Baidu knows the latest ten skills

is very happy today to share some of Baidu know skill for everyone, is through personally practice summed up, there may be incorrect, welcome master correct, here is my summary of the ten skills.

1, first of all, we want to do a good job of Baidu know, then account must be clean, and the account level as high as possible, so as to send valid links. Generally speaking, the number just apply, most of them can not bring the link, very few can take.

two, Baidu know a number, you need to apply for a small, select 2-3, as the main, the rest as auxiliary, the trumpet to ask questions, but also need to change the time to interrupt, IP, caching. A number of questions, do not need a lot of problems, generally around 3 can be, a question, and then use the main number to answer, in acceptance, it is deleted all right, experience, wealth value, the main number will exist, and need to do the task, also ask you, can not answer. (it was suggested to Taobao to buy several series of high account, very cheap, a number of trouble, if it is not, you have no..


three, title to attract people. Everything from the user experience, if the title is not attractive enough, or repeated many times, then it is difficult to line up the home page.

four, the content of the article. We do know that Baidu, in answer, try to write original articles, this effect is good, if you go to copy others, so the content is not what attracted, Baidu is also very smart, you may delete. Copy ranking must not be good, so suggest using original. This is unique.

five, leave the QQ number. Do network friends, certainly need to leave contact information, so, there are many methods, in short, don’t be such a fate of pure digital form, absolutely, be deleted, QQ to write the buckle, Chinese, or network number can leave QQ ways to leave QQ reference work.

six, answer the question. In answer to a question, it is best to add a bit more Baidu group, and others each answer your question content, write, let others to answer, so he only need to copy, paste, OK, the answer is completed, do not immediately to adopt. To wait about 1 weeks, the advantage is that you can let others answer some, increase the amount of browsing, but also to this question, increase the amount.

seven, how can you answer successfully?. Some friends may appear, wrote a big push, how appeared, wait a few minutes, this is not to suggest that basic, some are original, I thought, how not? This can be bought more than 6 numbers to try, about 20. This great success rate of submission. Another point is that your content, suspected of sensitive words, and suggest that you can, in answer to the first answer: for example, Louzhu Hello…… Wait, that will definitely return

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