Baidu snapshot stay file analysis and Solutions

, there’s been a problem these days that’s bothering me. The snapshot has not been updated, and even retrogression? To the site and, I as an example, the first part has been updated to May 10th, when I update the content of the website information, snapshot immediately back in May 7th, even the first page not found. And the next two stops, snapshots simply stay in April 29th. Why is this happening during this time? You can only analyze the reason from the website.

first, hotondesign, which added the page grayed code in May 12th, removed the code in May 14th. Second, many links to websites have already removed links. And what we do is just a one-sided link to them. Many other links have the right to drop, plus the addition of a page in May 7th. Animation oriented. Based on the above, I analyze this is the reason for Baidu snapshot backward.

, while the other two sites are registered after April 10th new sites. Fsghwj home page with product picture display primarily. There is no text display, and the picture does not add ALT to describe. So the only thing that the engine can capture is the picture information. Plus, there’s basically no link to the site. So there are very few spiders from the chain. The update of the website is not so frequent. And zhong-blog’s home page is shown in the form of a Flash+ picture. The site’s link update is not ideal. Although the content of the website is often updated. But the home page uses JavaScript, which is not conducive to engine crawl.

for the above situation, individuals believe that the site should be optimized from the outside chain. This is a situation where links are already hard to find (unless you have many webmaster friends willing to link you for you), and now the best links are free blogs, spaces, and forums. Through the form of soft to increase the chain. A5 is a good place. That’s the way it is now. If it works. It will be mentioned in the next article.

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