8848 domain name pointing to Taobao is registered agents forgot to renew

                  perhaps the early Internet veteran of 8848 casting legend is visible before the eyes but has recently found that, the domain name is accidentally turned to Taobao, what is the matter? The event has become a hot topic of discussion today, is that the domain name changed again, there is also speculation that the expiration of the domain name has been registered, but what is the real reason? We can’t check it out.

            I have been through the search to find out a little spider, finally through the old banyan blog to find the answer. read more

Analysis and comparison of network channel operation

According to incomplete

data report was informed that according to the situation of most of the "OEM" of domestic manufacturing industry, are still within the traditional business model pattern, this reflects basically decided to expand the industry. By word of mouth to evolution of telephone marketing and customer visit routine, obvious is the traditional sales mode is in the current market the absolute disadvantage.

for the segmentation industry, the network market and the traditional line of comparison, mostly belong to channel operation and resource cost is good or bad. By the author of the big Dongguan region seems, along with the emergence of the Internet, SEO, B2C army, the birth of the O2O model and industry development, etc., for many traditional manufacturing market expansion seems to be close to zero. read more

For the owners who haven’t made money what type of website is the easiest to make money

many friends are concerned about this problem, I think I can not completely answer, and today by the way, I hope to attract a lot of.

1., you love to do the station. For example, I am a sports idiot, has not like sports, let me do a sports website, need a lot of energy, I know what to do,.

My friend

(he was familiar with computer maintenance management), he made a computer network knowledge, can write some articles on their own, a collection of articles also have certain recognition ability. I have a friend, and he was not engaged in site related occupation, but he love cars, do all prices network, although the site is small, but not a month or thousands of advertising revenue. read more

How to analyze website revision results explain page data analysis methods

wrote an article before, and used to share with you.

Before the

analysis results, it is necessary to review the revision for what.

usually, there are two types of website revisions:

1., because the content of the website itself expands, cause present website framework to bear no more content,

2. leads to web transformation based on changes in website user needs.

of course can not rule out purely for the appearance of the site and make revision decisions. (this is rather thankless.) read more

How big is your heart and how broad is your stage

has not written anything for a long time. The reason is that he has been doing the work for 4 months. Although it can not be said that he has achieved it, he has at least summed up some experience in it.

repeated for two years QQ station, although once with a lot of traffic but also get a lot of benefits, but others questioned, dare not say I am a webmaster, the reason I’m not here to mention. After some internal struggle, decided to give up the QQ station and find a website between the trade station and the garbage station: mobile station. Speaking of mobile phone station, we must not be unfamiliar, because this is not an emerging industry, and now perhaps a little passive start. At that time I thought to myself how big my heart was and how big my stage could be. Because the server is insufficient bandwidth dragged several garbage station, on the purchase of a virtual space, upload the website program to buy a mobile phone related domain name and then began to add up to now the bustling about, with the 5 months of 893, PR=5 included 460 article Baidu Motorola, Motorola mobile phone and other related keywords row to Baidu home page, the day before yesterday because the space business problems cause the server to open two days, all keywords are down the right, through the above content I summed up the following points: read more

Tencent Product Manager 800 million months live Tencent QQ user experience is how to do

current Tencent product manager Mr. Liu Hanyu guest PMCAFF micro class, to product managers and designers to share user experience knowledge.

tutor introduces

one, design

What is




diagram is the setting of a university’s design related specialty. First of all, its design specialty is located under Academy of Fine Arts, and the design related majors are classified as art design department, and it is divided into several directions.

many domestic design professional universities are such departments set up. read more

The merchant recognized it WeChat is not peddler debris flow is only suitable for small and beautif

[Abstract] Jingdong will be on tomorrow night landing Nasdaq Stock Exchange, before this, with WeChat’s "marriage", it is difficult to say who was who. In access to WeChat mobile large flow entrance, and uplift its own valuation at the same time, Jingdong also for WeChat commercialization process to promote the best interpretation.

however, it is the electricity supplier business, WeChat is suitable for brands "sellers"? Behind this beautiful encounter, WeChat for the Jingdong, and what is the actual meaning and business read more

Visitor experience decides the life and death of picture websites

I’ve been a picture station for two years. Now share your experience with pictures station. Hope to give the webmaster friends bring some benefits. From Baidu and other major search engines, search for pictures, beautiful pictures, non mainstream pictures and other websites, you will find that such sites no less than 30 thousand. Then, picture station (especially beautiful pictures) what is the reason why so fire? We can find the picture station with its large flow and high PV, good earnings, easy-to-use, become the preferred type of new webmaster do stand, the old webmaster tools for money. Because of this, led to the sudden increase in picture station. read more

Sticking is really important from the nternet to the store

I was a computer learning background, very fond of the Internet, so I graduated 06 years after the work has been related to computers and the Internet, I wrote before I do webmaster articles. But last year, Google’s advertising policy adjustments and baiduK, my biggest station, I did not go seriously to do a stand! From 07 years in October, I have been looking for projects to do. Good luck I have found that their good projects do; do before the Internet and me brother, including myself always wanted my own company; the establishment of the company under various names to pay taxes and other expenses, we have failed to register. Until we start the operation on this project. read more

The domain name transaction needs to choose the reliable platform

"domain name investment" has been speculation abroad raise a Babel of criticism of a well-known website recently, finishing 10 with the highest trading price in the global domain name domain name, which sex.com (18 No) for $14 million at the top of the list. At home, some time ago, Chen Yidan also paid a high price to buy kaixin.com domain name, it is said that the price is about 200 thousand dollars, so began to invest in sns social networking sites, and kaixin001.com launched pk.

and said that the domain name trading market is unprecedented, but when the owners do the domain name transaction, they must choose a suitable third party transaction platform. Although each trading platform will charge a fee, but the security of the transaction is the most critical part, small investment, in exchange for the peace of mind, the security, the integrity of the third party domain name trading platform is the choice of the need to be cautious. read more