Are you still asking the WeChat public numbers how to speed up the powder

recently, WeChat is very fire, attracting many businessmen’s vision, want to promote the promotion inside, expand their brands, enhance their performance. Yes, the idea is good, but once you enter WeChat, perhaps you will be covered, what registration verification, these are now more troublesome, on the registration, verification, these online tutorials, here is not to say. The key problem is how to quickly increase their fans, so a lot of people will ask on the Internet ah, the great God advice, ask an expert advice on how to quickly add powder such a problem.

first of all, I’m not an expert, God, I’m also a cock wire, just here to express their views just. Say, WeChat promotion marketing, in the final analysis have to have fans, this is the source of marketing. Before this, I also saw some people share about the rapid increase in how the fans, how in just half a year, an increase of 10 tens of thousands of fans so many posts, I also very much agree with, then talk about some ideas of my own.


operating public number you ready for your location, your target customer groups, the first in a plan in advance, or to have the fans behind, operating small pick up when the words will be very troublesome. WeChat rose, I summed up, in fact, two points "show yourself" and "network reprint", these two points can be very good implementation will be difficult.

"show yourself" refers to how your public numbers can be seen by more people. Now, the ways of presentation include news media, micro-blog, QQ space, WeChat, some famous communities, and so on. Specifically, Le, first, sufficient funds, you can consider doing some news media, send some news sources, do some related video, add your own WeChat public number information. Second, find some interactive active big V micro-blog, publish some interesting topic, and then bring your own WeChat information (pay attention to your WeChat information is not too obvious, I also very hate advertising). QQ space, well-known communities, these are in fact the same reason, of course, if these resources, it would be better, and they do not worry about how to add powder.

for grass root, may be used to do some bitter, Baidu encyclopedia, 360, Q & A, these libraries provide good resources to others, and then leave your footprint this is hard but the effect is very good, I think to be paid and free combination, so in the case of not much expenditure that can effectively increase their fans. A general way that is the QQ group, blog community, these did not mention I think if you are in the QQ group or community that have some well-known words, in which fans want to increase that is almost lost, may increase a few off. For not very clear, or better display platform, and I can learn to communicate with WeChat.

next is content, and I attributed it to network reprint, that is, I think the Internet such a space to share is one of its biggest characteristics, >