How to make use of all chips to build brands quickly

lead: use this kind of raise mode, can be in low cost circumstance, use straight battalion inn way to be in the shortest time inside own brand diffuses to countrywide limits. At this point, the "potential" has formed.

don’t know where I heard of such a word "50 regulars can feed a shop". If the sentence is true, that I could not understand "as long as I can let 50 people become my regular customers, I will never lose money"


if it is mentioned that new customers become repeat customers, as managers, they generally say that we should enhance service awareness, improve service content and improve service levels…… Words like that. As a matter of fact, the level of service is too uncontrollable to be considered as the scope of this article. Later, I came into contact with all the chips model, suddenly feel bright at the moment, with the interests of customers bound loyalty is probably the highest bar.

, here’s a practical example. For example, I’m going to open a hot pot shop and I’m going to invest 500 thousand yuan. But I took out 50% of the shares for all the chips. Call 50 people, each invested 5000 yuan to subscribe for 1% of the store shares, a total of 250 thousand yuan to raise funds. Convening of the 50 small shareholders to participate in the management can’t come inside, too carelessly management confusion. They need to do only one thing, to the store as his own, often with friends to the consumer, turning them into loyal regulars. In order to reflect the VIP characteristics of small shareholders, small shareholders to shop consumption will be 20 percent off, and the rest of the consumer will not discount.


owns shares, it involves dividends. According to my investigation, the hotpot restaurant in Chongqing has an average annual profit of 500 thousand yuan, and the minority shareholders can get a dividend of 5000 yuan. For small shareholders, it is just back to this, and the future dividend is pure profit. This is based on excluding reputation effects and future chain effects. Small shareholders can treat this as a long-term investment. After the formation of chain, more able to meet the small shareholders of a show off mentality.

some people would say it’s silly to do that. Why should you share your profits?. I don’t think I do get a hand over profits. If these small shareholders can guarantee that every branch I open can maintain profitability, then I open more than a few stores, not to make profits back?. I plan to find 50 small shareholders in each store, that is to say, my investment in each branch will be reduced by half. The funds that originally opened 10 stores can now open 20 stores.

chain profits are not just from operating profits, chain stores once formed a scale, forming a "potential", that can do more. With this model, you can spread your brand across the country in the shortest possible time in a low cost situation. At this point, the "potential" has formed.

such public chips can also be regionally distinct products to the whole country. Hot pot is also included