Local talent net operation

talent networks are divided into three categories according to their size: small talent networks, medium-sized talent networks, and large talent networks. The following combination of my experience as a talent network to talk about.

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, died, but websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to capture more information and job information, enterprise recruitment. Traffic has come, advertising revenue has come. Simple description, that is, in exchange for revenue, advertising by the union to make money. read more

Webmaster readme how to save a gas forum

The concept of a

forum, in the multimedia appeared, it has long fade out of our field of vision, electricity traders already did not love to discuss how to build the forum, how to do marketing, and that some of the limelight, are turning to micro-blog, WeChat, media marketing and so on more ing words.

as Huaqiang electronic network forum small "webmaster" with you today to ask the electronic forum about a traditional industry, how to operation and maintenance. Let me first talk about some of the experience in the Management Forum: read more

Know play the game network is how to develop

1, a group of Editors (this is not hard to elaborate).

1.1, pay attention to the construction of the forum.

2, a crisis broken axe.

3, after the slowdown, seize the opportunities for client tools and web products.

(05~06) Warcraft

did the Warcraft zone first and accumulated a certain popularity base.

but a year later, development has encountered a bottleneck. Traffic is not up, the first investment of money to spend.

(06~08) after a broken axe barbaric growth

this is the "crisis moment" mentioned above, when Li Xueling decided to change the strategy of "single zone" and transform it into "multi zone" mode. If you can’t do it, take the parcel and leave. At that time, each editor himself claimed a game, built a zone, free development. Since then, play the game network also entered a period of barbaric growth stage. At that time, the most successful is the "swordsman" area, which is now more network editor Zhang Qi fan did. read more

C2C businesses are bound to edge in the Taobao system and will return to the flea market

leads: in Taobao system, C2C small businessman’s survival is more and more difficult. From the earliest forum, BBS to eBay model, and then to Taobao, as well as 58 city, C2C transactions go from here,


this morning introduced a new venture, "small business" – a personal life trading platform. Would like to see this product, and the current Hongtao K group executive vice president, pure life Wuhan science and Technology Co. founder’s visit to a solution of gravel. read more