‘ve been a Taobao customer for a month

Hello, I am a novice, should say is a novice to do Taobao passenger station, relative to those million per month over, I am really not what to talk about the experience, but for the beginning of a friend, maybe I can do I talk about the experience, I am a reinstall the computer are not computer illiterate, but I really have a Taobao customer interest, so I asked many friends, let them help me do. At first I do not have a web site but take some artificial methods to promote, such as in the happy nets, QQ etc. some of our common tools, but with a bunch of friends to talk, think artificial promotion is impossible, even with the flow of people also just look, not necessarily buy. I said the direct point, that is wasted effort, done for several days did not clinch a deal, a little discouraged, I think this thing may be deceptive.

later I decided to do a website, after all, a site that can put a lot of things, and people can see feel interested in my shop, so you might be more than a few times, no matter what the business need to repeat, I think the line and then began to purchase the domain name, space, with these 2 things, then I don’t know why, and then go to Baidu search under, also need a program where I like this program will write what ah, so to find a friend to see if they have any program can be shared, but a group of friends are willing to help, give me a call and I will modify the program well, here I would like to thank our host, Dashuai brothers, he helped me a lot! With these things I started to get started! Everything is ready to start for 8 days and then go through, Amoy Treasure to do special cooperation, only a few hours passed! I think the special cooperation seems more formal! I believe we see the regular website may be more trust, nature may bring buyers, everything is ready! Then doing? That is how to promote the site out! Of course, can not take the artificial way! Find a group of friends, they call me SEO, didn’t know what SEO, I had to go to Baidu search, found that Baidu is the best teacher, as long as you want to be able to check it! Is a step by step to learn SEO, of course now only learned some, still a little dim, which I do not say! Because I do not have this ability, ha ha! If you want to learn, I want to be able to learn it, I believe I can learn it, do it according to my SEO The novice should have a plan, so every day according to plan to update, to increase even, but could not find the PR high friendship connection, because many people used to make money, some stations never speak to us, that we had to pass the feeble Wen to increase even! So I came here and if you think I can also write to my site visit, although there is not much money, but will do. This is my biggest achievement, because I have gained the same new skills. Finally, I hope everyone can make a lot of money, and I hope everyone will exchange more, friends >!