Easy to ignore network model online accounting

on Tuesday took a trip to Hangzhou, mainly 3 things, one is with the city government to talk about cooperation, money online is currently in Shanghai, has been in Shanghai for more than 2 years of development, belongs to the grassroots entrepreneurial team, while Shanghai’s environment is not conducive to the survival of grassroots entrepreneurs, so is considering relocation money online to go to Hangzhou or other city. Contact with some science and Technology Park and the government in Shanghai, and then communicate with the Hangzhou city government personnel, think Hangzhou is a very good grassroots entrepreneurs gathered, but also there were several other projects, under the city people listened very carefully to our project, and in many problems, too let us feel very easygoing, very cordial, but also personally drove us to visit the science and technology park. The other thing is that with the investment manager Insigma new Vc firms, because last week Insigma Vc firms with the people we are interested in our project, after they met with chat, learned a lot of things, when I asked how we know money online, the friend told me "that is a friend recommended investment circles, he is Saif company". But after listening to it, my heart a surprised, although money online is not what big website, is a popular industry and the emerging network mode, although I didn’t see many VC actively look for us to talk about investment, but the venture was privately silently watching us money online, why? The reason is very simple and similar foreign networks account for 2 have got tens of millions of dollars in investment, while the domestic is not a get investment, are the roots of the operation, at present only money online formally established the operation of the company, the other is still in the part-time and workshop type operations. The third thing is to go to the Ali software company, communicate with them the money online some of the development plan and development strategy.

why is online accounting mode an easy to ignore network model,


when we started when money online, few people know, when money online publicity, many friends against us, "said ODA to me, don’t make money online, in my experience, this project has no future, no person will go to accounting". If such a friend said, I do not mind, but a lot of friends around them are opposed by subjective judgment, that there are few bookkeeping habits, not what people are willing to charge every day, at the same time we also don’t want to charge to the website, if data is not leaked and security etc.. I was wandering off, what do you want to make money online? After all, accounting for the blog, accounting is a popular industry, 06 years, the blog is very popular, very popular, and we chose the popular accounting market. That is, with the original belief and perseverance, we have persevered, along the way, although encountered many difficulties, but we finally open the accounting market. We have 2 years of practical action to demonstrate the potential of the online bookkeeping market, and we use data to show that online bookkeeping is not a small market. Money online 2>

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