‘ve been a Taobao customer for a month

Hello, I am a novice, should say is a novice to do Taobao passenger station, relative to those million per month over, I am really not what to talk about the experience, but for the beginning of a friend, maybe I can do I talk about the experience, I am a reinstall the computer are not computer illiterate, but I really have a Taobao customer interest, so I asked many friends, let them help me do. At first I do not have a web site but take some artificial methods to promote, such as in the happy nets, QQ etc. some of our common tools, but with a bunch of friends to talk, think artificial promotion is impossible, even with the flow of people also just look, not necessarily buy. I said the direct point, that is wasted effort, done for several days did not clinch a deal, a little discouraged, I think this thing may be deceptive. read more

Gaoliangjiu why the real estate website into innovation and replication cycle

in China, if not what prices are directly linked with the Internet, it is directly spawned a large number of network real estate website, these parasitic on the real estate market Internet malformation, the mouth is absorb nutrients, eat fat and white, provoking fondly. What problems can not explain the housing listing, it could not explain how a real estate website, or profit model what is unique, but because the China characteristics of the real estate market leading real estate website, does not want to make money is difficult, stuck for nearly ten years, finally have found room for more the real estate website as the envy and thirst for its own also listed (perhaps serving city "). read more

Clever use of QQ to promote the actual experience of local stations

and Admin5 from behind at present do local station or quite a lot of discussion on the local station article, that in the future the local station is a big trend, the development of local sites and expansion process if the online promotion is well done can play a great power, has a good promotion effect. Because compared to offline promotion online promotion of manpower and funds almost is not calculated, so the online promotion has been a novice webmaster favorite, today from offline promotion aside, is mainly about the practical experience of using QQ online promotion of local station. read more

Electricity supplier website purchase process some thinking how to motivate users

today in the "UCD sparks 2" see, there is a chapter on the discussion of e-commerce, especially the design of the purchase process, which also caused some of my sympathy and reflection.

on whether the process needs registration and login

can purchase in the purchase process if the user must register or login, the benefits are: 1. can increase the user’s perception of the brand; 2. is conducive to the collection of data, there is an important significance for the development of the website; 3. to improve user stickiness, establishment and development to help the membership system or community of 4.; increase the malicious shopping (such as shopping cash on delivery but deliberately fill in the wrong address) threshold. The negative side includes: 1., will cause many impulse shopping users to abandon this shopping; 2. process login time settings may lead to bad user experience. read more

Advice for webmaster over GG10 =4 PR

Hello, I’m T, rarely write articles on the Internet. But every day I will be on the network owners to watch the news. May have become a habit. But because writing stationmaster net friends are called grassroots, grassroots webmaster is popular enough, ordinary ordinary things is true. See. Webmaster network interview is my most love, do very well, please continue to.

well cut the crap. Today I this is not soft, two hundred percent friends to write the article is to promote their own webmaster, add outreach, today. This post is to share some of their own experience, and add some like-minded friends to join more than 10 knives in group. read more

Explore core user needs from gender relationships

this study came a bit late, the main reason is quite busy recently, in the "technology companies do N thinking" cancer Internet products mentioned in the core of Internet products is the user’s point of view, then this is another way to explore what the user needs, what is the core requirements

core needs in men’s and women’s lives

I had a few friends with me to find out what they wanted for their wife. My friend answered me the following answers:

1, long must be beautiful; read more

Five types of hackers love trojan website

what is the "hang a horse? In fact, for a malicious code or script to automatically download trojan hacker embedded in a web page, and use the code or script implementation of Trojan behavior is usually called" the horse". As users browse the web page is linked to the horse will be infected with Trojan, which is controlled by hackers, all kinds of stolen account password, such as electronic bank account and password and the game account number and password, email account and password, QQ/MSN account and password; sometimes forced to install malicious plug-ins, forced browsing hacker specified website; what is more the user will become a zombie host computer, being used to attack other objects. Www.xyfzl.com.cn thank you, read more

Big companies will support one

This year will participate in the discussion. One, there is a great feeling is that we should have a more open attitude to service to users. At the party we draw a conclusion: "Microsoft, YAHOO, Google, the three companies in the rest of life will not only support this conclusion, I agree. Faced with this conclusion, I gave birth to a lot of confusion, for the executive power and mentality of large companies, I am not optimistic.

Broad bean music ideal overflows the music and the long tail opportunity music person lives with mu

‘s idea is that music people can really live by music and no longer need other part-time jobs to fill their living expenses.

is a guitar roaming, carries countless music ideal for young people dream, but the reality is hungry. While traditional music is close to digital and intensely sought after by users, the musician has to worry about his own livelihood. Convergence of the 90% independent music of the people’s watercress music finally sit still, watercress music man this long hidden ideal product is about to force. To help more musicians live on music, this is the ideal of music. read more

How to make use of all chips to build brands quickly

lead: use this kind of raise mode, can be in low cost circumstance, use straight battalion inn way to be in the shortest time inside own brand diffuses to countrywide limits. At this point, the "potential" has formed.

don’t know where I heard of such a word "50 regulars can feed a shop". If the sentence is true, that I could not understand "as long as I can let 50 people become my regular customers, I will never lose money"


if it is mentioned that new customers become repeat customers, as managers, they generally say that we should enhance service awareness, improve service content and improve service levels…… Words like that. As a matter of fact, the level of service is too uncontrollable to be considered as the scope of this article. Later, I came into contact with all the chips model, suddenly feel bright at the moment, with the interests of customers bound loyalty is probably the highest bar. read more