Broad bean music ideal overflows the music and the long tail opportunity music person lives with mu


‘s idea is that music people can really live by music and no longer need other part-time jobs to fill their living expenses.

is a guitar roaming, carries countless music ideal for young people dream, but the reality is hungry. While traditional music is close to digital and intensely sought after by users, the musician has to worry about his own livelihood. Convergence of the 90% independent music of the people’s watercress music finally sit still, watercress music man this long hidden ideal product is about to force. To help more musicians live on music, this is the ideal of music.

"watercress musicians just want musicians to really live through music and no longer need other part-time jobs to fill their lives,"



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overflowing music and long tail opportunity

, the era of a famous song "singing north and South" has passed, and the audience has the opportunity to hear more songs because of the rapid spread of the internet. Computer, mobile phone and mp3 free listening range, so we do not have to be confined to the heavy CD player, but because of the habit of paying Chinese has not been developed, each song is also very little cost to you, not the next song, so many songs in our ears hurried across. Network era song sales model is also quietly changed: EP, single and mixed in various forms, the frequency of exposure to let us leave a deeper impression.

song song more and more, less and less. Psy’s "Gangnam style" hit the YouTube playback record, but if there is no exaggeration that MV, how many people will this do not understand the divine madness. The "in" and "golden" has become a popular subject, but such unique songs for play in public what? Even if the party is also somewhat strange. To the girl YY channel every day to sing for you, give self entertainment place to sing. We hear the songs as the number of exponential growth, can be remembered the song seems to still remain in the era of cyber source shortage.

is due to the present situation of the music market is so vigorous and poor particles of various music websites, "intentionally" ignore the independent music the more uncertain market. Compared with the early on the line, is more ideal to promote the music, watercress, now, time will slowly increase with the arrival, listen to the channel, the audience base becomes larger, this also means that the audience is more selective. As Chris Anderson puts it in the long tail theory: iTunes’s sales record shows that all songs have been sold at least