suffix is CN and net website I don’t love, a feeling of direct neither fish nor fowl came to my mind, com is my first choice. Com.cn, I don’t know what Sina thinks. read more

My movie station’s seven promotional tips

is the first to introduce my movie station program, popular on the market of Marx is the main film program and search a movie program, most of them use the two film program, but I chose Marx because of his program program is simple and easy to understand, more functions and practical, but also most do choose the movie station, okay I turn now to the point.

now take my 500 movie, for example, to tell me how I promoted my 500 movie:

1. first page on your website structure optimization, site classification clear, such as the South Korean drama Japanese drama the two most people love classification into day drama, so that users find movies up some inconvenient, movie clutter, recommendations Japanese TV drama Korean TV drama category to keep users quickly and easily find what they want the movie. read more