Gaoliangjiu why the real estate website into innovation and replication cycle

in China, if not what prices are directly linked with the Internet, it is directly spawned a large number of network real estate website, these parasitic on the real estate market Internet malformation, the mouth is absorb nutrients, eat fat and white, provoking fondly. What problems can not explain the housing listing, it could not explain how a real estate website, or profit model what is unique, but because the China characteristics of the real estate market leading real estate website, does not want to make money is difficult, stuck for nearly ten years, finally have found room for more the real estate website as the envy and thirst for its own also listed (perhaps serving city ").

in gaoliangjiu located in Hefei as an example, the second city, the economy is not very developed, although the capital but the economic level is less than the Yangtze River Delta cities, is such a population all together only five or six million city, has more than 20 large and small real estate website, when the statistical data. It seems as if this is not filled with a thousand regrets is gold everywhere, the real estate industry, has been maddening. Can’t imagine that a city needs twenty real estate sites,


in the local relative ranking before a real network innovation at the mouth, requiring employees must reform ideas, innovative thinking, make a difference with the competition website. The fact is that the so-called difference is in fact homogenization, and can not see what the so-called difference, where some of the opponents, they have, opponents do not have, and they do not have. So some sites in content products of hard efforts, a new real estate website last year from the newspaper to an expert, a broad government reform of the broadsword products website, such as extended from "car girl" of the case, the invention of the "real girl", and the sea, instantly detonated popularity. However, surprisingly, three months later, browse each real estate website, and quietly appear "room girl" completely similar column or content products.

For example,

on weekends, the real estate will be opened or held a variety of promotional activities, just to find a real estate to the scene carrying camera camera is the site of the ninety percent journalists, who stand in front of the changqiangduanbao, looks spectacular, there are even more live out the text the whole, the content is not in Sina Sohu. Occasionally, people who attended the event did not interview more people.

to be honest, when we are ready to buy a house, whether we need to browse the so-called real estate news? Need, there is no doubt that the development of the reputation and price information need some understanding, but not to the extent micromanager, just open a real estate website, the numerous so-called news the dizzying, these contents for homebuyers, the value of

is reflected in where?

from this point of view, the real estate website has reached a new, can not be created, in other words, there is no need for innovation, the days of moisture is very great