3 years old webmaster experience second sets about domain name problem

from the last published "3 years of experience after the old webmaster experience you had no" to now after a week, a lot of friends with me, said he met this problem, because ask friends too much, and most of them are repeated problems, so the main problem here I explain we met.

mainly consists of 3 aspects, space, server, domain name, which mainly said domain name space problem, because I started doing stand 3 years ago, less than one month for your own server, so it is not good to you for guidance. The server could recommend a place, but this is not specific It differs from man to man. is introduced, the main third problems, domain name, of course, I only said that the new network, because I use are quite familiar with the new network.

1, the domain name transfer, because we are a person, when we stand big or loss, or someone out when buying and selling stations will become one of our considerations, how to sell sell? It is nothing but the program name, data to him, OK, but is the domain name transfer. This is our main problem, with the transfer of the operation process, believe that there is a need of a friend to understand, but the key content in the middle, no one knows, because we are after all contact agent, they because of personal reasons caused by the chaos increases, we simply do not know the specific measures.

here I detail, in fact, the domain name transfer is not a penny, that is, free of charge, the so-called transfer fees, but because agents personal behavior, how much, they say. Of course, here you see the agent in the end is not black. The article I said, I dedicated myself to the new network in order to register registered agent, is a lot of money, but for peace of mind, of course I was through the relationship from the new network Branch Lane, but also didn’t give money, but the price is much lower than others, hey.

we may say I write without a specific solution to solve this problem, in fact, is the most simple, directly to the data sent to the new network, not by your agent can directly fix, because you give him, he is also to the new network, rather than directly to the new network directly. And free.

2, the domain name for agents, an agent’s good or bad, directly affect us for a lifetime, right, you are not wrong, that is, a lifetime. You want to, as long as you have to renew the website profit, so, in this life you are the agent of him, is not a lifetime? If you find a good agent to help you registered, you will be a lifetime. I believe we can not stand it, so there is this situation, for agents.

changing agents is an act of passion. If you’re only interested in changing for another agency, then I’ll tell you, don’t waste your time, it’s boring. The energy as good do stand, we are not poor that a few dollars.

here, I mainly say that I have encountered a "black heart agent" must change, I have encountered a very bad

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