How can industry websites succeed

after a few years of the station. He also has some sentiment, also a few stations, later with many stationmaster net friends talk about, everyone thinks or engage in industry site better! Because it has industry website very valuable practical and commercial


first do stand in the time to clear the site for you in the end the audience is that some people are students, girl, old man, businessman, or child! The establishment of the target audience is very important! And once set after a certain popular website later replaced it fails. Is

from scratch!After the establishment of

target audience, will choose to do that an industry! If it is in the face of the girl’s beauty is the preferred! If the face is that the elderly would choose health care, and so on! Many industries, any one can make a great website! But there are a lot of friends will say now the acquisition so convenient, all can do! Actually this kind of website is not a lot. I know there are Ali, HC, district (district is famous in this year’s


we can go up and see the classification of their industry, so that the more clear choice!


, let me give you my own website as an example, for example: Chinese ginkgo online (search: Ginkgo in the previous SEO)

I have seen this

website, feel the site of the positioning is fine, and the target audience will now! China or farmers accounted for 80%, and agricultural websites are not many, there are well-known agricultural net China, McKinnon net, agricultural net Bo! And they are doing agricultural portal. If we want to engage in business personal webmaster portal it will engage in but the financial strength of the company


we can properly choose which part do! For example above said the Chinese ginkgo online, he only choose ginkgo industry this piece to do, but China agricultural net, gold farming net, agricultural net Bo are lacking in this area, as they can avoid the competition! Some mass breeding for disease control but also only about breeding pigs and sheep meat duck and goose pigeon eel loach technology, each family is basically can have the condition to raise, and afford and ill may search the Internet related knowledge


there are a lot of people would say. Now the farmers are not the Internet! Ha ha ` because peasants are not online, so it is a piece of agriculture audience competition less, and the market potential is huge! ‘thought very simple, just want to live but to proficiency in a particular line! Is a named " computer; rural " 1500 yuan of products.

other industry website basically also and this position in agricultural breeding sites is the same reason! Will avoid direct competition with major portals in the industry Web site, then the right to find their own development


as long as we insist, we will succeed, because we are always >