Actual experience of foreign stations to earn U S dollars five prerequisites

The website

recently I have successfully sold out, is a small amount of money, some English station basically stable at 1200-1500 per month on the knife, many brothers asked me how to do a English station, how to earn dollars, because frankly, my English is not the flow station high, but the click rate is relatively high (absolutely no cheating), why high click rate, which depends on your work station to, but this is not the main problem today to say, I want to talk with the brothers to say something is to make a English station to earn dollars to be at least $five hundred per month, at least it should pay attention to the following five points. Here, in order to prevent AD, I will not put up my English stand, and turn to the topic below.

first of all, if you guys on a field is not very familiar with, and I advise you not to do English station, English dumpster? Google is included, so traffic? IP? Dollars? Well, you pay more attention to copyright, foreigners pay more attention to the original, is to use English station garbage station, or province, not pollution foreign network environment.

, for example, because in the domestic NBA2K9 game this piece of doing well, so germination to do an English stand, or professional counterparts, ha ha. If you are not familiar with the field, but their English good, make your own English blog is a choice, a little far away, cut to the chase.

1, English site name selection,

Don’t listen to

online expert Moumou blowing their English station every day how many million IP, every day how many knife income, then opened his English station, a pure Chinese to disgrace the garbage station or by the domain name.Cn, forget it…… On the choice of the domain name, my first recommendation is com, then, if you want to talk about SEO, or with a minus sign, don’t underestimate the minus sign, most foreigners are playing, heard that foreigners typing without input method, this I didn’t research, but for the choice of the domain name, I don’t mean. Comments: preferred com, and then select the relevant keywords, a long time never mind, you suspect that a foreigner English? Even if you registered a 20 bit long domain names like, in your opinion, is equivalent to the University of blog is as simple as.Com sales, of course, would take a minus sign is your choice, as long as SEO properly, poor domain also has its own value.

domain name recommendation:.Com, with keywords, regardless of length,

2, English station space choice

have enough budget, can choose to buy a foreign space, about $5 a month, about $60 a year, equivalent to 400 dollars; the budget, you can choose flat-share, I use the chief of the woidc, the domestic and foreign speed are good, of course, this is your own choice. Try to use the C-panel control panel space >