How to make use of QQ space open platform to make website profit

is the largest amount of Chinese browse Tencent Chinese portal website, is the Tencent Inc launched a set of news information, interactive community, entertainment products and service as one of the large-scale comprehensive portal website. There are QQ users is too many to count QQ, opened the QQ space, that if the website access to the QQ space of such a platform, the user will also continue to rise, the flow will continue to increase, income will increase.


open platform is free of charge for the webmaster open, only the site two times the development of interface on the line can join Tencent into a major platform in Tencent, Tencent QQ user will add application dynamic share to his friend, that had a chain of viral marketing.

now, I’ll tell you how to make use of the Tencent open platform for manufacturing revenue.

QQ now returns space mainly can generate revenue from advertising, of course, does not exclude Taobao customer shopping guide, there is funny pictures every day with a limited application, funny pictures, so you can keep the user, making such marketing hunger, hunger marketing, viral marketing has been, of course, will not have income? Want to make money is from the Tencent not easy, to apply for a Tencent’s advertising needs daily flow up to a certain extent have the qualification, the pre operation how? Early applications such as on-line, add some small ads on the site, it has unlimited users to browse, may also click, but insert advertising is only the cpc/cpa class.

now, I’ll tell you about one of the latest entertainment apps on the line, 2 days: laughing, Grandpa,


this is an analysis of the user’s residence time in the application. Enough to show advertising and content.

this is the line for two days, the user data didn’t promote, almost every day there are 100 users increases, this trend should all understand, more people are installed, release applications to share more, more and more people will install, admission is produced by the endless chain of users.


Tencent open platform is our grassroots webmaster most dream platform.

laughs uncle is dedicated to the development of QQ space platform entertainment projects, there are pictures of the application; laugh uncle, life tool: local recipes.