Baidu optimization has nearly bottleneck talk about the deep meaning of user experience degree


December 1st update: bidding mode update for the phoenix nest, a superficial reform, practice shows that the left position is still retained, but strict audit and the requirements for the left natural sites, traffic should all be improved, can be seen as less for auction, used by Baidu PPC promotion website, now a little depressed, many webmaster is to buy a home position a lot of keywords higher prices than in the past, and the effect is only on the right, the left is to don’t want to feel normal, a lot, a lot of interest restrictions, it left PPC revenue on the other hand, will significantly reduce the advertising price on the right side of the sharp rise in business principle, these are normal, but for the owners, will later Baidu promotion This road many bidding units will be reduced or waived, instead of the user experience is the increase of generating natural ranking, enterprises pursue stable effect, Baidu is such a figure, a little common sense boss will see after the search engine left PPC is updated after suffering, is very good the future of the SEO, is also good for Baidu to promote the prospect of the industry leading enterprises, the competitiveness of enterprises is relatively poor, the update is like a bolt from the blue like blows (Baidu updated by the K website is crying), it seems to do after the station as the person this sentence will be more popular.

for Baidu update, many webmaster to adjust the degree of optimization of their own, to increase the original update soft strength, check their import and export links, brush Alexa Rankings, buy high weight links, infinite chain, not like before their fraud, making false data, brush keywords, keywords stack, it can be said for white SEO, a brighter prospect, the effect may be slow, but the significance and far-reaching influence, plus Baidu such a toss, do stand webmaster good conduct in the flow is directly reflected, I was one of them, Chinese image design, the image design, image design training keywords Baidu promotion, after the update, the left position in advance, traffic has improved significantly, this is good enough in hardware under the quality of the first.

for GOOGLE, the user experience is not Baidu so strong, more attention is the site level definition and page quality, from the GOOGLE administrator tools you also can see, a lot of data provided by Google is very intuitive and obvious, and the level of clarity they require is your website, your website others can not love, can not very authoritative, but if the level is clear, duplicate content is low, optimized properly, good ranking was able to do, personal point of view: Google to Baidu as from the website data analysis to evaluation of a website is after all Google search volume compared with Baidu or have a certain distance and this will lead to the data analysis is not very authoritative, there will be one-sided.

so personally think, Baidu update, 2>