Jiang Likun the story of how to analyze site diagnosis

often gives you a diagnosis, and the diagnosis is almost thousands. Today, I’ll share with you how to analyze and diagnose the website. It should be said that the so-called enemy to the analysis and diagnosis of the website is very important, baizhanbudai. Only by fully understanding and clearly knowing ourselves and competitors can we survive and develop better. The following and everyone said I was in the analysis of the diagnosis of the site, usually from those aspects, mainly in ten areas:

1, industry selection is correct,


‘s success book, a word is often said: "choice is very important."." If a person chooses the right path, then it may be easy to succeed. If you choose wrong, you may not succeed any further. The same applies to websites. For websites, it’s important to choose what kind of industry or field you want. If the chosen field is appropriate, it is easy to succeed; otherwise, success is difficult. Sites like video sites are no good choice now, and there are plenty of successful websites in the field, and these sites are basically paid for.

so, some sites put a lot of efforts to promote, operation is also great, but do not score, often not because of the problem in the first place is because the choice of the industry, is going in the wrong direction. For the highly competitive industry, there have been areas of the boss, it is difficult to do, even if the money is not necessarily smashed brand.

two, competitors,

for competitors, first to learn their successful experience, first look at the road to success is how to go, and then compared to its own, after contrast can intuitively know itself and the shortcomings and problems. For example, once diagnosed a lot of Web site category, probably ask how to promote, why no traffic?. In fact, very simple, take a look at the success of those web sites, basically are invested a lot of resources or funds, and then through the rogue plug-in, software bundled, modify the user’s home page and other methods to promote. Therefore, for the website station, no money, no resources, do not intervene.

in addition to the successful experience, but also to see the other party stage data, according to this, to determine what we should achieve every step, so that the plan and assessment indicators are reliable. For example, some friends are very radical, see a competitor’s site is very successful, the blind to other existing data as the index. For example, the other party members have tens of thousands of websites, and he has just started, but it is beyond six months after the appointment of the other’s task, is obviously very unreasonable, and almost impossible. Don’t just look at the surface of the data, to dig behind the data, for example, although other members have hundreds of thousands, but it may be used for several years to settle down, if every month, may be less.

three, site positioning, user positioning,

, first of all, to see whether a site’s positioning meets user needs. For example, we’re going to be a woman

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