A confused webmaster Readme

70 after the Webmaster: original behavior do station / 80 Webmaster: original behavior + search parasites (no BS meaning) / after 90 Webmaster: search parasites for more than

this is my understanding of the webmaster! I was born 78 years, 01 years began to do stand! 03 years officially started the personal station! At that time all the contents are original, rarely rely on search to make the flow of the time with GG! Baidu no one with ~~


03,04 I do stand the most happy time, created a web site just to meet the famous! So strong! All Internet cafes are in the download we provide plug-in download software, the feeling is really cool! But also profitable! Was later opened a general computer school, so I stopped do stand


in January 5th 07 that day I started the local station! Has been the development are good! The biggest station is temporarily in the local information! Have a certain profit! Because it is 2 people together to invest, so now do not manage their own


later in the 08 years of age is not met a webmaster! 12 years younger than me. He is mainly rely on traffic to feed themselves! Then after listening to feel a bit depressed! I have what the original ah! People easy one fix several station! And the income is not wrong to do! I want to stimulate the search inspired by this parasite! Of course is to do next stop! Began at BBS.admin5.com station! In 3 months a few did not buy! The real reason to sell station, to ~ ~ so many crooks in August 8th 08 that day I did a station but this! The problem is what can not stand, or continue paging channel! So now so let go ~ ~ later want to do other types of station! But found he didn’t know what

is interested in!

used to make money to do the station is not so easy to do a stand! (there should be a typo, pay attention to see! All is such a lazy


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