Five types of hackers love trojan website

what is the "hang a horse? In fact, for a malicious code or script to automatically download trojan hacker embedded in a web page, and use the code or script implementation of Trojan behavior is usually called" the horse". As users browse the web page is linked to the horse will be infected with Trojan, which is controlled by hackers, all kinds of stolen account password, such as electronic bank account and password and the game account number and password, email account and password, QQ/MSN account and password; sometimes forced to install malicious plug-ins, forced browsing hacker specified website; what is more the user will become a zombie host computer, being used to attack other objects. thank you,


so, what is the purpose of the hacker horse? Is a name, one is for profit. But in today’s era of market economy, most of the hacker pages linked to horse is the purpose of the acquisition of interests. But to the pages linked to horse and benefit, the natural one is to let more people move better, every two strokes in people can bring greater benefit better. Therefore, hackers will consider such two aspects in the selection of equestrian website, a site audience is the number, if you hang on to a no one on the site, the natural few people will be caught, so we should choose a number of people visit the site; two is the site of the audience, select the specific types of websites such as electronic business website, financial websites, such gains will be greater. Based on the above two points, hackers hang horse favorite selection is the following five sites, this is the most love hacker Web "five".

government website

this kind of website general lack of specialized technical personnel for maintenance, security is not high, easy to invade and horse, and once the attack can cause great influence on public opinion. Therefore, the hacker is concerned, although this kind of website and can not bring direct benefits, but this challenge the authority of the behavior of hackers can give great psychological satisfaction, but also can quickly enhance their visibility in hackers. Attack government websites, which is a shortcut for hackers to gain fame.

SME website

and government websites, most of this kind of website into smaller, many of them are used directly online open source code, security is even worse, to attack this website also can not bring much fame, but for beginners "rookie hackers", but this is the best hand "dojo". Therefore, this kind of website has become the favorite of many hackers.


this kind of website popularity, high user access. Once the horse is successful, even if the horse is very short, may also have a huge number of visitors caught. Although the audience composition portal complex, single user value as financial websites, but because of the huge amount of infection, hackers can capture more of the "puppet machine", construction of stiff >