Detail is the key to the success of the site

I think the standard of doing a good website is not just traffic, popularity, more important user experience, often a small matter can decide the success or failure of the website.


focus on user experience, attention to detail, pay attention to customer needs, if users feel good, the construction site is a half success, good user experience, the site back rate, the conversion rate of PV is high, the IP also, website also will be more successful. For example, one of the site, if the user needs to place, a place to download are put into advertising, website conversion rate of PV should also not high, if the first time users will not find such as, maybe he will go to other similar sites, so there will be what is coming back? The IP will naturally attract less, also is not enough.

2. on each connection quality, patient, after every update, check the link connected to check their site, timely remove unfavorable for their site information and connection, this is very important.

3. do not think this is cheating, it can only deceive ourselves, of little significance, adhere to the update is the best move, only when you reach a certain website popularity, placing advertisements in consideration, the same advertising must also consider the location, size, color, collocation and website.

in short, is to the site to be careful, pay will have returns, and for a long time, naturally will find similar benefits.

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