Heaven and hell space quotient


, let me tell you a story:

is a good man, before, after the completion of the life journey, go to heaven. Meeting god.

God said, "how did you come a day earlier? Since you came early, you might as well go to hell and come back."." The man listens, hell to visit. To find a hell of IMP and Hades are very enthusiastic, every meal is large bowl of meat, drink, and beauty, it is glamorous, lead a gay life enjoyable, awfully.

the next day, the man returned to heaven. God asked him how it feels to hell? Answer: "not here!" God said: "you in the world to do good things, you can choose to heaven or hell." The people did not hesitate to choose the hell.

so he came to hell and was shocked and regretted later. Because he saw the hell all the devils, kid and a long-toothed man with a livid face Hades, without a hint of warmth and kindness, not to mention the beautiful clouds, lead a gay life. He was very puzzled, asked the kid and Yama said: "the last time I come, you are not like this now? How do to me???" and the kid replied: "when was the last time you came the prospective customers, now you are our customers!" good people listen to the helpless

!Here is a

reference example of individual space also often like this, but they are using the longest switch

!When you buy the best

space is more sensible, more rational, think, think: Why are you buying his space do not buy others, because of his relatively cheap? Or because of what


space, we generally buy a virtual host, a buy is a year, buy bad, this year you will be sad,


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