Advice for webmaster over GG10 =4 PR

Hello, I’m T, rarely write articles on the Internet. But every day I will be on the network owners to watch the news. May have become a habit. But because writing stationmaster net friends are called grassroots, grassroots webmaster is popular enough, ordinary ordinary things is true. See. Webmaster network interview is my most love, do very well, please continue to.

well cut the crap. Today I this is not soft, two hundred percent friends to write the article is to promote their own webmaster, add outreach, today. This post is to share some of their own experience, and add some like-minded friends to join more than 10 knives in group.

Do I have to stand on the

, which belongs to the old webmaster, I belong to the young, now 19 years old. But also have 3-4 years of experience doing stand, hand traffic is not much, about 2WIP.GG one day 10-15 knife around, not to show off not other purpose to say. Just want to tell everyone to do station this road is to insist on making money.

I belong to junk webmaster, because my station is not belong to Literature portal, industry, entertainment QQ, but I do not think the garbage station does not make money, why not take the garbage when the normal station to do, conscientiously to update, conscientiously to treat him. Dump the same is to make money. Just put the joke. The mainstream, to make QQ the first page, it will have no money in? Imagine you to build a local portal, to build a professional station, may spend lots of money, 1-2 flow rate is less than 1000. Is it necessary? Of course. Some people do very well. Of course, if you want to be big, you must develop.

in this respect

suggests new friends to do garbage directly. Don’t collect. Hand update, diligent. In March, 1000IP must have some.SEO, good, 3 months 1000IP is very easy to do one thing,.

OK. Talk about League making money,.

really. Domestic league there is little good. I only do GG, GG will do a few years still do. But the credibility is really good. To hear the localization. But I think is to collect taxes. 90 per cent of the webmaster or not willing to replace him. The domestic league and you can try the test or are these popups, signature.. money is certainly can receive. But the deduction amount did a lot. But there is no way, people have to eat.

Ali, mom, I don’t feel very good about it. Click rate doesn’t see anything. Don’t worry. It’s called.

is the first video. Too much money do not. Baidu alliance. My world ranking 20W, are not, so there is no do. GG. OK. Recommended not to say. Here in the hope that more than 10 knife webmaster and group: 83255771 if you meet the following 3 conditions you can add a group of friends GG10, PR> =4 knife, the webmaster, the flow is greater than 2WIP of the station, don’t add new friends. Thank you. Just want to find some like-minded together. "