How to do a good job of Web site nature and stability and relevance of the chain

website construction of the chain is equivalent to the development of the site check, usually the chain site is equivalent to a checkpoint search engine into the site, but related to nature, certainly stable this hurdle can make the search engine more love, it is very important to do so outside the chain website.

observation of the top-ranking website, we will find the chain these sites basically in a steady state, and even some of the site for 7 or 8 years but the chain is always hovering around 1000-2000, which do not depend on the number of the chain, but on the overall performance of the chain, the author detailed talk about how to do the construction site outside the chain of natural and steady relationship.

natural outside the chain is equal to the user pursuit of value

natural outside the chain is the search engine favorite outside the chain, this kind of the chain is also the most easy to get search engine recognition of the chain. For example, your site is a weight class website, and on your website a page URL appears in a good content, many users want to see the site will be reproduced, so share it, and share the URL where is some weight Park, which a group of people on site caused by IP and PV, which is a chain of natural chain, the author suggests whether what kind of website, and value content for the website created by users, so that the page will be gradually accumulated the nature of the chain, so as to promote the overall development and progress of the website.

stable outer chains are equal to long-term survival rates of

The survival rate of

is a major means of test standard of the chain, some sites outside the chain of survival rate of less than one day, some site outside the chain but the survival rate can be up to a year or even years, and this is the difference, want to let oneself website ranking in the forefront of the long-term search engine, the criteria for judging the stability of the chain so the detection is in the forefront of the website can, can be very responsible to tell you, regardless of your site outside the chain weight or how high the PR value, if the chain is not stable, so that the chain is not a great impact on the website, especially for some new sites, if your site the chain is not stable but also affect the collection of new sites and ranking.

correlation of the chain is equal to the industry recognized

do any websites have their competitors, and this kind of competition is strong or weak, good and bad, as an ordinary webmaster, we in the construction site outside of the chain in the process to respect the same industry, so we should also be ranked in the creation of the same industry a multi site communication for the site, as far as I know now many types of websites have their own industry QQ group and micro-blog, the contact can make your site outside the chain showing, for example your website is a website selling clothes, then you can add some clothes the QQ class of webmaster, so imperceptibly you will make more friends, and then gradually.