A5 version pay attention to every one of a Zac SEO SEO asked the webmaster

website optimization is an essential step in the process of website operation, some people say that the highest level of SEO is not optimal, not deliberately optimization, how to achieve it? I believe every SEOer knows SEO every one, the teacher ZAC is how to do


July 22nd A5 SEO -ZAC version of the chat activity invited first teacher (http://s.seozac.com/) share the skills and methods of website optimization, pay attention to SEO every one, this part of the focus of welcome to discuss finishing waiting for you.

ask: ask next Zac teacher, Baidu and GG optimization can only do one? Always feel Baidu more, GG less, don’t know how to increase GG chain, thank you.

answer: Baidu and GG optimization on the whole is the same, is not contradictory. Some minor differences do not result in differences in optimization methods. The chain is the same, all search engines are valid, there is no increase in the chain for the GG problem. Check the chain number is different, but the query method is inaccurate, and different search engine collection is not the same.

: teacher ZAC, what do you think is really good and valuable outside links to the website? In addition, are you a Singaporean now,


answer: if it is in the government, universities, news media website, the relevant articles in the text links, is the best state. And secondly, the more famous blog, enterprise website, navigation station and other links is also good, preferably also in the text. It’s Singaporean, but it’s from Chinese immigrants.

asked: Zac teacher has the virtual host business, and do SEO, for the poor space can not change the site on the basis of optimization


answer: what a bad thing to see. If you don’t support URL rewriting, you’d better change. If only the speed is slow, the current impact is not very big, and may affect more and more big later. If the change every two or three days down, of course, does not consider the SEO also for ah.

: Zac teacher, may I ask if you pay more attention to user experience or SEO optimization? I have heard that you are not very good at pr. What is the link between PR and SEO?

answer: 1) in essence, the contradiction between the two places can not be said to have no, but very few. The two are mutually reinforcing. We often say the SEO method, such as URL static, written title, written H1, written ALT, classification and navigation system logic, and so on, which is not beneficial to the user experience?.

2) the PR value is as important as before, 6, 7 years ago as the PR value means a great advantage. Now not so important, but it is still very important, the site included, long tail word ranking, and so on, have a great effect. Of course, Baidu or other search engines are the same, they must have similar data, not called PR only.

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