How to understand the meaning of Baidu K station recovery included

Baidu K station, will K to your page left, you have a page left there, prove that you have not blacklisted. In other words, change the content, change a template, change a title, relatively easy to do up. And you can restore the weight,


to his domain name test result, according to my experience and analysis, make an understanding and discussion:

1, basic knowledge: in general, Baidu included a station, will not immediately "release all included, but after a review period of 7-15 days, no violation of the rules of Baidu confirmation page content (specific rules necessary), will be released, is also a month Baidu total 2 big update many owners included, soaring! You can see, put out", included date is a week ago. (some stations, the day can be released, is actually a high weight, somewhat similar to free products, outdated is typical)

2, advanced knowledge: there are many online people implicitly or explicitly proposes a working principle of Baidu, is when the web content change, Baidu will update the old ", in order to provide more timely and accurate information.". If you stand in the station after a period of time included the display is 10 pages, and the number of web pages you have 1000 and lasted for 7 days or more, you modify a template (page template), the 1000 page of your title change, that when Baidu the new station, you will increase your 500+, but don’t happy, that is you hadn’t changed! (based on this experience, hey, can let your pages keep lots of keywords ranking in front, the specific operation method is not explicitly stated)

3, and then advanced knowledge: Baidu spider if one cannot access your station, but he will get an error message back to 404301, and other information, spiders are not need to do from your home, then go into the other pages, he has saved you a page address, directly go in, get 404 return, in fact 404 is also a page, so they will judge for the web page has been updated, can release old web pages, so you cannot access the station though, but the amount collected will increase a lot! Because the 2 have said, "timely and accurate"! But after this 404 spider, get back is 404 pages, is violated "a large number of similar page spider" is a taboo, so the direct cause your weight plummeted! (here, the basic explanation of sysceo Why does a meter appear like this?.

4, Baidu K: advanced knowledge of your meter, one page was plucking, is actually put all the pages in a black box (prison), not only in the popular point to understand is that if is the name of "then, all entered the recycle bin, so your meter it will not be displayed in the search results, of course, included or included. Some people ask, "is that my station?"