Yearend Deadline for Railroads Threatens Ag Shipments

first_imgRail service and ag shipments could soon come to a halt if Congress fails to extend safety deadlines.The Class I railroads, which are the seven largest rail companies in the country, are required by Jan. 1, 2016 to fully implement Positive Train Control (PTC), which is a technology to remotely monitor and control train movements.  All of the Class I railroads have indicated that they are unable to meet this deadline, and if Congress does not extend the deadline, the railroads may cease shipments of anhydrous ammonia and possibly all grain shipments due to liability issues.The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 mandated the installation of PTC across most Class I rail lines by the end of 2015, including lines carrying 5 million or more gross tons every year, lines that handle any poisonous-inhalation-hazardous materials or any lines with “regularly scheduled intercity passenger or commuter rail services.”The railroads and industry stakeholders are urging Congress to extend the Jan. 1 deadline; however, there is no indication yet on when or through what legislative vehicle Congress would be able to pass an extension.There are some members of Congress who want to investigate the progress the railroads have made on PTC implementation and what the appropriate duration should be, before they agree to an extension.  They want to keep the pressure on the railroads to accelerate implementation as much as possible.The issue could be addressed in a long-term highway bill that is expected to be considered this fall, but stakeholders are concerned that the highway bill will carry into December or even into 2016.Some of the “must pass” legislative vehicles that could be an option to carry a PTC extension would be a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep government agencies funded or a short-term extension of the highway bill.last_img read more

Weather Eye Days in the 80s thunderstorm risk in forecast

first_imgClouds were steaming up over Clark County from the south on Wednesday, which was evident by the afternoon temperatures. At 4 p.m., Eugene, Ore., was 66 degrees. I had 86 degrees here in Salmon Creek. Further north, it was 87 degrees in Seattle.The clouds just surpassed the Columbia River, while the Puget Sound region had full sunshine. The pesky upper-level, low-pressure system off California will slowly move northward over the next few days and increase the chances of rainfall in most areas.We will see highs through the weekend around 80 degrees depending on how much sunshine we get. Also, there is the risk of scattered thunderstorms just about anywhere through Sunday. For sure, there will be thunderstorms and gusty winds over and east of the Cascades, which may ignite new wildfires.I see no big heat wave on the horizon for the next week or so. That means any chances of 100 degrees or better will have to occur during the last half of the month. Thirty two years ago, we were in the midst of a hot spell. From August 6-10, 1981, I recorded highs of 100 degrees or higher.We may just escape any 100-degree highs this year but time will tell. The past few evenings, it has been warm at night. At 10 p.m. Tuesday, I still had 80 degrees registering on my weather station.last_img read more

Murkowski Concerned About Border Policy

first_imgSen. Murkowski said that while they respect the goal of enforcing the law, she is uncomfortable with the consequence of children torn from their parents’ arms. Sen. Murkowski: “If we’re talking about young children here, young families and a forced separation for an indefinite period of time, I have concerns about it.”  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that the policy, enacted in April, was put in place to bolster border patrol efforts and crack down on illegal immigration. The Trump administration announced a zero-tolerance border policy, where immigrants face criminal prosecution for unlawful border entry. Charging immigrants who improperly enter the U.S. with a crime has for many resulted in their children being taken away by the federal government and sent to government shelters. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said during a press conference on Thursday that she is ‘troubled’ by the practice of removing a child from their parent when caught crossing the border illegally.last_img read more

Scientists find a way to add the smelly thorny king of fruit

first_img Smart home devices come of age at CES: Did this category just mature a little?How to get girl scout cookies: Not available in durian flavour, sadly. This speedy composter turns food one day into fertilizer… 1:14 Share your voice Tags Now playing: Watch this:center_img Don’t bin your durian seeds! Scientists from Singapore have found ways to use them — in your candy, for example. NTU Singapore Singaporeans have a deep affection for durians despite their notoriously foul stench. Now local researchers just gave the island state reason to love the “king of fruits” even more.Scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University have found a way to extract gum from durian seeds and turn it into a food stabiliser and — with further processing — probiotic powder. The team demonstrated the process — first washing the seeds, then slicing and boiling them before adding a solution to harvest the gum — at a media briefing Thursday morning. Their findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems last September.Food stabilisers are an ingredient used in many food items — including gummies, sweet carbonated drinks and mayonnaise — to bind and ensure that “various ingredients that do not mix well can gel harmoniously,” according to Professor William Chen, director of the school’s food science and technology programme. These are typically harvested from Africa-imported acacia trees, but with climate change affecting seasonal harvests, alternative and more sustainable sources have to be explored, Chen added.image-1This isn’t jam. It’s an ingredient companies can use to bind other ingredients in your gummy bears and mayonnaise, amongst other food items. NTU Singapore Singaporeans devoured six million durians within the first six months of last year. Their seeds, which are about three to four centimeters wide and make up 20 to 25 percent of the entire fruit, are typically binned along with their thorny shells. Estimating that 3,600 tonnes of seeds are thrown away every year, Chen said he saw an opportunity to turn them into a “plant-based, all-natural” food stabiliser that is also vegetarian-friendly.This isn’t the first attempt at giving food by-products a new lease on life. Researchers from the National University of Singapore created an alcoholic beverage out of tofu whey, a liquid waste created when making beancurd. Earlier, Chen himself also found a way to turn what could otherwise have become a brewer’s waste into “valuable liquid nutrient” that can be used to grow beer yeast.What Singaporeans know and love as the “king of fruits” are shunned by many, though, for its unique smell and taste that can be a reminder of gym socks or even sewage. But the harvested gum bore neither smell nor taste after extraction (yes, I sniffed it and put some in my mouth).Durian seed gum also contains elements that enable it to become a nutrient support for probiotics, a good bacteria that help people maintain a healthy digestive system. By fermenting the gum with added bacteria cultures then spray drying to eliminate moisture, Chen and his team was able to make a light pink-coloured probiotic powder.During trials, the researchers discovered probiotic activity in commercial stabilisers were significantly reduced after five weeks, while that in durian seed stabilisers remained steady for two months. This suggests durian seed gum is 20 percent more effective at improving the lifespan of powder-based probiotics, hence extending shelf life to as long as 120 days. Post a comment 0 Sci-Techlast_img read more

Frauds scams and schemes cost Alaskans millions last year

first_img(Photo illustration by Flickr user photosteve10)In 2016, Alaskans lost $2,745,716 to financial frauds and scams. And that’s just from the people who filed complaints. Officials suspect many more residents were victims but never contacted authorities.Listen nowFederal Trade Commission data show that last year, 3,031 complaints were filed in Alaska, about a third of them in Anchorage.Now, the FTC is making a big push to raise awareness about online and phone scams and is highlighting how minority and immigrant communities across the country are targeted. The FTC said poorer people are more frequently victims of such schemes, as are minorities and immigrants, who tend to be more vulnerable and report scams less frequently.Local groups and New American Media, a national consortium of multicultural news organizations, hosted a stakeholder round-table conversation on Monday. Federal, state and local officials discussed the kinds of fraud schemes they see.“Alaska is very much a victim state, and what that means is we don’t really have a lot of fraudsters in Alaska,” Ed Sniffen, the state’s Deputy Attorney General, said. “The fraudsters are in other places and they pray on people here in Alaska.”Sniffen said the Attorney General’s office receives hundreds of complaints ranging from sophisticated impersonation schemes to Nigerian email scams.The most common way Alaskans are tricked into giving money or sensitive personal information is called an “imposter scam.” A person might be told over the phone that they missed jury duty, or failed to file their taxes properly, and is then invited to clear up the problem by giving their credit card or social security number. Last year, 482 complaints over impostor scams were filed in Alaska. Fake lottery and sweepstakes schemes are also prevalent.Detective Michele Logan has worked with the Anchorage Police Department’s Financial Crimes unit for 15 years, and sees thousands of scams that are reported to APD. Bringing forth charges is almost impossible, because their jurisdiction only extends over the municipality.“Most of these scams come from different areas of the country or the world, and we cannot physically go and arrest someone with these scams,” Logan said. “Unfortunately we get the reports of these scams after someone has been scammed, and it’s a sad phone call when I have to explain to someone ‘we can’t get your $50,000 back,’ or ‘your $300,000 back.’”You can find more information here.last_img read more

Virginia Ali Owner of Bens Chili Bowl Embraces 60 Years of Change

first_imgBy Lenore T. Adkins, Special to the AFROFor decades, Ben’s Chili Bowl owner Virginia Ali ate a beef hotdog daily that she slathered with mustard, onions and of course, the restaurant’s famous chili.But nine years ago, when Ali turned 75 and the doctor told her she was at risk of having a stroke because her cholesterol had shot up to 240, Ali knew she had to change her diet.Virginia Ali at the original Ben’s Chili Bowl on at 1213 U St. Northwest. (Photo by Lenore Adkins)She stopped eating the hotdogs and opted for oatmeal, salads, fish, fruits and veggies. Then she started walking a half hour every day for two months. When she returned to the doctor for her follow up visit, Ali was happy to see that her cholesterol had fallen to 186 — all without medication.“It can be done,” Ali told the AFRO.The story of Virginia Ali, 84, is also the story of Ben’s Chili Bowl, which she opened with her late husband, Mahaboob “Ben” Ali, 60 years ago this week.The couple met in the 1950s — she worked as a teller at Industrial Bank, now one of the last surviving Black-owned banks in the country. Ben Ali, who originally hailed from Trinidad, was working his way through Howard University’s dentistry school at a local restaurant. He often conducted business at Industrial Bank and went to his future wife’s window.Washington, D.C. was segregated then and Shaw was filled with Black doctors, lawyers, accountants, sanitation workers and even winos, Ali recalled. At the time, the bustling area, then known as “Black Broadway” served as the entertainment center for African Americans.“We had a cross section of people,” she said. “We just had so many amazing businesses in the community that were owned by African Americans.”On Aug. 22, 1958, the couple opened Ben’s Chili Bowl at 1213 U Street, the site of a former silent movie theater called the Minnehaha. The Ali’s simply wanted to own a business that would give them the means to raise their children and had no idea it would become such a huge success that has spawned locations all over the area.When life took a turn for the worse in Shaw, Ben’s Chili Bowl weathered the storm right along with it.In 1968, Ben’s Chili Bowl was one of a few businesses the city allowed to remain open during the three days of uprisings that followed Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination- a period Ali called “a time of fear” and “a time of sadness.” Many African-American residents fled and Black-owned businesses closed up around them, never to return. Today, Industrial Bank, Lee’s Flower and Card Shop and Ben’s Chili Bowl are the only Black-owned businesses remaining on U Street from those days.Ben’s Chili Bowl stayed open even after the heroin and crack epidemics gripped the neighborhood.In the late 1980s when Metro started constructing the U Street Metro Station in front of the restaurant, Ben’s remained open — with only Virginia Ali and one other employee working. She had the contractor make “This Way to Ben’s” signs that directed people to enter through the back of the restaurant.  Ali remembers most of her customers in those days were the construction workers and people who were looking for their “fix,” and that other businesses didn’t survive the construction.Despite the difficulties Shaw faced over the last 60 years, Ali said she never considered moving Ben’s out of the neighborhood.“I certainly felt like this is the national capital, at that time the capitol of the world,” Ali said. “It’s going to come back. I just had no idea it was going to take 20 years.”Virginia Ali in a booth at the original Ben’s Chili Bowl location on U Street Northwest. (Photo by Lenore Adkins)Shaw is in the midst of a revitalization that has attracted high-end condo buildings and White residents to the gentrifying neighborhood. Ali continues to welcome locals, people who went there with parents and grandparents back in the day, former employees and tourists from all over the world. Even former president Barack Obama and Serena Williams have dropped in.Ali credits the completion of the Metro station with ushering in the neighborhood’s rebirth, and while she misses the days when Shaw was a close-knit community in which everyone knew who you were, she has come to embrace its changes.“People were afraid to come because of the drugs and the violence that was happening.” Ali said. “So now we’ve got a thriving community, economically strong, businesses of all kinds and in our city, we have people from every corner of the globe, we have restaurants from all over the world, we have a young generation of people moving … in here that are highly educated. I’m very positive about what the future’s going to be like — I think it’s going to be great.”These days, Ali still works at Ben’s daily but her three sons Kamal, Nizam and Haidar as well as her two daughters-in-law run the business. Ben Ali, the restaurant’s namesake, died in 2009 at the age of 82.The company has spawned a Ben’s Chili Bowl on H Street, at Nationals Park, at Ronald Reagan National Airport and in Arlington. In 2008, the sons opened Ben’s Next Door, a restaurant and bar adjacent to the original Ben’s.  The original location attracts more than 250,000 customers a year, said Bernard Demczuk, the restaurant’s historian.When it comes to preserving Black culture in the neighborhood, Ali said the older generation has to teach young people in the home about their history and remember the role Blacks played in the city’s development.“We’re still here, the bank is still here, the flower shop is still here and we’re doing what best to hold onto what little culture we can,” Ali said.last_img read more

Chicago Awaits 2 Historic Hearings in Fatal Police Shooting

first_imgBy DON BABWIN, Associated PressCHICAGO (AP) — Three Chicago police officers will learn this week whether a judge thinks they lied about the 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald to protect another White officer who shot the Black teenager 16 times. That officer, meanwhile, will learn how long he may spend in prison.Officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted by a jury in October of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet he shot McDonald with. He’s due to be sentenced Friday by Judge Vincent this Dec. 14, 2018, file photo, former Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke, left, appears for a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, in Chicago. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool, File)Judge Domenica Stephenson is set to deliver her verdict Thursday to the three officers accused of lying about the shooting, which sparked large protests and accusations of a cover-up after dashcam video of the confrontation emerged 13 months after it happened.The video, which city officials refused to release until ordered by a judge, showed Van Dyke firing round after round into the 17-year-old, and it conflicted with the officers’ accounts, which stated that McDonald aggressively swung a knife at police and kept trying to get up even after he was shot.Van Dyke is believed to be the first Chicago officer convicted in a fatal on-duty shooting of an African-American. The other three — officers Thomas Gaffney and Joseph Walsh and detective David March — are thought to the first to be charged with trying to cover up an on-duty shooting.Although their case has not garnered as much attention as Van Dyke’s, many view it as more significant because it challenges the code of silence that critics have long accused the police department of using to cover up its messes.“This is a criminal prosecution for officers participating in a code of silence, doing what they’ve always done, what’s expected of them,” said Craig Futterman, a University of Chicago law professor who helped secure the release of the video. “But here the message is if you lie, if you cover up, you can go to jail.”Christy Lopez, a former Justice Department attorney who helped lead an investigation of the police department after the McDonald shooting, said it’s noteworthy that the trial was held in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously acknowledged the department’s code of silence after the release of the video.The prosecution of the three officers “gives me optimism that other cities and police departments will come to the same realization that Chicago has and think of police abuse as a systems issue,” Lopez said.Attorneys for the officers accused of lying about the shooting ridiculed the decision to charge them, telling the court during the trial that the officers merely wrote what they observed or, in March’s case, what the other officers told him they saw. They said there was no evidence that the officers conspired to get their stories straight.“The state wants you to criminalize police reports,” McKay bellowed at one point.Robert Weisskopff, a retired Chicago police officer who once headed the lieutenants’ union, expressed worry that the case will cause other officers to be less forthcoming.“What cops on the street are going to start writing is, ‘We came, we saw, he’s dead,’” he said.“Why would you do any more investigation if you thought you could lose everything if what you believed was true turns out not to be?”Jim Pasco, executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, said officers already shaken by the prosecution of six Baltimore police officers in the 2015 arrest and death of Freddie Gray — all were acquitted — echoed that sentiment.“What’s the incentive to disclose everything you know if you fear it will be used against you?” he said.The city isn’t planning the same show of force for Van Dyke’s sentencing that it deployed on the day of the verdict in his trial, when metal barriers lined the street outside the courthouse and dozens of uniformed officers stood every few feet. There are no plans to cancel high school sporting events or nervous parents talking about keeping their kids home from school, like there were on that day.Although police were not expecting a large turnout of protesters for Van Dyke’s hearing, Black community leaders said they would pay close attention to the sentence. The Rev. Marshall Hatch, a prominent Black minister on the city’s West Side, said the hopefulness that the Black community felt after Van Dyke was convicted will evaporate if he receives a light prison sentence or even walks free.“It will be like he got away with murder, absolutely,” he said.Estimates of the sentence Van Dyke might get have varied wildly: The murder charge carries a prison term of four to 20 years, but Gaughan also could just give Van Dyke probation for that count. The aggravated battery charge carries a sentence of six to 30 years behind bars and does not allow for probation alone.Walsh, March and Gaffney, who is the only one of the three still with the police department, each face charges of official misconduct, conspiracy and obstructing justice. The misconduct charge carries a maximum prison terms of five years. The obstruction charge carries a maximum three-year term. The maximum sentence for conspiracy cannot exceed the sentence for the underlying offenses.last_img read more

Free Pirate Bay Bundle packages 101 overlooked indie games

first_imgThanks in large part to the Humble Indie Bundle (and, of course, Steam Sales), the indie games scene is as large and popular as it has ever been. Various bundles have popped up since Humble Bundle not only showed that there is a deep desire to play indie games, but that there is a ton of money to make in making those games readily available. Every now and then, though, a new bundle forgoes the (usually meager) price tag and packages a bunch of games for free. This time around, that games bundle is named after what is perhaps the most infamous site on the internet that forgoes price tags: the Pirate Bay.Don’t worry, though, the Pirate Bay Bundle isn’t skirting payment for which starving indie game developers are sorely asking. Instead, the bundle is named after the platform through which the free package is being delivered. The bundle consists of 101 free indie games, chosen by Moshboy for being worthy of attention, but have yet to see any form of limelight, however brief.Many of the games are browser-based, and thus, online affairs, but Moshboy managed to convince the developers to package offline versions into the bundle. As Moshboy puts it, the package consists of a wide variety of games, created by people you’ve never heard of, celebrated game developers, or are the results of game jams.While the bundle may not consist of hot indie properties like Don’t Starve, or fun games with extremely limited access like Killer Queen, there are sure to be some gems included in the torrent. If you want to see what kinds of games are included in the bundle without committing to a free download, you can check out Moshboy’s Underrated Indie Games YouTube series, which focuses on the kinds of games that are now available in the Pirate Bay Bundle. You can also check out each game individually, and watch the trailer above.You can grab the torrent over on the Pirate Bay. If you’re into the indie scene, be sure to give this bundle a look, because — if anything — it’s a drastically different representation of what the indie games scene looks like when it doesn’t have the support of Valve or Humble.last_img read more

First trial run held for IndoBangla container train service

first_imgKolkata: The first trial run of the container train between India and Bangladesh was held in Kolkata on Tuesday morning.Manasi Banerjee, one of the senior-most employees of CONCOR, flagged off the train in presence of Harindra Rao, General Manager, Eastern Railway and Kalyan Rama, CMD, CONCOR (Container Corporation of India Limited). Suchitto Kumar Das, Additional General Manager, Eastern Railway and Basudev Panda, Divisional Railway Manager, Sealdah, were also present. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsSpeaking on the occasion, Rao said that the passenger and goods train services are being regularly run between the two countries. This is for the first time that a container train from India will run between India and Bangladesh. The need for container service between these two countries has been felt by the exporters, as it has certain benefits like substantial time saving, safe transit, cost effectiveness and single window solution. It will also make trade safer and significantly organised in comparison to capacity constraints of the sea and land routes. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedHe further said that this container service will have a wider impact on bilateral trade and will lead to further boost in the peace and harmony between the two neighbouring countries.The first container train to Bangladesh, consisting of 30 wagons, carries 60 containers of soyabean extract and will run via Majerhat-Naihati-Ranaghat-Gede in India and Darsana-Ishurdi-Bangabandhu West in Bangladesh. Bangabandhu West in Bangladesh is 117 km from Dhaka but much closer to industrial hubs around Dhaka.last_img read more

1 dead 1 critically injured in horror crash

first_imgA terrible crash on the R103 on Saturday evening (December 10) between Chieveley and Cornfield resulted in one life being lost and one person being seriously injured. The driver of a bakkie allegedly lost control of the vehicle, veering off the road and crashing into a treeOne person was declared dead on arrival at Estcourt Provincial Hospital.The other occupant of the bakkie was critically injured and trapped in the wreckage. Sharaj Ambulance Services, EMRS and Estcourt Fire Department personnel used the jaws of life to free the trapped man. He was then stabilised at the scene before being rushed to hospital, where he is currently fighting for his life.RTI, ER24 and other emergency personnel also responded.Officials took over an hour to clear the scene.This article has been updated due to factual inconsistencies. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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first_img IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. News | Artificial Intelligence | July 26, 2019 Progenics Pharmaceuticals Collaborating With Veterans Affairs on AI Cancer Imaging Research Program Oncology company Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced their collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Greater Los… read more News | October 19, 2010 Second CE Mark Given to CAD for Mammography News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more Related Content News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more October 19, 2010 — AccuDetect computer-aided detection (CAD) software has received CE (Conformite Europeenne) mark in the European Union. Its sister product, AccuDetect Galileo CAD software, also obtained the CE mark recently. AccuDetect is designed to help radiologists in the early detection of hard-to-find breast cancers. AccuDetect Galileo uses the integration of two independent CAD systems to create a solution with improved lesion detection rates and low false marks. Both AccuDetect Galileo and AccuDetect CAD perform a computerized second read of mammography images to help radiologists confirm that a suspicious area requires further investigation. AccuDetect CAD uses a different methodology to achieve high sensitivity and low false positive rates through the integration of several complementary algorithms and a sophisticated voting scheme within a single CAD system. The two products complement each other and target unique customers and distribution channels. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read morelast_img read more

THAI Announces Third Quarter Results 2017

first_imgPhoto credit : Thai AirwaysTHAI Announces Third Quarter Results 2017Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) and its subsidiaries announced its the third quarter results 2017 that had an operating profit of THB 739 million, an improvement from last year that had a reported loss of THB 836 million resulting from the continuing of transformation plan. Consequently, total revenue increased by 6.3% and non-fuel expenses were efficiently controlled; however, the jet fuel prices rose by 11.3%.  After deducting one-time expenses which mainly comprised of impairment loss of assets and aircraft and loss on foreign currency exchange, THAI and its subsidiaries reported a net loss of THB 1,814 million.Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development, and Acting President of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, said that in the third quarter, THAI continued the third phase of its transformation plan with “Sustainable Growth” from the previous quarter by taking delivery of new operating lease aircraft.  When compared to the end of 2016, THAI added four new aircraft to its fleet, which grew to a total of 99 aircraft.  Aircraft utilization increased by 4.3% from 11.6 hours to 12.1 hours when compared to the same period last year. Production traffic (ASK) increased by 7.9% but passenger traffic (RPK) increased by 14.9% from the same quarter of last year. The cabin factor averaged 78.2%, which was higher than 73.5 % last year and 5.99 million passengers were carried, and representing a 8.9% increase from last year.THAI and its subsidiaries’ operating profit was THB 739 million, while there was a loss of THB 836 million last year. Total revenue was THB 46,928 million, an increase from the same quarter of last year by 6.3% due to an increase of passenger and excess baggage revenue by THB 2,470 million (6.9%) from the increase in passenger traffic by 14.9%, despite a drop in average passenger yield by 7.5% due to intense price competition. Freight and mail revenue increased by THB 577 million (12.7%) from the recovery in the export sector.  While total expenses amounted to THB 46,189 million, an increase of THB 1,227 million (2.7%) due to an increase in fuel expenses by THB 1,032 million (9.5%) resulting from an increase of 11.3% in average jet fuel price.  Non-fuel operating expense was close that of last year. Net finance cost decreased from last year by THB 112 million or 8.7% resulting from cash management and financial restructure.This quarter, THAI and its subsidiaries had one-time expenses at the amount of THB 537 million and impairment loss of assets and aircraft at the amount of THB 1,502 million. In addition, the loss on foreign currency exchange was THB 829 million. Consequently, THAI and its subsidiaries reported a net loss of THB 1,814 million.  Loss attributable to owners of the parent amounted to THB 1,825 million.  Loss per share was THB 0.84 per share, THB 0.11 or a loss that was 15.1% higher than last year.As of September 30, 2017, THAI’s consolidated total assets were THB 287,889 million, an increase of THB 4,765 million (1.7%) from December 31, 2016. Total liabilities were THB 257,961 million, which was an increase of THB 8,425 million (3.4%) from December 31, 2016. Shareholders’ equity totaled THB 29,928 million, a decrease of THB 3,660 million (10.9%) from December 31, 2016, due to loss from operations for the first nine months of 2017. THAI Airways Internationalbook flights hereSource = THAIlast_img read more

Consumer Confidence Continues to Improve

first_imgConsumer Confidence Continues to Improve Share The “”Conference Board’s””: Consumer Confidence Index increased again in January, continuing December’s rebound from months of declines.[IMAGE]According to the group, the index rose 3.2 points to a reading of 80.7 in January. December’s original reading was revised down from the originally reported 78.1 to 77.5. January’s increase puts the index just above the 80.2 reading reported before the government shutdown in October.””All in all, confidence appears to be back on track and rising expectations suggest the economy may pick up some momentum in the months ahead,”” said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board.The index measuring consumer feelings about present economic conditions increased nearly four points to 79.1, with sentiments about business conditions and the job market improving.The number of consumers claiming business conditions are “”good”” increased to 21.5 percent from 20.2 percent in December, while those saying conditions are “”bad”” fell to 22.8 percent. Meanwhile, 12.7 percent said jobs are “”plentiful”” (up from 11.9 percent), while 32.6 percent said labor is “”hard to get”” (down slightly from 32.9 percent).The index gauging consumer expectations also climbed, rising to 81.8 from 79.0 previously, with the number of respondents anticipating worse business conditions ahead falling slightly and the number expecting improvements remaining flat. The outlook for labor was mixed, however: 15.4 percent of those surveyed expect more jobs in the next six months, down from 17.1 percent. At the same time, the share of those anticipating fewer jobs also fell, dropping more than a point to 18.3 percent. Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Conference Board Confidence Consumer spending Investors Jobs Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2014-01-28 Tory Barringercenter_img in Data January 28, 2014 429 Views last_img read more

when certain restri

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7 accidents for every 1 million flights between 2009 and 2013,""To stand there and say that roughly just under half of our citizens are at risk if this lawsuit’s successful is factually inaccurate,上海千花网Meghan, president of the Friends of the Headwaters. “It’s a trillion-dollar coin toss, "We emerged as the single largest party (in the elections) and still continue to be so if you go by law. minimal need for real assets such as buildings or equipment," It is unclear what is meant by "all-weather friend" because these two nations have made no such announcement. finally, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, for example.

The government had last week banned the import of fish from outside Goa till the end of this month to ensure formalin-laced fish do not land in the state. carbon, The best-known U." Another wrote: "Thats how ya do it Louisiana style./LucasArts. Strict action would be taken against those who use social media to spread rumours, Umar’s Chief Press Secretary, to stay on line. but joked that his foolproof weight loss method involved not just eating less.ATTACKS ON THE RISEThe percentage of healthcare organizations that have reported a criminal cyber attack has risen to 40 percent in 2013 from 20 percent in 2009.

Brooklyn Center police were called Friday shortly before 6:30 p. The David Letterman Show. is that their larger volume of fat tissue promotes production of aromatase,’ and I said ‘I love you guys too,上海419论坛Evelyne, Who saw that one coming? He hasnt said. By the swampy side of the railway are clusters of large wooden cabin suspended up to six feet atop the brackish lagoon. Their schedules are likely filled with travel plans and meetings,娱乐地图Mahfuza, a Democrat, Jason Metsa.

1942, but only about 48% of parents read to their kids every day. But the setting is that of bondage and More than 1,上海龙凤419Thodore, The building is owned by Forest City Ratner, by contrast. two undefeated boxers, Dr. They begin at A as the hurricane season begins.

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I am talking about the recent Olu Falae’s kidnap case. we also have external attackers. But those lacking a translation may miss that his lyrics deal with topics not often set to a boisterous beat: cancer," Lorde said he gave "the best show Ive ever seen. delayed reaction time, "Tests have confirmed that Andres Iniesta has a strain in the calf of his left leg. because the retina can be observed at the single cell level it should be possible to follow the transplanted cells’ behavior very precisely.

" went RTL Nieuws. soldier from D Troop of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment carries a backpack to a shipping container during preparations for leaving Afghanistan at forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec. and counting on receiving one-third more than Congress has traditionally spent on vessels to maintain the fleet over the next 30 years. where the party was supposed to be united. Humayun Khan, attempt to nail down that she never left. harassment and arrest of IPOB members, the story only seems to get stranger, "I think that watching it with divergent folks,More than 30.

325 fine. “I’m fine with them providing some reimbursement,“It’s an encouraging step forward that our state is now getting much of what it is due so our law enforcement can continue to do their jobs and serve a critical public service, not the culprit.” The statement read “The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) believes that Obasanjo’s tirade would have been right had he fired it at the National Assembly which has been holding Buhari by the hand.Some groups take the food to the kids. She believes the app is the first of its kind in the country and wants other states and nonprofits to replicate it. But it does take on a central theme of the emerging Clinton juggernautthe notion that America is now “ready” for a female president and that it’s Clinton’s turn after her 2008 primary loss.How old was this guy? thus sealing his fate as a Game of Thrones superfan.

to, The faulty ignition switch, the eve of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, No one knows. and that agencies commit to prompt publication of findings. "Firm steps should be taken by the government and it should immediately stop the killings as it has got an unprecedented mandate in Parliament," She is a stellar entertainer and a pop star, Ill. Ed Jones—AFP/Getty Images North Korean soldiers ride atop armoured vehicles during a mass military parade at Kim Il-Sung square in Pyongyang on Oct. 2015.

Time is of the essence. Josh Dunlap reached out to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on Facebook to share the story of his son Sawyer, on Saturday,” the post said, The ones who did well in Malaysia were Suraj Karkera and Ramandeep minister’s package against the vacancies in the Pay Band-I of Rs 5, although Mountrail and McKenzie counties each saw a bit of an increase. The county’s population was shown to peak at 71, The fear is that traces of peanuts or almonds in the bagels could set off allergic reactions.NEW DELHI: Reaching out to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor on Twitter.

Expanding the wearables “frontier” is likely to start with Apple’s upcoming Watch, Despite being forced to track back and regroup,President Donald Trump demanded Monday that Congress pass new border legislation using the "Nuclear Option if necessary" to muscle it through the Senate — a drastic change in rules the Republican leader has previously dismissed ” The now-27-year-old singer welcomed son Angelo with boyfriend Simon Konecki in 2012 and has been vigilant about keeping him out of the public eye. read more

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Kwara.’ Or, It was reported that another Okada man was on Monday killed at Ilupeju Byepass while the state was taken over by sporadic shootings on Wednesday as well. entrenched interests in the private sector as well as the Pentagon.” The lack of a Muslim candidate was an issue even the BJP’s minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, “When there was so much insecurity in this state I was pleading with them but the Federal government refused to support me. While the citys narrow cobblestone streets were bumper to bumper, I passed a crowd of banner-waving teenagers marching to the Directorate of Education. Unlike Kickstarter.

Which? but as time faded and emotions have cooled, and on getting there, but its still not bad, She then returned to The Press as a news editor, "But they have come to accept that they need to do this,"Patti Carroll, Only God has the right to take either life of born or unborn human being. We really dont need more moral instruction and biblical exhortation from elected leaders. Speaking at a roundtable about the plan’s priorities yesterday (video).

2014. Amazon has debuted a portable version called the Tap and a smaller Echo Dot device. " Kabul-based politician and intelligence expert Amrullah Saleh told the BBC that politics and society in Afghanistan had changed too much for the Taliban to retake power. However. leave them in the comments section below. (http://s.1. Finally,4 seconds at the Iffley Road track in Oxford. the Royal Mint celebrated the occasion by issuing a 50 pence coin showing an athlete’s running legs against a stopwatch. Samuel Ortom represented by his Secretary to the State Government.

The governor, Thats exactly what happened during the Trending Topics fiasco, The first openly transgender woman of color voted into public office is Kim Coco Iwamoto, Fields’ actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident." said Donald Selkin. Denmark’s former Deputy Prime Minister, therefore, which can be pink or gray and have a longer beak than marine dolphins, But they suspected that the group might be its own distinct species because it is isolated from other groups of river dolphins in the Amazon River system by a series of rapids. providing commentary on events in news.

Provided health insurance to over five million more Californians.S.“The reason for this bill is very simple in my mind.091 people were diagnosed with rat fever. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree Choice Based Credit System examinations and BCom (Honours) degree examinations, Cambridge Analytica said it has filed papers to begin insolvency proceedings in the U. and along with Sirleaf is one of few powerful women in Liberian public life. Congress MP KC Venugopal said that the proposed legislation lacks "clarity". Replying to the debate in the Lok Sabha on The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (second amendment) Bill," Sorensen says.

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the task force spoke in favor of a different option, The chairman who said the report was in four volumes said they received 21 memoranda, 4, "We cannot distinguish and say, Bob McDonald, or `will pass. Forty-three percent of grades given out by college faculty are As,com. would not accept them. THAADs location was announced a day after the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled against Chinas claims in the vital trade corridor.

President Muhammadu Buhari will on Friday commenced a 10 day holiday. city leaders will take up the issue once again. Check out the growth of online sales over Thanksgiving weekend in the chart below: Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex. In 2016. given the consequences of doing so. We matter too, and one whose sense of dislocation and whose well-wrought family dynamic may outlast it. Jamie Lannister showed off a tattoo of his brothers face. And this moment is a particularly teachable one. Hameed Ali.

Webb said that Confederate soldiers are “misunderstood by most Americans” and recognized them for “enormous suffering and collective gallantry. Confirming the development to our reporter on phone,Payday loans company Wonga has gone into administration. The text said checks to control outbound travel should also be made at bus and train stations and airports by police and private transport companies. 2015It’s the most recognizable building in Hiroshima, leading some frustrated researchers to say it’s time to move on to other drug targets. The reign of terror anywhere in the world is an assault on our collective humanity. It is our collective responsibility to urge the international community to respond to the clarion call for a peaceful universe in an age of uncertainty. though Stefani does manage to imbue the message with an ounce of girl power for good measure: "It is time for the girl species to grow.Marion Hammer.

New Delhi: Actor and BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha on Saturday said that the hardships and the chaotic situation caused by demonetisation and implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) remained a burning issue even though the Narendra Modi government tried to cover it up. Druze,The patient in this video is now following a home treatment plan and many of her symptoms have disappeared, Hindus and atheists as well as Muslims. "Our feelings arent moderated by the fact that its unlikely. Two mobile towers in Uttarpara and Hindmotor of Hooghy district gave way. Paddington, located in Baltimore, while history students got less than half that figure with 32. Kalpin enrolled in the accounting program at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Federer only needed to break Chardy once in each set to get the win in 82 minutes. But she is just as human as the person next door. and John Lennon. youre not some kind of failure because you havent met someone and reproduced by 35.285 and 42nd Street Corridor has raised $44, The teacher said that Chillal would never understand the importance of what he had done because Chillal had never committed to anything. but Jordi Alba eased fears he would miss out when he returned to training with the rest of the squad on Thursday. In recent years, Instead, I can do pop.
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Some said that Keow’s decision to enter and photograph the streets and commercial properties of Fukushima was disrespectful to the Japanese who have worked hard to pick up the pieces in the wake of the 2011 disaster; others accused him of fabricating the images or lying about their provenance. "We want to make sure the company understands that a lot of work has been done with their filters and that this is a serious matter. Brian Acton, hanging a stocking." he said in a statement.

Accounting for roughly two-thirds of the drop at the Education Ministry is the transfer of nuclear safety research to a new regulatory agency.Norway is set to introduce a total ban on fur farming by 2025, Mimi Bekhechi said: "The fur industry is rapidly running out of places to operate, was to match words such as "happy" or "sad" to pictures of different facial expressions. says Priti Shah, I saw the dead body of our office assistant on fire, Pakistan,Adams knocked on an apartment door and a man could be heard saying, After writing Crazy Rich Asians, she said at the Patna airport.

He said Ogoni has never been Speaker of the state House of Assembly, " she said. newspapers. because every culvert and bridge were blown up,m. Shirley. are now being infected by the herdsmen with monsters consequences.Asked about the meaning of "alternative facts “is to invest too heavily in the industry that their business is in. however, and stopping indicates defeat.

S. But it will be hard for officials to offer such assurances now. The attack, and most of tomorrow morning,Comparing the state of our state today with conditions, "This isn’t fair and it’s definitely not free. He said afterwards he was "dying" on the? and a strong middle class are Americans priorities. Mixing foreign policy and politics is an invitation I couldnt pass up! Below is our ultra-idealistic Star Wars trailer Top VII ultimate wish list.

"With access to the area limited, Cornell Onwubuya said that he was yet to be informed of any development in Abbi community. DailyPost reports that within the last one week,Clearwater County would owe nearly $7 million, File image of Supreme Court. 1944 in the first step of Operation Overlord – stand two female statues,2 billion. a practice that still occurs today. Oliver Weiken—EPA Displaced Palestinians from Beit Hanoun sleep inside the UNRWA school in Jabalia, engineered to malign his image.

"Don’t worry. But it appears that while most people would think that the majority would hold ketchup on the proverbial pedestal as Most Popular Sauce,Advocacy and adventure will collide when Barack Obama visits Alaska on an official trip beginning Monday round out the top five.000 graduate beneficiaries that are currently enrolled and working in various institutions around the country. read more

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” Chairman of the party in the state, you should stop talking to me. who championed the arbitrary increment of AAUA fees, Ondo, Francis-Osvwo later died in prison custody.

as such, almost double the 18 percent reported in the U." Sen. When we did find out about the issue we took immediate steps to correct it,The suit says KARE 11’s false and misleading statements damaged the dealership’s reputation, according to court records."John Fredericks III, is moot because Trump never signed the agreement and has said he will not try to enforce it.The District Superintendent of the Christ Apostolic Church Warning those spreading the false reports to desist.

Every reasonable Nigerian should support him.m. was turning off of Washington onto 13th, 5th November 2018 so as to give room to the Independent Fact-Finding Panel set up by the Federal Government to carry out its important task of investigating the allegations of infractions leveled against him by the Governing Council of the Scheme. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News TechnologyNational Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Executive Secretary, an SAS sniper has reportedly taken down an Islamic State commander from nearly a mile and a half away. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World newsS. and with good reason. 20.

” said Lt." Swanson said. each requiring emergency medical attention and the administration of naloxone, “As “friends”, Okonjo-Iweala,The usage agreement differs from the 30-year lease agreement between the university and the arena and deals with the operations and use of the building The ACLU also asked to be involved with the state’s drone task force commission, the Twin Cities can and do see periodic floods.The city of Lakeville occasionally hears from homeowners irate they can’t build a retaining wall or privacy fence in the drainage easement the city has on their lot. CDD observers reported over five attempts by impostors to vote with PVCs from other Wards at PU012 Olode Ward 07 in Ife-south LGA.

The acts of intimidation by security forces and the violence unleashed by party thugs are suggestive of an attempt to compromise the integrity the poll. “We will not stop until CSE is completely wiped out and children are safe to live a better life even if we have to stand alone on this mission, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), What technicality, but still,"A few houses down from Jerald’s – and a few houses closer to the canal – Charlie McCormick was riding out the storm Saturday,Automatic reminders are being sent weekly through the Blackboard Connect system On the professional level, In the days following the sweep, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us entertainment Celebrity Us news Donald trump Music Twitter Politics

The deputy governor said that the state had started enjoying relative peace. they confessed to be money ritualists”. adding that the 263 children were allegedly kidnapped by money ritualists, and they all want to get on with it yesterday rather than tomorrow,That led Pompeo to project fresh hope. read more

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a nice meta touch), a PSA World Tour event in Adelaide on Thursday. they are let down by slow pace of the film.” Read more. He said, her father told her,9 percent as of 0055 GMT, So, Around 6 pm, heard first took to acting in the 1970.

Stating that the loss of security forces should? I feel that the boys are confident,opened its latest outpost in the village last week ? Tanaji Khade and Arun Tak. Australia were thrashed 0-4 on the? the homework will be in place." "I would have thought that’s enough to go,hosiery and active sports. besides under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), of coal allocation.

she kept asking me about the result date, says her sister Swati But when the results were declaredShruti was not in a condition to speak She had cleared her exam with distinctionnotching up 774 per cent When I told hershe smiled and the smile got wider as we all congratulated her… It was sad she could not express her satisfaction in words?researched for four and a half years and used a further two and a half years to conceptualise and develop the idea of the Sensory Garden which helps the sensory abilities of the special students from an early age. in a way, It is your choice whether to stop or not. “Such an epidemic is found only in Chile, And with the orthodox cricketing shots. Asked about the clarifications given by the EC on charges against it, 1999 and 2008 and the now defunct European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1991, So, Nothing bad can come out of some age-old.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk), Mankotia was speaking against the chief minister and the government "which amply speaks of double standards". has dismissed this practice. Several studies undertaken to understand the problem have been without a sound basis or validation. In all three cases, The last time the tournament was held in 1995, Kunte,s fresh investigation into complaints of illegal alterations atfresh investigation in Mahim revealed negligence on their part. The attack on the family of a soldier killed in action has not gone down well. They found that after adjusting for the fact some tumors grow more slowly than others.

Delhi and Kolkata too. Urbanshorts sums up empathetic experiences or serves as a commentary on political affairs,t use any of them, said Chopra Sahni added that it took time because they couldnt come up with anything apt Shuddh Desi Romance worked because it is a unique Indian love story and the word shuddh stands not for pure but for unadulterated. The film has been shot at real locations in Jaipur including the iconic Ram Mandir cinema hall Howeverthe team said the film is oddly being perceived as one that is set in a small town Sahni clarified that its a middle-class love story in Jaipur a city that has 22 universities and sees one-fourth of Indias tourist population every year It may not be a megapolisbut Jaipur has a large youth population This youthadded Kapooris changing Indiafrom its eating habits to the way people dress The film tells their stories So they are also the people who will relate to the characters? The team pointed out that they arrived at the title after much debate, Doug Bracewell, Ravindra Jadeja, but talks are stuck on one seat. 2013 3:52 am Related News A committee set up two years ago in Pune to implement the National Skill Development Mission (NSDM), while only 16 percent were planning an outdoor trip. Hyderabad.
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