How to break through the three difficult points of micro blog’s network marketing

is now micro-blog’s popularity is no less than QQ, because a lot of people can not play QQ, but can’t play micro-blog, because micro-blog can give us a lot of people and instant interaction, many people can pay attention to you, you become a fan or an audience, in other words is the micro-blog network the news media, you can publish a lot of information in the above, to share with your audience! Now that micro-blog has this function, then use micro-blog to network marketing nature can be achieved very good results! But a lot of people in the process of network marketing does not feel the effect is very good, even have a lot of problems, we have the following to sum up these problems


1: how to make a quick increase in fans or listeners

micro-blog has just opened, the amount of fans you are rarely, unless you are well known, but micro-blog has no fans or the audience, then you on micro-blog promotion, what is the use? No one see that you just closed the door to enjoy at home, there is no promotion effect! So the number of fans the increase is a very big difficulty, we can use the following four methods to break


is a micro-blog personal information must be complete, have a frank attitude to do micro-blog, only sincere to others, they will want to see your micro-blog! Two is in micro-blog’s content should know how to write thing for the enterprise, micro-blog, can not send pre publicity language, two the release of some hot news comments or some small joke! So as to attract the attention of people, three is active and the target audience of micro-blog communication, four is to take the initiative to participate in some hot topic of discussion, in some circles first to mix a familiar face


two: how quickly do target groups increase

Fans of

increased, the promotion is not representative of the micro-blog start, if the first word, may make a lot of fans to leave you, then it will cause bad effect, this time to think of ways in many of the fans find it accurate target user group, but also increased the number of these target group, this is the key to micro-blog marketing, of course, is also a very important and difficult, so the difficulty how to resolve? General target groups have this or that limit, we can not put these restrictions to limit the death, but slowly increase gradually, step by step guide fans to become their target groups if all of a sudden, introduced a variety of restrictions, like mutation, mutation type restrictions are generally die very miserably!

three: micro-blog marketing how to locate

a lot of people in the micro-blog Marketing often do not know where to focus, to every aspect of the company to promote it, but to do so there is no way to micro-blog’s marketing positioning, and positioning, so it is difficult to achieve precise target group development promotion, so before the formal implementation of the micro-blog marketing to have a good position, only in this way can.