10 stations 8 hours were included

today is 2008.04.15 day. The following is a log book, absolutely true.

       ;     14, I decided to do two stops. Domain name is as follows: [1 in order to express the authenticity, 2 also for more than one AD], because 10 domain names are too many, all listed, that is AD too much. So write it down at the address below. Http://bbs.5pr5.cn/thread-73-1-1.html then, rss.php, you should know, I’m not going to introduce it. Own 3 independent server, set up later, write a few soft Wen, apply for a good blog. Then start publicity. 14 evening 2 points to the article sent to Admin5, Baidu stick bar, Ai Rui net, DoNews, CSDN, 17Tech, and news and other web blog. Get up in the morning, 10 points, found 10 stations were included 9. Still not included in the remaining http://s.xingchenbian77.cn. 15, 10 to verify it through. It was also collected at 2.

here, I set up 10 stations, 8 hours were included in all GG! You can query the domain above, completely true! You can check included time, you can go to the site to see, I was 14 on the website. Then there’s Baidu, and I’m watching Baidu. Next, I will publish it and share it with you. My QQ:329111605 welcome webmaster friend to communicate with me. In addition, anxious to find an external connection, and would like to contact me, please contact me. Welcome the webmaster friend to communicate with me!