Clever use of QQ to promote the actual experience of local stations

and Admin5 from behind at present do local station or quite a lot of discussion on the local station article, that in the future the local station is a big trend, the development of local sites and expansion process if the online promotion is well done can play a great power, has a good promotion effect. Because compared to offline promotion online promotion of manpower and funds almost is not calculated, so the online promotion has been a novice webmaster favorite, today from offline promotion aside, is mainly about the practical experience of using QQ online promotion of local station.

you know that QQ is the instant chat, every day many online, said that some places have business opportunities, so make good use of QQ to promote the site can play a very good effect, not much gossip said, I will be following the use of actual combat experience QQ successful promotion of local station to tell you, I hope you understanding.

in the beginning, the first sign of a QQ number (presumably every webmaster can have several Q number, QQ number) Never mind is good or bad, many people may want to register after the QQ number is not immediately add a large number of QQ friends, and sent to every QQ friends promote your website information, invite them come to your website, no, this is not enough, we all know that this Tencent management was quite strict, if your QQ information includes web site (not portal site), and to a large number of QQ friends to send it, very easy to be aware of, the consequences will be grievous, often encounter this kind of the situation, your site will be Tencent shielded, I have a website before, the domain name has several years of history, is the Huichang county domain names, because of the use of this method to promote the site, A few days Tencent was blocked, the address cannot be sent out, I hope you learn a lesson.

has experienced the promotion of QQ after the failure, let me have a certain understanding of a large number of website promotion, released on QQ in your web site will be the Tencent that your spam, or illegal information, or that you are in advertising, which affects the user evaluation of the Tencent, so for the benefit of the corporation. Your web site, the Tencent shielding behoove thing, so after reading this article have not done or are going to promote friends don’t do it.

how to do, how to do the best thing is, my experience is that you’d better not to QQ friends send instant messages to promote your website through, since not to QQ friends send instant message, how to let others know your website, then you know the website, love you websites, said QQ send a lot of instant information the consequences will be grievous, and send instant messages to promotion has a very bad effect is that people will think you are advertising, usually refuse to click yousend URL, but also has a problem that instant information won’t last long, if no friends of the words on the line a few days, you send the information in the past, people.