Electricity supplier website purchase process some thinking how to motivate users

today in the "UCD sparks 2" see, there is a chapter on the discussion of e-commerce, especially the design of the purchase process, which also caused some of my sympathy and reflection.

on whether the process needs registration and login

can purchase in the purchase process if the user must register or login, the benefits are: 1. can increase the user’s perception of the brand; 2. is conducive to the collection of data, there is an important significance for the development of the website; 3. to improve user stickiness, establishment and development to help the membership system or community of 4.; increase the malicious shopping (such as shopping cash on delivery but deliberately fill in the wrong address) threshold. The negative side includes: 1., will cause many impulse shopping users to abandon this shopping; 2. process login time settings may lead to bad user experience.

can be said that each business still hope that users can conduct shopping after landing state, this is undoubtedly the most favorable to the electricity supplier, but doing so may be lost or one-time impulse shopping users. I think you can give some positive tips when it comes to guiding users to sign up or log in. Assume that the target user is impulse shopping users or shopping users for the first time, in order to prevent the loss of users, allows users to purchase in the unknown state, but to give the user tips, such as register to become a member after a 5% discount. The electricity supplier to do, is to let the user see membership benefits, if present, tangible benefits, don’t become a member of integration after the user account is how, I must finish now this shopping, tell the user now has 5% registered members of the discount, the user is currently focused on the incentive and the goal: to complete the shopping consistent. Psychologically, when people do things, they are always used to give reasons for themselves, and the motivation for users is to help users find a reason to register. If there is no incentive, I registered or not can buy this product, why should I register (at the time of impulse type crowd will not be too concerned about the long-term benefits)? Now I can register with the member price enjoy 5% discount, why not registered? To help users find a registered reason, perhaps 5% of the members’ benefit. Perhaps this will bring you a brand bags, anyway let users see the benefits, I believe it will improve the registration rate to a certain extent.

on "shopping cart" and "one button purchase"

shopping cart is similar to the basket in the supermarket. You can put everything you want in it and concentrate on payment, but the problem is to pay in the shopping cart, which will make the whole process a step further. If the user is simply buying the product, or the user is directly linked to the entire product page through the chain, the shopping cart seems a bit redundant. Imagine if you were like buying a chewing gum and going into the supermarket, would you pick up a basket and put the gum in and check out? In fact, "one click" is very much