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we are in a rapidly developing information age, and everything in the world is changing at any moment. With the current network revolution, more and more people want to be their own webmaster, hastily built up the site, the Internet to pick up a little information. But because of their website development and operation is not very familiar with, not real-time updates, search spiders don’t visit the website, causing the site to drop, the flow is almost zero, no ads for submission fees, many sites and therefore stranded. So it is the most important to build a website and keep pace with the times. Always update your website and often change your site to new blood. Only in this way can you make every corner of your website full of oxygen, and let the search engine know that you are paying for the website constantly. Only in this way, they will always patronize your website, of course, included will also increase accordingly.

as a netizen and grassroots webmaster, I imagine real-time updates to the site are very interested in, if Sina not to update, who would go to the news? So the website must keep pace with the times! Even if you update a picture, also can let your visitors like a bright


keeps pace with the times, starting with Google’s home page, as follows:


today is the birthday of Tsien Hsueshen, Google will change his home page, so that people shine. It feels like Google is watching us, keeps us informed, and provides us with good service.

so if we want to improve our website’s traffic, we must update the content of the website in real time, especially those related to people’s life, such as news websites and entertainment websites. Your little updates will make people feel that you are always serving them so that they will trust you and of course will visit your website regularly.

so how can you keep your website updated? It’s OK to have a website team, but isn’t it difficult for an individual webmaster?

some webmaster use collector to collect the article on the network, and then through the replacement tool, the article becomes pseudo original. Some webmaster see good article directly to move to your website, so that not only will not let search engines more included your site, say bad, will your site as garbage station, you give K. You know, users don’t want to see duplicate content, and search engines are user centric. So I personally feel that the webmaster is not afraid of hard work, and strive to write some original articles, or try to translate foreign articles, so as to give your users the best experience.

well, today is written here, university student network prompt: I hope our grassroots webmaster can grow and develop!


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