Content updates pay attention to how to move the user’s heart so as to improve the user experience

how to give users a good experience, and for this, every webmaster are struggling. From the website, placing pictures, and website content title under the time, site architecture of the individual owners, if the choice is fixed template, it is difficult to make a big adjustment, placing pictures can effectively attract users, however, the picture will seriously affect the speed of the open web site, and pay more attention to the user experience of Baidu so, say the picture does not seem too concerned, on the site of key technologies, the use of space is not too stable, only use words to impress the user’s heart! In fact, a lot of good webmaster is provided a large number of text content to the user, retain customers. Therefore, the content of the web site must work hard on the text, and improve the user experience in turn.

an updated content, first of all to the title of efforts to bring the general title keywords website, in order to prevent the keywords and others repeat, so the title to guarantee a certain length, with a long tail keywords do best, of course, before deciding on a title, the best copy, in Baidu search, see if there is no repeat, if a similar title too much, the best re set a title. When doing the title, but also taking into account the user’s search habits, as the user cannot input a string of text to find the information they need, and most will enter keywords are concerned, some good search users may search for the combination of several key words, when we do these updates, should be taken into account another point, use the title font, font basically also, unless it is in order to meet some special needs of user groups, in general, to the formal title font, in line with the mainstream form.

, with the headlines, let’s talk about the content. The content must have keywords, this need not, I repeat. In the content structure, in addition to avoid the empty content, should also pay attention to the user’s reading habits, a user visit the website, because he is not boring, especially commercial website, the user is not only boring because, they always contain various objective requirements, is worth mentioning, is to make soy sauce just as well, the website is an open platform, we can not set who, forbidding such permission, but we must try to visit in the future the user on the site. No matter what kind of user, you can stay on the website, even a minute is also a victory. So, the content of the web site update should not be too long, to allow the user to read in a very short time, don’t imitate some large sites which way, a few words and with a picture, let users continue to flip, has reached its presence to many large web sites do big websites an independent server, we read this text, people feel the speed is not too smooth, not feeling very comfortable. Another thing to note is that in each individual content page, many webmasters prefer to use the mobile QQ dialog box to expect users to talk directly.

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