2 years do stand bumpy road mood five miscellaneous Chen

I’ve been in touch with the website for some time. But the real Web site is less than two years old. However, the sweet and sour taste is very complete. Now let me share with you some of my website’s business.

started formal contact with websites after the Spring Festival last year, a familiar and unfamiliar business for me, though I’ve done some websites before. However, that is just holding the mentality of playing, that is, simply add some articles, what, for the operation of the website is ignorant, and do not know what is going on. Until the early 09 formally decided to specialize in the industry known when the original site is such a thing, there are many things you need to learn, it is next to a master took for, do not understand the problem can ask him. Slowly, I have done a small station. It is relatively low for this station began to flow, but read a lot of articles that do a station is not easy, each station traffic increased is the need for a process (except SEO Master), on this side of the business side of knowledge learning website technology do the station itself. In this way, after more than half a year to do new year’s day, the site traffic has a qualitative leap, arrived at the rare more than 5000 IP, a closer look, the original is the collection of these search engines, and finally embarked on the right track.

at this time of the joy of the real show, although the flow is not many, but included normal, after the work is good to do. Website traffic has been on the rise this year, in March of this year, there will be a fixed 10000 up and down, monthly income is not much, it is also a monthly income of 1500. Yes, it feels good. But the good days are coming. We should know that our game sites are based on search engines to flow.


website in early April two days have been blocked, Google baidu. Flow from the original 10000 more than a sudden drop to less than 1000, at that time, really feel the day is about to collapse. Dispirited and discouraged for several days, looking forward to every day, whether they have made a miscarriage of justice on my website?. After a few days of the conclusion finally all belong to the site around the root folder under the gongluemiji Baidu K out, and then the HTML folder reserved and web page monthly drop right, this time in the ashes finally saw a star, because after a few days of testing is finally determined here, then in the process of adding the change in the root directory. Add original articles every day, every day. I just hope Google can resume my collection as soon as possible.

during this period, many applications for goole review, my network is no news. At that time really have a feeling, it is in the countryside home, tired to go out for some fresh air in the field, if it is in the city I believe will stuffy bad. After a long time to repair and make up for. Google finally told me recently