Explore core user needs from gender relationships

this study came a bit late, the main reason is quite busy recently, in the "technology companies do N thinking" cancer Internet products mentioned in the core of Internet products is the user’s point of view, then this is another way to explore what the user needs, what is the core requirements

core needs in men’s and women’s lives

I had a few friends with me to find out what they wanted for their wife. My friend answered me the following answers:

1, long must be beautiful;

2, big breasts, better figure,

3, virtuous, can make enough filial piety;

4, the family has money, dedication.


I continue to ask my friends, "if a girl can meet these needs, but not with your sexual life, do you still want her to be your wife?"

‘s friend thought and answered me. He didn’t want to.

requirements and core requirements

in real life, it is like this, a man in the choice of a woman, the woman always want to have all the advantages, but in the selection, his wife is not beautiful, or a small chest, not good enough, not a cook, not filial piety, alone any problem, may not be directly affect the man to choose mates (and I mean that most men, not so) influence the choice of these ideas is the user demand;

woman sexual life is harmonious, this woman frigidity, such a problem, must make the most of man tears ran, people always put our men described as the lower body animal, so visible "sex" is the man’s core needs, Lenovo to a point previously read, someone put people’s physiological needs the division of the "breathing, eating, clothing, housing, rest and so on, and life is precisely into people’s physiological needs.

core requirements in the social process

referred to the core of the social demand I want to start with a series of problems, why should people social? In order to meet the social demand what? A man using social software, WeChat street to greet strangers for what? In your normal sexual orientation, you will talk with sex or sex? Why should WeChat have a circle of friends why? You want to put your the passions in the circle of friends to share


I started my summary for you, who is to meet the need of social loneliness, emptiness, men use WeChat, unfamiliar street and greet strangers will usually choose the specific objective, the essence is to make friends, and the ultimate goal of eighty percent is to demand, when you put your share in the passions the circle of friends, your heart’s desire is love and care, WeChat circle of friends can satisfy your sense of existence, the core objective is to meet the needs of social can you love and belonging needs.