Cao Xun blog marketing it is best to build their own independent site

these two days have friends in front of me to write "blog marketing – internet promotion tool", we will ask me the same question, that is to do blog marketing is to establish their own independent site or go to a large website good blog.

first, let me analyze the pros and cons of the two approaches.

as we all know, now large websites have their own blog system, more well-known Sina blog, Baidu space. Sina because there are a lot of celebrity blog, attract a lot of users. Baidu space relies on its own search engine advantages, but also very language rights.

in these large website blog itself has the advantage that they blog circle, is conducive to the spread of visits. At the same time, these websites own weight is very high, after the article releases most easily by the search engine collection.

bad point is that now Sina blog and Baidu space is quite exclusive to advertising, serious advertising content has been blocked by bo.

set up their own independent blog promotion is facing the first problem, the weight is not high has just issued an article difficult to search engine favour, but the saying goes home on your own, in addition to some illegal Internet content can not be released, the other I think how to by their own, only to have traffic every day for all want to advertise. Can.

my personal point of view, blog marketing is a long-term accumulation, the early may need to pay a lot of effort to run their blog. Since you’re willing to spend so much effort, why don’t you set up an independent site for yourself,


traffic and weight can be improved through efforts, but once dependent on the convenience of others, it is difficult to run a garden of their own, one day closed, it will be a fatal blow to us.

blog can not advertise, can not engage in product promotion, even if traffic is done up, it is difficult to achieve their blog marketing purposes.

so, if you make up your mind to do blog marketing, it’s better to build your own independent site directly.

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